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A genealogical study of the Bradnam, Fenn, Gilbert, Goody, Grimmer, Hurrell, Jackson, Peck, Purr, Russell & Steed families of Suffolk & Essex, UK.
Welcome to my Family History Page. This page contains links to many of the branches of my family. Almost all are in the UK, with the exception of one member of the Purr family, who emigrated to Canada.

If you have family connections to any of the people on these pages, or you have any other queries about the information, I would be delighted to hear from you.

The Families:

  • The BRADNAM family of Glemsford, Suffolk

  • The FENN family of Lawshall & Glemsford, Suffolk

  • The GILBERT family of Wix, Essex

  • The GOODY family of Glemsford, Suffolk

  • The GRIMMER family of Filby, Norfolk & Hessett, Suffolk

  • The HURRELL family of Hitcham, Suffolk

  • The JACKSON family of Great Finborough, Suffolk

  • The PECK family of Wix, Essex and Ipswich & Sudbury, Suffolk

  • The PURR family of Buxhall & Sudbury, Suffolk

  • The RUSSELL family of Glemsford, Suffolk

  • The STEED family of Hitcham, Buxhall, & Stowmarket, Suffolk