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From book "Descendants of James Stanclift of Middletown, Connecticut and Allied Families", By Robert C. and Sherry [Smith] Stancliff

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THOMAS WRIGLEY, Son of Robert and Ann [Fenton] Wrigley born Lancashire, England, near Manchester, Sept. 1839, died probably in Fulton County, IL 1923 and is buried in the Texas Union Cemetery, Rosefield Township, Peoria County, IL. He married 1863, ELIZABETH STANDEVEN daughter of Abraham and Eliza [Van Zile] or [Van Zea] Standeven born Paterson, Passaic County, NJ February 1844(1), died 1916 and is buried Texas Union Cemetery(2), Rosefield Township, Peoria County, IL with husband, Thomas.

Edmund Wrigley of Rosefield Township, Peoria County, IL, brother of Robert and Uncle of Thomas, was married to Hannah [Standeven] Wrigley "Anna", a sister of Abraham Standeven. They all lived near each other in Rosefield Township before Thomas and Elizabeth were married(3). After marriage Thomas and Elizabeth Wrigley continued to live in Rosefield Township, Peoria County, IL and the Post Office address in that area was "Trivoli" until 1870, then it changed to Oakhill. Thomas occupied the land of his father, Robert, and lived next door to his cousin, James H. Wrigley, son of William(4). By 1900 Thomas and Elizabeth retired from the farm and moved a few miles west to the nearest town, Farmington, Fulton County, IL(5).

Thomas came to this country in 1841 with his parents. His father, Robert Wrigley, was son of Thomas and Ann [Hartley](6) Wrigley of Lancashire, England. The family appeared in the parish records of St. Leonard's at Middleton by Oldham, Lancashire, England. Five children of Robert's family immigrated to this country. Robert(7) and brothers, William(8) and Edmund Wrigley(9) settled 17 miles west of Peoria in Rosefield County, IL, and there Robert and William raised large families. Since the Wrigley family of Wyoming, Stark County, IL came from the same area in Lancashire and also had records at St. Leonards, it is probable that both families have common roots. The Standeven family came to this country from Milnrow, Lancashire, and they too lived in close proximity to the Wrigley family in England. Abraham Standeven probably left New Jersey and came to this area at the behest of Edmund and Hannah [Standeven] Wrigley.

CHILDREN:Thomas and Elizabeth [Standeven] Wrigley

1. NETTIE WRIGLEY born 1865

2. JENNIE WRIGLEY born Trivoli, IL March 25, 1870, married at Farmington, Fulton County, IL, February 1, 1899 CHARLES HERMAN STANCLIFF. The witnesses to the marriage were Emma [Stancliff] Ingram, sister of the groom and Eva M. Wrigley, wife of James H. Wrigley of Rosefield, Township.

3. EMMA WRIGLEY born 1875



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