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From book "Descendants of James Stanclift of Middletown, Connecticut and Allied Families", By Robert C. and Sherry [Smith] Stancliff

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JOHN3 RANNEY (John2, Thomas1)(1)

Son of John and Hannah [Turner] Ranney born Middletown Upper Houses(2) Oct. 1, 1703, married 1. East Middletown, CT Mar. 17, 1723/4 EUNICE WRIGHT daughter of Jonas and Olive [Stanbrough] Wright born East Middletown, CT Dec. 31, 1704, baptized Jan. 14, 1704/5 at East Middletown, CT. and died Sept. 20, 1730.

After the death of her father and her mother's remarriage Eunice became the step daughter of William Stanclift of East Middletown, CT. Eunice Wright was probably raised in the household of William Stanclift, at least until the death of her mother. Her Uncle, Daniel Wright was her legal guardian as far as finances were concerned. Eunice was the sole heir to the Real Estate that had been owned by her father, Jonas Wright. She also inherited his share in the proprietorship rights owned by the Wright family in land that had yet to be divided. Eunice and John Ranney sold a piece of property in what is now Cromwell, before their daughters were even born, and in 1760 the deeds by the three daughters and heirs of Eunice [Wright] Ranney, to clear title on that property, proved without question the identity of those three daughters.

John Ranney married 2. Feb. 25, 1730/31 MARTHA MILLER daughter of John and Mercy [Bevin] Miller(3) born Mar. 28, 1705, died Jan. 4, 1799. Martha's sister Margery Miller married John Ranney's brother, Richard.

John Ranney saw extensive service during the French Indian war. He died in the hospital at Oswegatchie, Saint Lawrence County, NY Sept. 18, 1760.

CHILDREN:John and Eunice [Wright] Ranney(4)

1. ELIZABETH RANNEY born Apr. 12, 1726, living in 1760.

2. EUNICE RANNEY(5) born Nov. 7, 1727, married 1. SAMUEL FOX of Glastonbury son of Joseph and Esther [Sparkes] Fox born 1731, died before Dec. 1756, married 2. East Middletown, CT May 7, 1761 COMFORT STANCLIFT son of James and Abigail [Bevin] Stanclift. Eunice Ranney's great grandfather, Thomas Ranney, had come to this country from Scotland, which is probably the basis for the claim in several family records that "Comfort Stanclift married a Scotch lady". Note too that Eunice's father married as his second wife a first cousin of Comfort Stanclift.

3. HANNAH RANNEY born Aug. 24, 1730 married Mar. 29, 1750 ISAAC GILL(6) son of Richard and Elizabeth [Fox] Gill born May 24, 1725.

CHILDREN:John and Martha [Miller] Ranney

4. JOHN RANNEY baptized Sept. 23, 1731, died in French Indian War in 1758, married North Killingly, CT Nov. 7, 1754 SYBIL WISON.

5. MARTHA RANNEY baptized Jan. 30, 1733/4

6. TIMOTHY RANNEY baptized Jan. 27, 1735/6. In 1755-6 he served in French Indian War.

7. SETH RANNEY baptized FEB. 19, 1737/8

8. HULDAH RANNEY baptized Feb. 4, 1740, married Aug. 21, 1764 WILLIAM LUCAS of New Haven, CT.

9. LUCIA RANNEY baptized Apr. 11, 1742, married Nov.2, 1762 HENRY TURPAN.

10. AMOS RANNEY baptized East Middletown, CT Apr. 22, 1744, married 1. RACHEAL HILL, married 2. LUCY ____.



1. .Information on this family from MIDDLETOWN UPPER HOUSES, DESCENDANTS of THOMAS RANNEY, by Charles Collard Adams, page 167

2. .Later became the town of Cromwell

3. .Mercy Bevin was a daughter of Arthur and Mary Bevin. She was a sister to Abigail Bevin who married James Stanclift, and a sister to Thomas Bevin who married Martha Stanclift, also a sister to John Bevin who married Sussanah Wright (sister of Jonas Wright).

4. .Both marriages and children of John Ranney by both wives listed in Middletown, CT Vital Records Vol 1, page 17

5. .MIDDLETOWN UPPER HOUSES, by Charles Collard Adams, page 167 has attributed the marriage to Isaac Gill to Eunice rather than to Hannah. The records indicate Hannah married Isaac Gill.

6. .Middletown Vital Records Vol 2, page 78, specifically states Hannah Ranney married Isaac Gill.

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