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From book "Descendants of James Stanclift of Middletown, Connecticut and Allied Families", By Robert C. and Sherry [Smith] Stancliff

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(151) MARTHA5 STANCLIFT "Pattie" (John4, Comfort3, James2, James1)

Daughter of John and Sarah [Harris] Stanclift born Wednesday, Sept. 10, 1794, married Loughborough, Frontenac County, Ontario, Canada Mar. 21, 1812 JOHN ARMSTRONG(1) born between 1780 and 1790.

They seem to have travelled from Canada to Erie County, NY with Martha's family. John Armstrong was in Eden Township, which was then in Niagara County and now Erie County, NY by 1820(2), and they had five children at that date. John Armstrong was still living Eden, Erie County, NY in 1830(3) and at that date had nine children, five boys and four girls. They lived near the Stanclift relatives who were in the northern part of Concord, now Collins Township. At least one of their children moved, as did members of the Stancliff family, from Erie County, NY to Erie County, PA. When Martha's father died, his probate records list children and heirs, there is reference to a child living in Illinois in 1848 who was possibly Martha. Son in law, Richard Crandall, is known to have moved from Erie County, PA to Berwick, Warren County, IL.

Considering first the date of their marriage, and then the number of children present in 1830, the birth years appearing in the International Genealogical Index for the children may be inaccurate. There is also a conflict within the IGI records on place of birth, some records indicate Pennsylvania and others NY. The birth order is also suspect. Sybille is the only child listed below who was not found in The Church of the Latter Day Saints International Genealogical Index.

CHILDREN: John and Martha [Stanclift] Armstrong

1. SYBILLE ARMSTRONG born NY probably at Eden, Erie County, NY Mar. 14, 1818, died Oct. 29, 1898, married Oct 10, 1839, RICHARD CRANDALL son of Peleg and Hannah [Stark] Crandall born McLane, Erie County, PA June 24, 1816, died Sept. 13, 1894(4). This family lived in McKean, Erie County, PA next door to Martin and Olive Stanclift. Their children married while living in Monmouth, Warren County, IL and Berwick, Warren County, IL. Richard's brother, Thomas Crandall, had four children who married members of the Stanclift family.

2. SARAH ARMSTRONG born Erie County, NY Apr. 7, 1825(5).

3. THOMAS ARMSTRONG born ca. 1827

4. CHARLES ARMSTRONG born Eden, Erie County, NY 1830.


6. ELLEN ARMSTRONG born 1834.

7. JAMES J. ARMSTRONG born Allegany County, NY 1836.

8. JULIUS ARMSTRONG born 1838.



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5. .The Church of the Latter Day Saints International Genealogical Index says she was born at Collins, Lancaster County, PA, and there is little doubt that the place is Eden or Collins, Erie County, NY.

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