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1883 History of Jasper County, Missouri

Table of Contents


History of Missouri Pg. 11 - 65
Chapter 1 - Louisiana Purchase.
Brief Historical Sketch
Chapter 2 - Descriptive and Geographical
Name - Extent - Surface - Rivers - Timber - Climate - Prairies - Soils - Population by Counties.
Chapter 3 - Geology of Missouri
Classification of Rocks - Quatenary Formation - Tertiary - Cretaceous - Carboniferous - Devonian - Silurian - Azoic - Economic Geology - Coal - Iron - Lead - Copper - Zinc - Building Stone - Marble - Gypsum - Lime - Clays - Paints - Springs - Water Power
Chapter 4 - Title and Early Settlements
Title to Missouri Lands - Right of Discover - Title of France and Spain - Cession to the United States - Territorial Changes - Treaties with Indians - First Settlement - Ste. Genevieve and New Bourbon - St. Louis - When Incorporated - Potosi - St. Charles - Portage des Sioux - New Madrid - St. Francois County - Perry - Mississippi - Loutre Island - "Boon's Lick" - Cote Sans Dessein - Howard County - Some First Things - Counties - When Organized
Chapter 5 - Territorial Organization
Organization 1812 - House of Representatives - Wm. Clark first Territorial Governor - Edward Hempstead first Delegate - Spanish Grants - First General Assembly - Proceedings - Second Assembly - Proceedings - Population of Territory - Vote of Territory - Rufus Easton - Absent Members - Third Assembly - Proceedings - Application for Admission
Chapter 6
Application of Missouri to be Admitted into the Union - Agitation of the Slavery Question - "Missouri Compromise" - Constitutional Convention of 1820 - Constitution presented to Congress - Further Resistance to Admission - Mr. Clay and his Committee make Report - Second Compromise - Missouri Admitted
Chapter 7 - Missouri as a State
First Election for Governor and Other State Officers - Senators and representatives to General Assembly - Sheriffs and Coroners - U.S. Senators - Representatives in Congress - Supreme Court Judges - Counties Organized - Capital Moved to St. Charles - Official record of Territorial and State Officers
Chapter 8 - Civil War in Missouri39
Chapter 9 - Early Military Record
Black Hawk War - Mormon Difficulties - Florida War - Mexican War
Chapter 10 - Agriculture and Material Wealth
Missouri as an Agricultural State - The Different Crops - Live Stock - Horses - Mules - Milch Cows - Oxen and other Cattle - Sheep - Hogs - Comparisons - Missouri Adapted to Live Stock - Cotton - Broom-Corn and other Products - Fruits - Berries - Grapes - Railroads - First Neigh of the "Iron Horse" in Missouri - Names of Railroads - Manufactures - Great Bridge at St. Louis
Chapter 11 - Education
Public School System - Public School System of Missouri - Lincoln Institute - Officers of public School System - Certificates of Teachers - University of Missouri - Schools - Colleges - Institutions of Learning - Location - Libraries - Newspapers and Periodicals - No. of School Children - Amount Expended - Value of Grounds and Buildings - "The Press"
Chapter 12 - Religious Denominations
Baptist Church - Its History - Congregational - When Founded - Its History - Christian Church - Its History - Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Its History - Methodist Episcopal Church - Its History - Presbyterian Church - Its History - Protestant Episcopal Church - Its History - United Presbyterian Church - Its History - Unitarian Church - Its History - Roman Catholic Church - Its History
History of St. Louis Pg. 66 - 75
St. Louis
Her First Settlement - Arrival of the First Steamboat - Removal of the Capital to Jefferson City - When Incorporated - Population by Decades - First Lighted by Gas - Death of one of her Founders - Pierre Chouteau - Cemeteries - Financial Crash - Bondholders and Coupon-clippers - Value of Real and Personal Property - Manufactures - Criticism
Laws of Missouri Pg. 77 - 88
Illustration D.C. McConey80
Constitution Pg. 89 - 130
History of Jasper County Pg. 131 - 221
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Name
Signification of History - Value as Instruction - Object of this Work - Task of the Historian and his Fitness - Collected and Compiled - Mistakes - Criticisms - The Name - "Everything in a Name" - Sergeant Jasper - Jasper among the Minerals - Birds-eye View of Jasper County
Chapter 2 - Natural History
The Natural History of the County - including its Topography; its Hydrography; its Geological Formations, etc.
Illustration Wm. Reed144
Chapter 3 - Early Settlements and Pioneers
Introduction - Habits and Characteristics of Pioneers - Hospitality and Traits of Early Settlers - Country of the Six Bulls - First Permanent Settlements of Jasper County - First Settlements at Sarcoxie and Carthage - Many Interesting Scenes and Experiences - Biographies of Early Settlers - List of Aged Persons in Jasper County in 1876
John Prigmore157
John Cabaniss
John Onstott
Josiah P. Boyd
Thomas Buck
Samuel B. La Force
Claborne Osborne
L. D. Osborne
William M. Wormington
William Tingle
John K. Gibson
Solomon Rothanbarger
John D. Allen
William Cooley
Daniel Hunt
Peter R. Johnson
John C. Cox
James Hornback
Martin W. Halskill
William Spencer
John M. Richardson
Littlebury Mason159-160
Lorenzo Dillender
R. R. Laxon
John Purcell
John Hornback
Jane Gibson160-161
Rev. John Robinson
M. H. Ritchey
L. J. Burch
E. M. Burch
Judge W. B. Hamilton
Stephen T. Vititow
Gilbert Schooling
Jonathan Eppright
Nelson Knight
Aged People Residing in this County in 1876162-163
Chapter 4 - Organization
Date of Organization of Jasper County - Territory Early Embracing what is now Jasper County - Laws Relating to the Organization of Jasper County - First Meeting of the County Court - Preservation of the County records and County Money - Organization of Townships and Various Changes.
Chapter 5 - Railroads
Introduction - First Railroad Project - Spring River Railroad - Order for Election to Vote Tax - The Memphis, Carthage & Northwestern Railroad - The Frisco and its Branches - The Missouri Pacific - K. C., Ft. S. & Gulf Railroad - Bonded Railroad Indebtedness
Chapter 6 - Courts and Bar178
Chapter 7 - The Medical Profession192
Illustration T. W. Horton, M.D.192b
Chapter 8 - Political History
Political History - Whigs and Democrats - Definitions of Parties - Know-nothing Party - Parties in 1860 - Missouri Prefers to Remain Loyal - Test Oath of 1865 - Names of Superintendents of Registration - Names of Early Whigs and Democrats in Jasper County - War Notes - Extracts from Party Papers - First Greenback Campaign - Abstracts of Elections - Official Returns of 1882 - Official Directory
Chapter 9 - Religious History
The Methodist Episcopal Church - Rev. Anthony Bewley - Carthage Circuit - Medoc Circuit - Sarcoxie Circuit - History of Presbyterianism - Congregationalism in Jasper County - Jasper County Sunday-schools
City of Carthage Pg. 221 - 319
Chapter 10 - Early History of Carthage
Site first Chosen for the Town - The first Court-house - The first Residences and Stores - First Sale of Lots - First School-house - The Town Plat with Additions - Appearance of the Town at the Breaking out of the War - The Battle of Carthage, July 5, 1861 - The Burning of two Negroes - Miscellaneous
Illustration T. J. Stemmons224b
Chapter 11 - Annals of Carthage
A Record of many of the most Important Events connected with the History of Carthage from 1870 to the present time
Chapter 12 - Carthage City Government
First, under Township Organization from 1842 to 1868 - Carthage as an Incorporated Town from 1868 to 1873 - Petition for Town Government - Carthage as a Chartered City - First Mayor's Inaugural - Official Directory - Municipal Statistics - Fire Department
Chapter 13 - Churches of Carthage
Baptist Church - Congregational Church - Methodist Episcopal Church - Christian Church - M. E. Church (South) - Grace Church - Second Baptist Church (Colored) - Swede Christian Church - Wesley Chapel, M. E. Church (Colored)
Chapter 14 - Educational
Carthage Public Schools - Early History, 1846-68 - From 1868 to 1883 - Names of Graduates - Mis Cheadle's School - Miss Brooks' School - Carthage Library - Newspapers - The Star of the West - The Banner - The Patriot - The Advance - The Grip - The Transcript - The Press
Illustration Carthage Public School Building285
Chapter 15 - Carthage Public Enterprises
Water-works - Gas-works - Grisco R.R. - Missouri Pacific R.R. - Telegraph and Telephone Lines - Post-office - Carthage Building and Loan Association - Board of Trade - Cemeteries - Wild Wood Park
Illustration Carthage Cemetery299
Chapter 16 - Commercial and Business Interests
Banks, Famers and Drovers' - Traders' Bank - Bank of Carthage - Jasper County Bank - Hotels - Opera House - Missouri Woolen Mills - Carthage Woolen Mills - Flouring Mills - Foundry, etc.
Illustration Eagle Mills305
Illustration Carthage Foundry and Machine Shop306
Illustration Home Lumber Yard, Carthage, Missouri307
Chapter 17 - Social Development
Free Masons, No. 197 - Odd Fellows - The Encampment - Knights of Pythias - A.O.U.W. - Knights of honor - Endowment Society - Grand Army of the Republic, Stanton Post, No. 16 0 Silver Spring Lodge, No. 36 (colored) - Carthage Light Guard - Carthage Literary Societies, Alpha, Shakespeare, "N.N.C.," Chautauqua - Carthage Literary Association
Chapter 18 - Carthage Business Directory315-319
Illustration Harrington House316
Carthage Biographies Pg. 320 - 386
Charles C. Allen320-321
Charles L. Bartlett321
Sherman F. Beebe321-322
Elliott A. Bissell322
Simon Bistline322
Joshua A. Bodenhamer323
John L. Bottenfield324
Henry Bowman324
William E. Brinkerhoff324-325
Charles Brown325
Judge Edmund O. Brown325-326
William H. H. Brown326
John W. Burch326-327
Milton Burkholder327
Dr. Amos H. Caffee327-328
William S. Carson328
William L. Carver328-329
Jonas Clark329-330
James D. Clarkson330
Col. William F. Cloud330-331
Rev. Jas. S. Colton331-332
William H. Cox332
Harvey C. Crandall332
Edward C. Crow333
George P. Cunningham333
Fred A. Cushman333
H. G. Damon333-334
John Q. Davison334
James Deagan334-335
Albert M. Drake335
Randall Dryden335-336
John H. Flannigan336
Nathaniel A. Floyd336-337
Illustration C. E. Elliott336b
Jerry H. Franks337
Edward T. Gaither337-338
Robert L. Galbreath338
William T. Green338-339
Franklin Griffith339
Sedden B. Griswold339-340
Rev. Edwin S. Gould340
Bennett Hall340-341
R. M. Hall341
John W. Halliburton341-342
John Benjamin Hardwicke, D.D.342-344
John Harlan344
Benjamin E. Hammer344-345
Charles O. Harrington345-346
T. B. Haughawout346
Frank E. Hedge346
Charles F. Hedrick346-347
David S. Helt347
Thomas Henley347-348
Dr. George R. Hill348
Peter Hill348-349
Thomas Hill349-350
Thomas B. Hobbs350
H. C. Hollingsworth350
Harrison Hubbart350-351
Woodson B. Hubbard351
James G. Irwin351-352
Myron J. Jenkins352
Rev. William S. Knight352-353
George W. Koontz353
Samuel B. LaForce353-354
Martin Leidy354
T. T. Luscombe354
McCrillis Bros.355
Daniel W. McIntyre355
William McMillan355-356
Prof. D. Matthews356
Robert S. Merwin356-357
Jonas A. Mitchell357-358
A. G. Milless358
Aaron Miller358
David S. Miller358-359
John W. Miller359
E. J. Montague359-360
Joseph L. Moore360
Robert Moore360-361
William Motherspaw361
William Myers361-362
E. S. Olcott362
Purl Parker362
William H. Phelps362-363
Howard V. Philips363
Charles Pool363-364
Rev. Dr. E. Holloway Prosser364-365
Walter Putnam365-366
George Rader366
Elder Nathan M. Ragland366-367
R. H. Read367-368
Martin L. Reid368
Edmund C. Robertson368
William O. Robison368
Illustration Residence of Geo. W. Howard, Carl Junction368b
Arthur W. Rogers369
Richard Rose369
Andrew W. St. John369-370
Enoch P. Searle370-371
Col. J. R. Shields371-372
Hampton P. Sloan372-373
D. A. Smith373
William H. Smith373-374
Levi Starr374
James E. Stanton374
Amos B. Stevenson374-375
Rev. O. M. Stewart375
Dr. William H. Swander375-376
Jesse Thacker376-377
A. L. Thomas377
David S. Thomas377-378
William Thompson378
W. Scott Tower378
Thomas A. Wakefield378-379
Victor A. Wallace379
William H. Waters379-380
John J. Wells380
Samuel S. Wells380-381
William H. West381
John B. White381
Dr. James M. White381-382
Samuel G. Williams382-383
Dr. James S. Wilson383
Moses N. Wilson383
James Watson383
Fountain S. Yager383-384
Chris C. Yoder384
John Yost384-385
John J. Young385
Jacob W. Young385-386
Lewis P. Young386
City of Joplin Pg. 386 - 503
Chapter 19 - Introduction to Joplin History
A Picture of Joplin as it is to-day - Her People, Her Business and Surroundings - Joplin a Railroad, Financial, Business, and Intellectual Center - Her Streets, Business Houses, and Institutions - What the Site of the Town was Fourteen Years ago - When, and by whom, the Cities of Joplin and Murphysburg were Founded - The First Years of their Growth - Rev. Harris G. Joplin - Two Periods into which the History is Divided.
Illustration Birdseye View of Joplin387
Chapter 20 - Early History of Joplin
Picture in 1868 - The First Discovery of Lead - Coming of Messrs. Moffet, Sergeant, Davis, and Murphy - Laying out of Joplin and Murphysburg - Rivalry between the two Towns - Disturbances - Petition to County Court for Incorporation - First School Election - First Census Taken - Action of County Court Declared Illegal - Petition to Legislature for City Charter
Chapter 21 - Joplin From 1873 to 1883
Reception of the Charter - First Officers under Charter - Public Improvements - Condition of the City at the Close of 1873-1874 - Charter Inadequate - Burning of Hannibal Smelting Works - the Year 1875 - Public Improvements - Mining Statistics - Business, etc. - The Years 1876 and 1877 - The last half Decade - Burning of the White Lead Works - Railroads - Conclusion
Illustration P. Murphy400b
Chapter 22 - Joplin City Government
The Town a Mining Camp Previous to Incorporation - Petitions and Mass Meetings Looking Toward a Union and City Government - Grant of County Court - The First Officers - Who Drafted the City Charter - When it was Granted - Digest of the Charter and Act Amendatory and supplementary Therto - The First Officers Under the Charter - Full List of Offices Up to May, 1881 - Political Parties not Involved in City Election - Terms of Officers - the City Buildings, Statistics, etc. - Police and Fire Departments - Salaries of City Officials
Chapter 23 - Churches
the Tabernacle Congregational Church - First Presbyterian Church - Methodist Episcopal Church - Tabernacle Church - M. E. Church (South) - First Baptist Church - Christian Church - St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church - St. Philip's Episcopal Church - African M. E. Church - Joplin Cemetery
Chapter 24 - Joplin Educational Interests
Introduction - The Three School Districts Composing Joplin - The Country District Antecedent to These - East Joplin Schools - First School Building Erected - Officers and Teachers - Salaries - School-Houses - New Central School Building - Lone Elm Schools - Colored Schools - School Statistics - Consolidation - Joplin College of Physicians and Surgeons - Mining - Daily and Weekly News - Daily and Sunday Herald
Illustration Geo. W. Howard432b
Illustration Joplin College of Physicians and Surgeons447
Chapter 25 - Joplin Public Enterprises
Joplin Water-works - Joplin Gas-works - Street Railway - Telephone Exchange - Joplin Exposition Association - Joplin Opera House - Post-office - Postal Statistics - Southwest Medical and Surgical Institute
Illustration Natatorium of the Southwest Medical Institute461
Chapter 26 - Joplin Business Enterprises
Introduction - Statistics of the City of Joplin - Permanent Improvements of the Year 1882 - Railroads - Lone Elm Mining and Smelting Company's Works - Smelting Department - White Lead Department - Joplin Zinc Works - Southwest Lead and Zinc Company's Works - Granby Works - Joplin Mills - Joplin Woolen Mills - Eagle Cornice Works - Banks - Hotels - Harmany's Foundry - Machine Works - Wagon and Carriage Works - Paint and Oil Works - Boiler Works - Loan and Building Association - Livery Stables - Henshaw Carriage Repository - Cigar Manufactory - Brick Yards - Brewery - Floral and Vegetable Gardens
Illustration Lone Elm Mining and Smelting Company's Works467
Illustration Joplin Flouring Mills477
Chapter 27 - Mining
Lead and Zinc Region of the Southwest - General Discussion of the Mines - First Mines - Oronogo Mines - Webb City Mines - Carterville Mines - Stephen Diggings - Sherwood Diggings - Cox Diggings - Leadville Mines - Carney Diggings - Tanyard Hollow - Taylor Diggins - Bellville Mines - Jackson Diggings - Roaring Spring Mines - Mines at Joplin - Lone Elm District - Kansas City Bottom - Picher Field, etc. Mining Companies - Joplin Mining and Smelting Co. - Picher Lead and Zinc Co. - Granby Mining and Smelting Co. - West Joplin Lead and Zinc Co. - Lone Elm Mining and Smelting Co. - Phoenix Mining and Smelting Co. - New York and Joplin Mining and Smelting Co.
Chapter 28 - Social Department
Introduction - Social, Benevolent, and Secret Organizations - Commercial, Military, and Miscellaneous Organizations - A.F. & A.M. - Medoc Lodge No. 335 - Fellowship Lodge No. 345 - Joplin R.A.C. No. 91 - I.O.O.F. - A.O.U.W. - Joplin Lodge No. 34 - Select Knights of A.O.U.W. - Aurora Lodge No. 41 - Knights of Pythias - Germanic Social and Literary Club - Knights of Honor - O.P. Morton Post G.A.R. - Joplin Rifles - American Legion of Honor - The Episcopal Ladies' Society
Chapter 29 - Joplin Business Directory
Joplin Biographies Pg. 503 - 604
J. B. Abbott, M.D.503-504
A. V. Allen504-505
W. R. Atkinson, M.D.505
C. W. Babst505-506
Capt. R. F. Barker506
J. C. Barkley507
D. P. Blair507-508
J. H. Black508
E. F. Botkin508-509
J. L. Briggs509-510
James Broadley510
Roger Burgess510-511
Martin Byler511
William Byers511-512
Alexander Campbell512-513
Illustration Wm. Byers512b
A. W. Carson513
Wm. J. Carter, M.D.513-514
Antoine Chatelle514
Henry L. Chickering515
S. H. Claycomb515-516
T. J. Cofer516
Dan Collins516-517
John C. Cox517-518
Capt. Clark Craycroft518-519
Ira Creech519
J. P. Cunningham, M.D.519-520
L. P. Cunningham520-521
T. W. Cunningham521
J. J. Curley521-522
Thomas Currah522
Thomas Dahill523
J. L. Davenport523
William Alfred Dennis523-524
Thomas Dolan524-525
W. A. Dumars525
C. W. Dykeman525-526
R. B. Elliott526-527
Col. W. H. Fairbanks527-528
William H. Fallis528-529
Dr. E. D. Flagg529
Dr. C. G. Fletcher529-530
R. Fred. Frost, M.D.530
Barney Ferguson530-531
Charles Gaede531
Herman Geldmacher532
John George532
N. B. George532-533
D. H. Gilbert533-534
J. H. Gill534
Chas. W. Glover534-535
Cyrus B. Goodwin535-536
A. F. Gore536-537
George W. Gore537-538
J. J. Graham538
Thomas Green538-539
W. B. Halyard539-540
L. C. Hamilton540
J. L. Harvey540-541
W. S. Harmany541
Howard H. Haven541-542
J. Henrichs542
S. C. Henderson542-543
Illustration S. C. Henderson's Wholesale Grocery House543
Charles Hibler543-544
R. C. Holladay, M.D.544
A. P. Hoyt545
C. J. Johnson545-546
W. E. Johnson546-547
David Walter Jones547
Martin Klotz547-548
George W. Koehler548
C. F. Krauch548-549
S. Landauer549
G. R. Lavery549-550
E. B. Leonard550-551
William M. Leckie551
Capt. Charles J. Lewis551-553
Chas. Lowenstein553
Chancellor Livingston553-555
W. B. McAntire555
Thomas A. McClelland555-556
D. C. McConey556-557
Rev. William McCormack557
Charles P. Mallett557-558
Joseph Clark Mason558-561
Fred Mathews561
T. R. May561-562
Wm. D. Maxwell562
Ted Molyneux562-563
Dr. J. B. Morgan563
Isaiah Morris563-564
Patrick Murphy564-565
Col. George Orear565-566
William P. Owen566-567
Samuel A. Parks567-568
W. S. Paul568
Geo. W. Payton568-569
Israel K. Perry569
David C. Petty569-570
Samuel Phillips570
Oliver H. Picher570-571
Julius C. PeTit, M.D.571-573
Col. D. A. Preston573-574
B. Pribbenow574
S. C. Price, M.D.574-575
Patrick Quinn575-576
Francis M. Redburn576
Levi Riseling576-578
Illustration Furniture and Hardware business House of L. Riseling577
John Roesch578
Chas. Schifferdecker578-579
Gottlieb Schmierer579-580
Peter Schnur580-581
John B. Serage581
Rev. Hiram S. Shangle581-582
Jacob A. Shepherd582-583
Dr. James A. Shoot583-584
Galen Spencer584-585
E. C. H. Squire, M.D.585
Matt. W. Stafford585-587
M. Staples587
W. J. Stewart587-588
A. W. Stillwell588-589
H. C. Sutton589
P. L. Swartz589-590
Holman & Swift590-591
Charles F. Taylor591-592
John H. Taylor592-593
Illustration Galen Spencer592b
Peter G. Teis593-594
Dr. Charles F. Titus594
John C. Trigg594-595
Henry Tutcher595
R. B. Tyler, M.D.595-596
Buford T. Webb596
Dr. C. C. Wheeler597
W. V. White597-598
John G. White598
Dr. Fannie E. Williams598-599
Frank E. Williams599-600
Sturges B. Williams600-601
E. A. Wills, M.D.601
James M. Wilson601-602
J. F. Wise602
C. J. G. Workizer602-603
Dr. F. S. Wright603-604
A. J. Yeager604
Muennig & Zentner604
Joplin Township Pg. 605 - 657
Chapter 30 - Joplin Township, Webb City, and Carterville
Introduction - Name - Organization - Configuration - Ancient Mining - Early Settlers - Harmony Church - Schools. WEBB CITY - General View - Town Laid Out - City Government - Post-Office - Societies - Business Interests. CARTERVILLE - Location - City Government - Business - Societies - Churches - Biographical
John Anderson618
Joseph W. Aylor618
David E. Bacon618
Samuel S. Barclay618-619
Henry Barnes619
Nathaniel N. Birkhead619
Wilson Blanton619-620
Josiah Van Buskirk620
James P. Childress620-621
C. R. Chinn621
Robert Clark621-622
J. Chris. Columbia622
Benjamin A. Daugherty622-623
John Dunlap623
Dr. R. B. English623
Joseph Fetters623-624
Robt. C. Fitzpatrick624
Joseph Fountain624
Dr. Henry J. Freeman624-625
Van Freeman625
James Gammon625-626
J. W. Glasscock626
George Goode626
Leander Green626-627
Dr. P. B. Green627
John J. Greenwade628
Joseph W. Grubbs628
Elam Hall628-629
John W. Haire629
James C. Hancock629-630
Philip E. Hannum630
Thos. J. Harrington630-631
John F. Hatcher631
John A. Hayward631
Wm. Hilburn631-632
J. G. W. Hunt632
John G. Lofton632-633
Joseph R. Lowe633
George B. Lowry633
Elijah Loyd633-634
Rev. J. S. McAboy634-635
J. S. McBride635-636
Andrew McCorkle636
James E. McNair636-638
C. E. Matthews638
Robert Miller638-639
Thomas J. Miller639
Arthur J. Myers639-640
Edward Myers640-641
Illustration S. C. Price, M.D.640b
Joseph B. Overstreet641
Thomas Osborn641-642
Joseph A. Rice642
Waltour M. Robinson642-643
George R. Scott643
Joshua Shaffer643
Elias B. Shoemaker643-644
W. M. D. Snead644
Hamilton Snodgress644-645
Prof. L. J. Spencer645
E. E. Spracklen645-646
William F. Spurgin646
Thomas J. Stuart646
James R. Taylor647
James R. Troup647
James Turner647-648
Jeremiah Turk648
J. E. Vawter648-649
John C. Webb649-651
E. T. Webb651-652
William J. Webb652
Gustavus A. Weymann652
Dr. David M. Whitworth652-653
Dr. W. M. Whiteley653
Miner J. Wilks653-654
Rev. Martin L. Williams654
Joe S. Wilson654-655
Dr. J. J. Wolf655
Chas. L. Wright655-656
Mrs. Sarah Zimmerman656-657
Sarcoxie Township Pg. 657 - 718
Chapter 31 - Sarcoxie Township
Introduction - Organization - Physical Features - Cemeteries - Early Settlers - Post-offices - Town of Sarcoxie - Sarcoxie in 1876 - Banks - Victor Mills - Sarcoxie Vindicator - Societies - Sarcoxie Nurseries - Reed's Station - Biographical
W. F. Archer671
James Madison Armstrong671-672
Sebastian Armstrong672-673
J. C. Ault673-674
Joseph Baker674
Stephen R. Beasley674-675
D. S. Biddlecome675
T. J. Boyd675-676
J. P. Boyd676
S. M. Brown676-677
James Collins677
Capt. B. J. Cooper677
James M. Davidson677-678
James W. Davis678-679
John Denney679
Christian Deonier679-680
William Duncan680-681
Capt. W. W. Fewell681-682
John Wesley Filler682-683
Robert H. Fullerton683
James M. Garnett683
Andrew M. Gustafson683-684
William A. Hagar684
James Wilson Haggard684-685
James Haggard685-686
Atchley Haggard686
Tom J. Hammar686-687
William J. Horrell687
Dr. M. D. Harvey687-688
Philip N. Hazle688
C. T. Hegwer688-689
A. W. Henry689
C. L. Henry689-690
George C. Henry690
John W. Henry690-691
John M. Hibler691
T. J. Holland691-692
W. L. Holton692
Stephen M. Hood692-692
Robert L. Hottel693-694
B. W. Johnson694
Thos. W. Johnson694-695
Benjamin M. Jones695
Thomas A. Jones695-696
William Hall Jones696
Moses A. McKnight696-697
Dr. R. H. D. Long697
Dennis McNallie697-698
Lewis M. Martin698-699
R. P. Martin699
Capt. Goldman G. Meador699-700
Timothy Meador700
J. W. Melugin700-701
William Morris701-702
John Palmer702
Thomas Palmer703
Charles H. Pierce703-704
Charles T. Pettit704
Daniel Prigmore704-705
Illustration Residence of William Reed704b
Pelsue Bros.705-706
William Reed706-707
James C. Reynolds707-708
G. M. Roper708
W. H. Roper, M.D.708
William H. Rusk709
James W. Sagar709-710
Gilbert Schooling710
Jas. F. Scott, M.D.711
Richard R. Smith, M.D.712
Joseph J. Sprague712
Robert A. Stevens712-713
W. J. Swindle713-714
A. S. Tilley714
Stephen T. Vititow714-715
Wm. W. Whitaker715
Hermann N. Wild715-716
Henry N. Wild716
James B. Wild716-717
George M. Wood717
E. H. Wormington717-718
Union Township Pg. 718 - 755
Chapter 32 - Union Township
Introduction - Name - Organization - Physical Features - Early Settlers - Churches - Old Freedom Baptist Church - The Cemetery at the Baptist Church - Central Christian Church - Emanuel Evangelical Church - Schools - Post-office - Occupations and Industries - Biographical
Illustration Old Freedom Baptist Church on Jones Creek, Union Township721
Charles Bissell724
Philip Borger724-725
John L. Bradley725
Edward Buckbee725-726
George Burgoon726
George W. Clubb726
William M. Clubb727
Marquis L. Davis727-728
William Dudman728
Charles Edwards728-729
William K. Eells729
William Foster729-730
Samuel W. Fuller730-731
Thos. H. Grieb731
David K. Hood731-732
Norris C. Hood732-733
Israel Hoofnagle733
Bradley Howard733-734
Charles W. Johnson734-735
Benjamin F. Johnson735-736
John Kinney736
J. C. Lewis736
Daniel O. Lowery736-737
Thomas B. Martin737-738
Thomas Mottley738
Dr. David F. Moss738-739
Elias Moss740
P. Y. Mullen740-741
Samuel A. Norris741-742
A. W. Onstott742-743
B. T. Parker743-744
B. F. Paxton744
Alexander Perry744
Greer Perry744-745
John C. Powell745
Josiah L. Ralston745-746
J. M. Ralston746
William P. Ralston747
Wesley Ralston747-748
Mrs. Anna Rickner748
John Royer748-749
Alfred C. Tharp749
Joseph M. Smith749-750
Sanford M. Smith750
William Nathan Smith750-751
Rev. John W. Stone751-752
James H. Spencer752
Benjamin Troutman753
James A. Westfall753
Samuel G. Whitlock753-754
James E. Willoughby754-755
Hon. John T. Willoughby755
Jackson Township Pg. 756 - 777
Chapter 33 - Jackson Township
Introduction - Name - Organization - Physical Features - Phoenix Lead and Zinc Mines - Early Settlers - Early Entries of Land - Incidents in Early History - Burch City - Fidelity - Scotland - Diamond City - Township Justices of the Peace - Biographical
Illustration Primitive Harvesting759
Hiram Bardoe760-761
Amos & Benjamin Bartley761
James L. Bartley761
Samuel S. Bice761-762
Owen L. Bird762
George Brown762-763
Dr. James W. Brock763
Henry Bucher763
James H. Clow763-764
Joseph Collings764
Joseph Fleck764-765
Marcellus T. Fuller765
Mrs. Esther M. Ferguson765-766
John K. Glassford766
Mrs. Jane Gibson766-767
Isaac Handcock767
John W. Harrison767-768
James M. Hickey768
Judge John Hornback768-769
Samuel Hornback769
Benjamin F. Kessler769-770
James H. Kyte770
George H. McCarty770-771
William McGowan771
Eld. Middleton H. Patrick771
J. H. Ralston771-772
Henry J. Roos772
Thomas B. Ross772
William W. Rusk772-773
Washington L. Scott773
Henry C. Shively773-774
Frank Sides774
Nelson M. Smith774-775
Walter D. Smith775
Curran Swaim775
Flavius J. Walker775-776
Levi Walls776
Christian Wegener776
Robert & Thomas Wilson776-777
Isom J. Wood777
Marion Township Pg. 778 - 795
Chapter 34 - Marion Township and Carthage
Introduction - Name - Organization - Physical Features - First Settlers - Early Land Entries - Quaker Church - Biographical
Silas Alexander780
Mrs. Levina Beamer780
William Bowman780-781
Walter Buchanan781
Robert N. Chester781
Jacob F. Ellison781-782
Dr. J. C. Ellston782
James M. Hickman782-783
Jesse Hitchcock783
Hugh Vincent Hughes783-784
Jacob Johnson784
Willis H. Kilgore784-785
Illustration J. C. PeTit, M.D., Joplin, Mo.784b
William J. Knight785
William B. Lewis785-786
Mrs. Candace Lindemoode786
Thomas McCabe786
James Manker786-787
Alys Moorman787
James Ornduff787
Pleasant Piercy787-788
David Potter788
Robt. D. Ross788-789
Jeremiah Sandt789
Mrs. Susan N. Shehane789-790
William J. Sieber790
Aaron A. Steward790
John C. Thomas790-791
Addison D. Tucker791-792
Peter Wakefield792
Thomas A. Wakefield792-793
George W. Wallace793
Zachary T. Waltz793-794
William M. Weeks794
Samuel Williams794-795
James J. Williams795
Twin Grove Township Pg. 796 - 831
Chapter 35 - Twin Grove Township
Name - Organization - Physical Features - Early Settlers - Old Port Royal 1838 and 1840 - Marietta 1845 - First Entries of Land - M. E. Church - Christian Church - Baptist Church - Smithfield - Smithfield Schools - Waco - Carl Junction - The Sunbeam - Blende City - Skeeterville Mines - Farms and Blooded Stock - Biographical
Matthew G. Alexander801
Samuel Allen801-802
John Baker802
John Barkley802-803
Andrew Bolander803
Samuel S. Brenneman803-804
Francis B. Bristow804
Edward H. Burton804-805
Frank E. Charlson805
Boland G. Chitwood805-806
Harvey R. Chitwood806
Stephen D. Chitwood806
W. C. Cooley806-807
Even H. Cooper807
Richard H. Crain807
Daniel Fullmer807-808
Daniel F. Gassaway808-809
John Guthrie809
James Highwood809
Thomas B. Hixson809-810
George W. Howard810
William D. Howard810-811
George R. Jackson811
Harrison B. Jackson811
John A. Johnson811-812
Joseph S. Kelley812
Louise Camille Lane812-813
John Lawson813
James Lillie813-814
Christopher Lipscomb814
Jacob A. Loop815-815
William W. McDowell815
James McFerran, Sr.815-816
James McFerran, Jr.816
Stephen N. McFerran816-817
William T. McKee817
James W. McQuiston817-818
Miles Martin818
Harry Maxey818
John T. Maxey818-819
John S. Neighbours819
William Neighbours819-820
John Nilson820
Daniel Pixley820-821
Hon. William J. Pollard821
William S. Poundstone821-822
Samuel Rhodes822-823
John Riggen823
Jesse Roney823
Francis M. Sanders823-824
Samuel Shaw824
Edward Shepherd824
Albert B. Smith824
Carey J. Smith825
William A. Southard825
David Stiers826
Scott Stiers826
John F. Strickland826
Silas A. Stuckey827
Andrew Ulmer827
Granville Vanbeber827
Julia Ann Vivion827-828
John W. Ware828
Horace A. Webster828-829
William C. Waters829
Daniel Wise829
Elijah Wise830
O. L. Walker830
Illustration Farm Residence of O. L. Walker831
Mineral Township Pg. 832 - 860
Chapter 36 - Mineral Township
Name - Organization - Early Land Entries - Old Settlers - Physical Features - Farms - Oronogo - Minersville - Brewer's Addition - Baptist Church of Oronogo - M. E. Church of Oronogo - Union Quaker Church - Oronogo Democrat - Biographical
Jackson E. Alexander838-839
Octavius Armstrong839
Henry A. Ayre839
Charles H. Barnard839
James T. Berrian839-840
M. T. Bodley840
James G. L. Carter840-841
Mrs. Julia A. Carter841-842
John Cather842
John W. Cather842-843
Berry M. Chambers843
Thomas J. Chew844
Elias T. Coleman844
Charles W. Corwin844
George W. Crowder844-845
James Cummings845
Lorenzo Dillender845-846
Isham Downs846
Charles E. Elliott846-847
Koskioco Elliott847-848
Caleb Fox848
Morris T. Fuller848-849
K. S. Geer849
Wilber Fisk Haughawout849
Ulysses Hendrickson850
Edward A. Holcomb850
Elwood A. Hutchens850
John L. Jones850-851
William R. McNutt851
Mrs. Maria Maley851-852
Henry H. Martin852
Samuel Mateer852
William Rankin852-853
Isaac Robbins853
George P. Sargent853-854
Jacob N. Shelton854
F. A. Smith854
Stephen Smith854-855
Martin Sonnichson855
Thomas Stepp855-856
George Stults856-857
John A. Stults857
Richard Stults857
Mrs. Mary A. Terry857-858
David Thomas858-859
Solomon Wagner859
F. F. Ward859-860
Greenbury B. Weathers860
Madison Township Pg. 861 - 894
Chapter 37 - Madison Township
Introduction - Characteristics of Early Settlers - Organization - Configuration - Early Settlers - Schools - Churches - Madison Presbyterian - Charter Oak M. E. - Central Point Christian - Mount Pleasant Baptist - Biographical
Francis Ashens864
James Barbour864-865
Alden C. Besse865
John M. Benward865-866
Samuel W. Binney866
Jacob N. Bradbury866-867
Sylvanus A. Butler867
Willis Cagle867-868
William W. Carr868-869
B. B. Carmin869-870
Alpheus C. Carson870
James F. Daugherty870-871
James J. Daugherty871
William M. Daugherty871-872
William Doty872
James Faskin872
William M. Franklin872-873
Thomas Freed873
John F. Gabriel873-874
William Hornback874-875
Henry Imel875-876
John G. Jacobs876
Hom. Isaac E. Koontz876-878
Charles W. Kyle878
James L. LaForce878-879
David Landers879
Isaac LeMasters879
W. M. Logan879-880
Jacob Long880-881
Frederick McQuivey881-882
James L. Mathews882
William Maxwell882-883
William S. Merriss883
Joseph G. Meyer883-884
George H. Miller884
Noah Myers884-885
Renward Napper885-886
C. R. Ogden886
Ferdinant Ozment887
Arthur R. Plumb887-888
Patrick Quirk888
John Ramsey888-889
Orville P. Randall889-890
James Rickner, Esq.890
Hon. John N. Schooler890-891
William Seela891
Jesse Spencer891-892
Benjamin J. Walker892-893
James L. Whitehead893
David E. Zellers893-894
Henry Zellers894-895
McDonald Township Pg. 895 - 923
Chapter 38 - McDonald Township
Introduction - Organization - Physical Features - Agriculture - Early Settlers - Schools - Avilla - Picture of the Town - By whom Laid Out - Post Office - A.F. & A.M. - I.O.O.F. - M.E. Church - Christian Church - Baptist Church - Cemetery - Biographical
Illustration Baking Johnny Cake897
Mrs. Mary Arthur900
Benjamin L. Baldwin900-901
John M. Berry901
Mrs. Jane Blake901-902
A. J. Blake902
Daniel H. DeBoard902-903
Martin Brown903
Calvary Chapman903-904
William Chappell904
G. W. Edinger904-905
Valentine F. Fagg905
Peter Fishburn905-906
Reuben W. Fishburn906-907
Dr. J. R. Freed907-908
John K. Gibson908-909
Justus Hall909
Joseph Harper909-910
T. W. Horton, M.D.910-911
H. L. Isherwood, M.D.911
Thomas Spicer Jones911-912
Job Keller912
Jacob Lair912-913
Clay Leaming913-914
Cyrus Leaming914
George W. Lewis914-915
George C. Moose915
Clayburn Osborn915-916
Miles Overton916-917
V. F. Richardson918
George Rush918-919
John J. Seymour919
J. R. Spencer919-920
Capt. T. J. Stemmons920-921
Illustration Stock Farm and Barn of T. J. Stemmons, Avilla921
Benjamin Tout921-922
Rev. J. A. Whiteley922
J. P. Williams922-923
Lincoln Township Pg. 923 - 954
Chapter 39 - Lincoln Township
Introduction - Name - Organization - Configuration - Springs - Early Settlers - First House - Schools - Biographical
Clinton Bass925-926
Robert G. Bawbell926
Thomas H. B. Bell926-927
G. A. Bradbury927
Albert O. Brown927
B. H. Brown928
Richard C. Corder928
Irving J. Cunningham928-929
John J. Davis929
John A. Delp929-930
Thomas B. Dougherty930
Dr. John Durboraw930-931
Richard Z. Earl931
Cleon M. Etter931-932
Gilman Evans932-933
James C. Evans933
George W. Frazier933
William W. Gasperson933-934
John W. Greable934
John L. Gernsey934-935
J. I. Hall935
Mrs. Mary E. Harris935
Orin Hart935-936
A. E. Hall936
Daniel S. Hazen936
F. A. Hazen936-937
Andrew J. Hayzlett937
David W. Headlee937
Robert Hunter938
Isaac J. Imhoff938-939
M. C. Imhoff939
Aaron E. John939-940
William R. Johnson940
Mrs. Anna L. Little940
George McCormick940-941
William P. McKnight941
Hugh C. Magoffin941-942
James A. Magoffin942-943
George A. Maltbie943
Henry C. Martin943-944
Ira J. Martin944
John Messick944
William D. Mitchell944-945
Illustration T. H. B. Bell944b
Willis Mills945
George W. Moore945-946
William J. Moody946
Orville F. Morgan946
John J. Nixon947
Dr. Charles W. Perry947
Samuel W. Ragain947-948
George Reffue948
Thomas W. Roberts948-949
Jesse Sanders949
Peter V. Shell949-950
Abel Sheldon950-951
William Shirrod951
Felix B. Stemmons951-952
Charles Stuart952
John Viele952-953
William E. Willoughby953
William Wilson953
L. S. Wright953-954
Sheridan Township Pg. 955 - 982
Chapter 40 - Sheridan Township
Introduction - Name - Organization - Physical Features - Early Settlers - Schools - Churches - Salem Presbyterian - Zion Church - Biographical
Henry Baker956-957
Cassius E. Berry957
Dan Bishop957
George F. Bowers957-958
Samuel C. Bowers958
William F. Busby958-959
Granville J. Buzzard959
John T. Carns960
Willis Church960
Walter W. Church960-961
William R. Clouser961
Thomas Davis961-962
John S. DeHart962
Harvey O. Earl962-963
Frederick Follmer963
Henry F. Fox963-964
Hugh M. Harker964-965
Andrew H. Hendricks965
Isaac N. Hendricks965-966
James H. Hern966-967
John A. Huber967
Herman Huth967
John Isenman967-968
William Johnston968
Thomas E. Lewis968-969
George Mentzer969
Wm. Miller969
J. W. Mitchell969-970
William G. Myers970-971
John Peacock971-972
James N. Peed972
Houston Porter972-973
Finley Prutsman973
Edward P. Read973-974
Jacob Richwine974
I. F. Russum974-975
James M. Sanford975
Isaac Schooler, Jr.975-976
William R. Schooler976-977
William Swart977
Charles F. Sweet977-978
Frederick Swihart978-979
Thomas H. Tiller979-980
Howell Vincent980
John Warfield980-981
John Weed981
Dr. B. F. Wolfe981-982
Andrew Zane982
Preston Township Pg. 983 - 1017
Chapter 41 - Preston Township
Introduction - Agricultural Resources - Organization - Configuration - Schools - Jasper City - Interests of the Town - Secret Societies - Churches - Presbyterian - Lynnland M. E. Church - Preston Village - Biographical
Richard Arnold987
John M. Ballard987
Jacob G. Bradbury987-988
D. C. Brannan988-989
Fielding R. Brown989-990
Henry Cathers990
R. L. Childers990
Martin A. Cline990-991
William M. Collings991-992
William Crowner992
Marion T. Creech992
James F. Cristy992-993
E. N. Davis993
George Dietrich993-994
Abraham Doran994
Emory F. Duncan994-995
William Ellis995
Robert Faith995-996
James H. Faucett996
Jacob M. Freeman996-997
Orville Frost997-998
Frederick M. Gilmer998
Alexander L. Good998-999
George Gresham999
Moses J. Gresham999
Festus M. Gumm999-1000
Henry C. Hefley1000
Elder Frank A. Hendricks1000-1001
Jesse Heston1001-1002
John Hinamon1002
Jonathan Hauck1002-1003
George W. Jenkins1003
Dr. M. E. Johnson1003
Daniel W. Keltner1003-1004
Charles Kerfoot1004
R. R. Larrick1004
Isaac Lauderbaugh1004-1005
Mrs. Mary E. Lewis1005
James McEntire1005
Rev. J. C. Miller1005-1006
William B. Milton1006
Jacob W. Mishler1006-1007
John Morse1007
Samuel W. Neeley1007-1008
William Pike1008
Dr. Elbert Pinney1008-1009
James C. Pitts1009
A. C. Post1009-1010
Anthony P. Richards1010
James F. Ritchie1010-1011
Ransom P. Rowland1011
Jesse Ruddick1011
Jesse O. Ruddick1011-1012
Willard St. John1012
George W. Sample1012
Edwin Shoemaker1013
Solomon M. Smith1013
Druey Stith1013
George W. Tabler1013-1014
David Wallace1014
Mrs. Damarias Wallar1014
James Ward1014-1015
John P. Ward1015
Mrs. Eliza Warner1015
Eugene L. Ward1015-1016
Robert N. Wardlow1016
John Watson1016-1017
John T. Woodrow1017
John Wright1017
Duval Township Pg. 1018 - 1030
Chapter 42 - Duval Township
Name - Organization by Act of County Court - Early Settlers - The first School-house, Where Erected - First White Child - First Marriage Ceremony, Where Performed and Who Were the Contracting Parties - First Death - Population of the Township - Biographical
Mrs. Nancy Alexander1020
James Allison1020-1021
Philip Bradshaw1021
Ervin Collier1021
Willis H. Crutcher1021-1022
John P. Dunlap1022-1023
Alexander Ferguson1023
John L. Gardner1023-1024
Thomas M. Green1024
Rev. Davis Hill1024-1025
Albert Howard1025
W. J. McCray1025-1026
Geo. W. Scott1026
Col. C. H. Shapley1026-1027
Charles & Samuel Sigler1027-1028
Thomas Smith1028
Frank M. Sponable1028-1029
David D. Wood1029
Salmon D. Woodmansee1029
Edmund Zenor1029-1030
Jasper Township Pg. 1030 - 1051
Chapter 43 - Jasper Township
Organization - Order of Court - Early Settlers - Medoc - Home Guards of 1861 - Galesburg - Georgia City - Bushwhacking and Murder - East Opolis - Biographical
A. V. Baldwin, M.D.1034-1035
Frank V. Baldwin, M.D.1035
Andrew A. Barrett1035-1036
Wm. E. Briggs1036
Frank Boas1036
Dr. Jacob Boas1036-1037
John M. Browning1037
James A. N. Campbell1037
Nathan S. Carnahan1037-1038
Robert A. Connely1038-1039
Dr. Thomas Donehoo1039-1040
Jacob E. Downs1040
Mrs. Mary A. Enos1040-1041
James R. Enyart1041
John C. Guinn1041-1043
John & John C. Head1043
Theo. L. Holden1043-1044
James A. Hunter1044-1045
Andrew Jackson1045
Merlin K. Jones1045-1046
Andrew C. Lyngar1046
Wm. W. McCulley1046-1047
Wm. H. Margrave1047
Jeremiah Martin1047-1048
Nelson Olson1048
Rev. John Riley1048-1049
William J. Sailor1049
Mrs. Eliza Watt1049-1050
Mrs. Louisa J. Wells1050
W. H. Williams1050-1051
Edmund Wolf1051
Galena Township Pg. 1051 - 1065
Chapter 44 - Galena Township
Introduction - Name - Organization - Spaulding - Rural - Sherwood - Configuration - Agriculture and Stock-raising - Farm of C. F. Taylor - Early Settlers - Peace Baptist Church - Biographical
Joseph Boucher1054
J. T. Bruton, M.D.1054
Joseph Desieux1054-1055
Allen Dixon1055
James Fitzer1055-1056
Jasper N. Frazier1056
Z. Freeman1056
C. S. Glover1057
S. B. Holden1057
Thomas Holt1057
John C. Joiner1058
Ambrose McKee1058
Henry Martin1058-1059
J. K. Meador1059
James A. Miles1059
John H. Mullin1059-1060
John Murphy1060
John Peel1060
A. F. Ray1060-1061
M. O. Regan1061
Reuben Rusk1061
J. L. Schlessman1062
J. B. Simpson1062
J. W. Silvey1062-1063
Hiram Snapp1063
A. H. Waite1063-1064
James A. Witten1064
J. S. Wright1064
James Yaryan1064-1065
Illustration The Webb City Bank, Webb City, Mo.1065


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