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Alexander, Allis, Bagley, Barker, Barnes, Bates, Bath, Baynham, Bazett, Bennett, Bland, Box, Brickwood, Broadway, Brookes, Bruce, Burgess, Campbell, Carr, Chamberlin, Clarke, Coales, Cole, Collyer, Corber, Corker, Cotgrave, Cowell, Desfountain, Devey, Dexter, Dickerson, Doughtey, Draper, Dray, Eldredge, Ellis, Encke, Foster, Fowler, French, Funge, Gargen, George, Gillmore, Gould, Green, Greentree, Griffith, Gurling, Harper, Harsot, Hawkes, Hayes, Hearst, Higham, Hobson, House, Hutchinson, Janisch, Jenkins, Joseph, Judd, Keys, Kirkpatrick, Knipe, Knowles, Kugliuso, Leon, Lorimer, Maggott, Mahomed, Main, Mapleton, Marshall, Mayg, McLean, Menendez, Moore, Moran, Morrow, Nokoto, O’Neil, Odoward, Osbourne, Paddom, Phillips, Pledger, Powell, Price, Pritchard, Purling, Rawlins, Robinson, Rogers, Rowland, Russel, Ruttle, Scott, Seale, Smith, Steward, Stone, Storer, Swallow, Taylor, Thomas, Torbet, Twaits, Unknown, Wade, White, Williams, Worral, Worrall, Worster, Yates, Young, Zylstra

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There is an additional diagram included in this web site, which shows the Seales and related families which make up a significant portion of the ancestry of Carolyn Colleen (Moore) Eldredge. This diagram portrays her direct line ancestry as it relates back through her modern ancestors to the Seales and Philips who left the Island of St. Helena in the summer of 1818. To view this diagram click here.