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I am posting some of the 200 plus emails sent to me here in hopes that someone maybe able to help some of the people. I am still very busy in the cabinet shop and unable to get to everyone.

From Winfried Seelinger
By the way, when in the end of the 18th century the Hugenots came to our region, they often were part of french reformed churches (parish) in the cities of Mannheim and Frankenthal. They brought their children to these places, let baptise them there , married there in the french churches and from these churches nearly all records are kept in the archives in Karlsruhe and Frankenthal. I looked in the books for the name ROYER/RHEYER/REIER. It could be that we could find the REYERs there and this would be the prove that they were french Hugenots. But sorry, no one entry with the name ROYER and now I'm very convinced that the REYERs were german families, living in our area since 1650 (after the end of the 30 years war).
Thanks a lot for the comments about my website. I was going to e-mail you with it when I was ready, but you found it anyway, that's great. Since you seem to be the authority on the Royers.Do we know anymore about Agnes Flockirth? Yes I did get that info from LDS. Do you know how or if I can get a copy of the book that Barbara indexed, by Rev. J. G. Francis? I want to say thanks again for all the work you have done on the Royer's Family history. I have told and showed several of my family members about your site and the research you've done they are all quite impressed. Sincerely, Wesley W. Jones

Wesley's website is at

Peggy Flora

I have had an inquiry about Royer info. He and I seem to have a few things different. Wonder if you could set us straight.
Christopher Daniel Royer, b. abt. 1750: I have 3 children for him: George, Christian and Henry Sr. What do you have?
Henry Sr.: b. abt. 1779 - Is this the date you have? I have him married to Elizabeth Keagy. The other source has him married to Elizabeth Blocher. Which is correct?
Basically, I need any info from Christopher Daniel Royer down through Henry Sr., including dates, mates, children.

Jeff Royer Toronto Ontario

I am interested n purchasing a copy of The History Of The Royer Family in America by Michael Zug. My grandfather (Kenneth Metz Royer b. 1900) is, I understand, listed in it. If you are aware of or are interested in selling a copy, I would be most grateful.

Larry Rowe

Big high school reunion planned for October, searching for a Charles D. Royer that attended Yokohama High School, Japan from about 1956-58, graduating in 1959. He also had a younger brother and sister named Bruce and Jamie. If you are related too them, or maybe know of their family, would you please contact me? Thanks for any help.
Larry Rowe Yo-Hi Class of 1958

H.A. Kippenhan Jr.

It seems that the Royer family lines have again crossed my family genealogy. A woman named Gertrude Royer married a fellow named George F. Bunker. Gertrude Royer (born: 02-June-1873 in Center Co., Penn.) married on Nov. 24, 1896 in Stephenson Co., Illinois to George F. Bunker (born: 17-Jun-1870 in Lena, Stephenson Co., Ill.) She died on 01-Jun-1905 in Lena He died on 17-Sep-1909 in Stockton, Jo Daviess Co., Ill. The couple had no children. George was the son of Hiram Foster Bunker and Mary Ann Clair. Do you have any idea where Gertrude Royer might fit into the Stephenson Co. Royers? Just curious. Don't burn any large number of personal brain cycles over this. If you happen to have an answer you can find quickly, that would be of much help.
-Kipp -

From Cynthia

I am trying to find information about a Samuel Royer. I believe that he married one of my grandfather's sisters because my grandfather's mother, Catherine Klohr, was living with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Royer at the time of her death and Mrs. Royer was listed as her daughter. Unfortunately, the obituary notice was not dated so the only information I can give you is that Catherine Klohr was a member of the Union Salem Church in Swatara Townshp in Lebanon County PA. In my search I did encounter a Samuel Royer who was born on May 2, 1892 and who died in March 1973 in Annville, PA which is close to Swatara Township but I have no way of knowing if he is the correct one. If you hjappen to any inforamtion that might be helpful I would greatly appreciated your contacting me by E-mail. Thank you

Mary Royer

I am married to John Royer in Missouri. We have traced his family to Isaac Royer, born 06-08-1832 in Oh. He married Elizabeth Snook, born 02-08-1834 in Ohio. They were in Iowa in 1855, then probably moved to Missouri. They had 9 children. She died 06-08-1889 and is buried in Brushy Cemetary near Lancaster, Mo. He married Hattie Fincher on 12-23-1889, who had 3 children. He died 02-06-1924 and was buried in Brushy Cemetary near Lancaster, Mo. This is as far as we have gone in the short time we have been tracing his family. Does this tie in at all with any Royer family you have information on? Hope you have time to check on this and let me know. I would really appreciate it. Thanks. You have my E-mail. (I have had a computer 3 weeks now so am new to it) John & Mary Royer , Raytown, Mo.

Nancy Hill Hess To:

I am a new one! My husband's side. Christian Royer/ daughter Maria married John Shank/ Daniel Royer Shank married Rebecca Funk/ Nancy E. Shank married Jacob W. Newcomer/ Rhoda Catherine Newcomer (my husband's grandmother) married Frank Whorley Beahm/ D. Christine Beahm married Max Irvin Hess/ Irvin Eugene husband!!I was wondering if you ever identified the people in the Ohio Reunion picture? Also, any pictures on any of the above?Thank you so much for your time.

Mary Ann Miller Rhodes

I am the great-granddaughter of Elder John Forney, Jr. I have quite a few Royers but found this searching for Jacob W. Gibble who married Amanda Ellen Stump 18 Oct 1896. You show him on page 150 married to an unknown Stump. Here she is. Elder John had nineteen children, my grandmother was the 18th. I ended up with so much on each child following his life could not let go and am reaching each one, have been on Harriett who married Solomon Stump. And not a surprise, as Brethren married Brethren, to the Royer family. His daughter Sarah married John L. Royer. About all I have done to date for them, is take pictures of their graves on my last trip to where I grew up in Glendale, CA. Their daughter, Mamie, was a friend of my mothers and my dad's cousin. It appears I may spend sometime on this site! There is a possibility may be able to add something more.


Do you have any info.on my grandfather? His name is william royer. The only thing my father knows about his family is they came from pen. dutch territory. and his grandmother had one leg 6 ins. longer than the other.


Joanne D Wade

I did a name search on for a John Kurtz and it came up with your information. I am not sure if it connects though. I have a great grandmother Edith Callie Kurtz b. 13 mar 1886, Olney Richland Co. Ill, d. 1 april 1985 St. Helena, Sonoma Co. Ca., Her father is Conrad Kurtz b. 23 Dec, 1855 in Canton Ohio, d. 11 May 1932, His father is John Kurtz b. 1830? in Wurtenburg Germany d. 15 mar 1902 in Olney Richland Co. Ill, was married to a Barbara Erne. Any connection??

Hello THis is all I could find .
ROYER, MURL 373-14-5158 (MI) b. 18 Mar 1907 d. Aug 1987 lr. 49614 (Bear Lake, Manistee, MI)Could not find a George Royer with a spouse by the name of Dove.


Do you have any information about a Michael Royer b. January 11, 1802. Married to Christina nee Lang Royer b. Feb. 26, 1802. Children ? Jesse, Christina, Benjamin, Maryann, Maria Anna, and Lydia. I believe they belonged to a church in Red Hill, PA. The name is Saint Paul's Lutheran or known as the Six Corner Church. I believe that Lydia is my Gr Grandmother I think she married Jesse Nace in 1854. Can you verify any of this information. Thanks Lorraine J. Shearer .

rd hughes

Happened upon the Royer Family in America pages this date.I am tracking a direct-line Bemis family that was in Cowlitz County, Washington Territory, by the 1880s. A great-aunt, Nora Bemis (?)Davidson(?), likely born at or after 1887 in that county, married an O.E. Royer, on an unknown date. The Royer family also had some roots in Kelso/Longview/Castle Rock, Cowlitz County, Washington, and still might have some there. I am wondering if you have any records/people to contact on this or other Royer families in that region/county of Washington.

I, too, wish I knew what the "O.E." stood for, but don't. Can remember as a youngster (1940s-50s) visiting Royer family(s) in the Kelso/Longview area with my folks (I was reared in Portland, but now have long lived in the Midwest) ... but that's all I recall. The Nora, wife of O.E., was a great-aunt and was, obviously, called Aunt Nora in the family. She was still living in that time period.
Nora's mother was Sarah (Miller) Bemis ?Davidson? The question marks are there because Nora was born sometime after the death of Sarah's first husband, Arthur Leander Bemis, in late 1885 and sometime before Sarah's marriage at mid-1906 to Peter Simon Dykeman. When Sarah married Dykeman, her name was Sarah Davidson and Nora already was on this Earth. So Nora, I am hypothesizing, was a Nora Davidson at point she married O.E. Royer.
Eric Blocher

Do you know what township and page Henry Royer Jr. is listed on for Darke Co., Oh 1850 census? I've looked in the index and only find a John Royer listed. I thought he was in German Township. Thanks.

Sharon Gires

I have attached my Royer genealogy report. Let me know if there is any problem. I also have some information that was apparently published in a genealogy magazine describing this Royer family and their trip from Alsace Lorraine France to New Orleans and up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to establish their homestead in Ohio. Do you have a fax or a snail mail address? I would be glad to contribute this too. I tried scanning and it is pretty time consuming and left a lot of mistakes with just the first page. Let me know. My next challenge is to trace them back farther in France.

Descendants of Nicholas Royer

Generation No. 1

1. NICHOLAS1 ROYER was born 1795 in France. He married ANNE LEGO. She was born 1804 in France. Children of NICHOLAS ROYER and ANNE LEGO are: 2. i. DOMINICK2 ROYER, b. 1825, France. ii. PROSPER, b. 1837. iii. JOSEPH ROYER, b. 1840. 3. iv. ADAM ROYER, b. 1842, France. v. MALINDA ROYER, b. 1850. vi. ANNE SELLERS, b. 1850.

Generation No. 2

2. DOMINICK2 ROYER (NICHOLAS1) was born 1825 in France. He married ELIZABETH. She was born 1834 in Ohio. Children of DOMINICK ROYER and ELIZABETH are: i. JOSEPH3 ROYER, b. 1867. ii. JOHN ROYER, b. 1870. 4. iii. ISABELLE ROYER, b. 1872, Coshocton, Ohio; d. 1933, Coshocton Ohio. iv. GEORGE ROYER, b. 1872. v. EDWARD ROYER, b. 1875. vi. RACHEL A. ROYER, b. 1876. vii. WILLIAM F. ROYER, b. 1880.

3. ADAM2 ROYER (NICHOLAS1) was born 1842 in France. He married SUSAN. She was born 1846 in Ohio. Children of ADAM ROYER and SUSAN are: i. ALICE J.3 ROYER, b. 1869. ii. JOHN N. ROYER, b. 1871. iii. EMMA ROYER, b. 1873. iv. CORA M. ROYER, b. 1875. v. HARRY ROYER, b. 1878. vi. DELLIE A. ROYER, b. 1879.

Generation No. 3

4. ISABELLE3 ROYER (DOMINICK2, NICHOLAS1) was born 1872 in Coshocton, Ohio, and died 1933 in Coshocton Ohio. She married (1) ALBERT M. DOVER, son of JOHN DOVER and MARY REED. He was born 1870 in Zanesville, and died 1922. She married (2) ALBERT M. DOVER, son of JOHN DOVER and MARY REED. Children of ISABELLE ROYER and ALBERT DOVER are: 5. i. ANNA LUARA4 DOVER, b. November 6, 1891, Zanesville or Coshocton; d. October 9, 1984, Columbus Ohio. 6. ii. LENA LEOTA DOVER. Child of ISABELLE ROYER and ALBERT DOVER is: iii. LENA LEOTA4 DOVER.

Generation No. 4

5. ANNA LUARA4 DOVER (ISABELLE3 ROYER, DOMINICK2, NICHOLAS1) was born November 6, 1891 in Zanesville or Coshocton, and died October 9, 1984 in Columbus Ohio. She married JACOB WILLIAM KNOLL Abt. 1915, son of VALENTINE KNOLL and ROSA REINHART. He was born September 2, 1889 in Galleon, Ohio, and died October 22, 1956 in Columbus, Ohio. Children of ANNA DOVER and JACOB KNOLL are: 7. i. LEROY ROBERT5 KNOLL, b. May 18, 1917, Columbus, Ohio; d. February 11, 1987, Columbus, Ohio. ii. THELMA LEOTA KNOLL, b. December 16, 1912; d. February 6, 1996, Columbus, Ohio; m. DICK GAHN. iii. ALBERT MAYWOOD KNOLL, b. August 30, 1914; d. September 1977. iv. JACK WILLIAM KNOLL, b. October 16, 1923; d. January 1973. 8. v. ANABELLE KNOLL.


Generation No. 5

7. LEROY ROBERT5 KNOLL (ANNA LUARA4 DOVER, ISABELLE3 ROYER, DOMINICK2, NICHOLAS1) was born May 18, 1917 in Columbus, Ohio, and died February 11, 1987 in Columbus, Ohio. He married JESSIE MAE FISHER February 17, 1942, daughter of AMBROSE FISHER and BESSIE SHIPLEY. She was born September 9, 1915. Children of LEROY KNOLL and JESSIE FISHER are: i. SHARON LEE6 KNOLL, b. January 13, 1944, Columbus, Ohio; m. DANA A. GIRE, August 27, 1966, Columbus, Ohio; b. October 21, 1943, Columbus, Ohio. ii. JUDITH ANN KNOLL, b. February 13, 1946, Columbus, Ohio.


Barb Frymier
I am writing from work, but my home email is still

Anyway, I just received the Royer Family Book (maroon) from my cousin who found it in her mother's attac. I am thrilled! I knew the book existed in our family, as my father showed it to me as a child. It was lost for over 30 years! However, I was wondering if these books are still available to purchase and if there have been any updates. Any info will be greatly appreciated.


I have photos of the gravestones of the following Royers in Essex, Iowa.
Samuel Royer 1873 - 1952; Emma Josephine Setterburg 1878 - 1923; 2 Bernard Royer 1900 - 1937 ;+Pearl O 1900 - They are all buried in the Essex Cemetery, Page County Iowa. I could send these photos via e-mail to you if you are interested. Emma was a sister of my grandfather.

Here are the photos of the Sam Royer family. You are doing a fantastic job on the Royers! Janie

Samuel Royer is the husband of Emma Josephine (Setterburg)

Forgot who wrote this item.

From Karen
Cedar & Stone

are you the guy that has the website with the Royer book on it? I need to get back to my cassell and baile research here as have found that I am not really a roop or a royer, but they married into my lines at Meadow Branch and Pipe Creek COBr. Try Henry Funk with the Brethren and Mennonites of PA near Tulpehocken and Conestoga PA for help. There is a family cem of royer there too--but do not ask now as the MS I have (from my St.Gallen Switzerland ancestors) is attacking the brain cells.Try migration of Royer/Ruhrer lines from Montgomery and Preble Co OH and over to the county where Ft Wayne is in IL also.

G Hays

ROYERS in Portage county.Ohio Trying to do some research on my husbands family... Earl Royer and Iva WADE are his ggrandparents md. c. 1895 (not sure on the actual date) Earl was born October 30, 1897 d. February 25, 1972 Iva was born June 08, 1895 I have Earl's parents as Holten ROYER and Mae FOOT ( not sure about this, family bible says her last name was SWINEHART, but I found a birth record for Earl's brother Frank that says her anme was FOOT) any information you might have would be helpful as I have barely anything on thwe ROYER side...

G Hays

I am searching for information on a Holten ROYER m. Mae FOOTE abt. 1885 children are: Earl Thomas b. October 30, 1897 d. February 25, 1972 Frank James b. August 28, 1899 Chris Grace Ethel I believe Earl's obituary reads that all siblings preceded him in death birth location of Earl and Frank was Akron, Ohio... not sure of the other children. My husband is a descendant of Earl ROYER and Iva WADE .

My name is Benjamin Richard Royer and Sebastian Royer was my ancestor. My Grandfather was Joe Royer.

Pierre Marsolais

Hello I am a Canadian born ROYER; the daughter of François C. Royer-son of Alma C. (durand) Royer and Albert Joseph Royer. I am trying to find a link that I can hook up with in Canada to search for my family history/ancestry . Can you help? Waiting your reply. Thank you kindly. Gloria~Jean F. Royer


Hi, I have been trying to find my greatgrandfather- Martin Royer he married Amanda Maison,would they be on your family tree.thank you PattiOriginal


Hello, my name is Kristy Royer and I am trying to find more information on my family's history. I don't know if you can help me but I would really appreciate it if you could. I'm trying to do my family's Genealogy. I have some information but not a lot to go by. What I do know is: my grandfather's name is Fred Wilson Royer and he was born on October 6th of 1908. I also have his grandfather and so on. Here is my list of grandfathers: (1st generation): Daniel Royer born in 1800. Was married to Mary Cockburn. (2nd generation): William Royer born in 1829. Was married to Emma Catherine Reese. (3rd generation): Albert Eason Royer born in 1860. Was married to Sidney Ellen Witham Upchurch. (4th generation): Frank Wallace Royer born in ?. Was married to Alice Augusta Ulmet. Then the 5th generation was my grandfather; Fred Wilson Royer. He is married to Bessie Jane McConnaughay. I know this isn't much but if you can help me in any way, I would really be greatful. I also remember my family saying that we was related to a king in France. Please contact me at KLRoyer21@AOL T
Rick, The name of the book is "Mary Elizabeth Cockburn and Daniel E. Royer. 1800 to 1994 9 generations, 1001 named. Also says dating from 1655 to June 1994. I found this in Fairfield, calif. Good Will store. I know how hard it is to find stuff. I saw it and bought it even tho it isn't my family. Just hated the thought of someone putting all the work into making a book to have it end up on the shelf at Good Will.
Bruce Paulson

Hi, Rick Sorry, I'm not into scanning yet. Haven't been impressed with what I've seen until recently, and will be looking at a Panasonic model (around $400) that a relative told me about. I'm just wondering if you would even be interested in these Swedish Royers. I believe the name was written Röyer, or some variation of that, with an umlaut over the letter o.

When I started to fulfill my late uncle and father's request to "find out how we were related to the Royers," I had no idea what I would be getting into. 10,077 names later, from the southwest coast of Sweden - and all researched on microfilm at the LDS library in Shawano, Wisconsin - and no connection yet. I will close by asking, "are you aware of any Royer family members with a Swedish background?"

Scott Royer

Just surfing looking for some Royers and found you. WE are Scott & Shannon Royer of DeQuincy Louisiana, aka The DeQuincy Royers. My husband did trace back to his great grandfather and that is as far as we got. But his great grandfather was Simon Royer. If you know of a easy to read family tree please send me a url. Thanks bunches and nice to meet you. Shannon Royer To:

I am working on Hardacre family history.

I do have several pages of material on Cora Leota (Hardacre) & Lewis Adam Royer descendants but some of the material needs to be updated. They had children Reba Grace Royer (b-abt 1898) further info And..Maurice Nelson Royer married Lydia Margaret Jones..I have six children for them and some of their children. AND.. MILDRED MAE (ROYER) who married....a Miller, a Ketchall and a Paton She had two children by Miller...have names and some descendants.

I wasn't sure I saw this material in your Royer site.

If any descendants of the Hardacre/Royer families can bring my records up to date, please contact me direct by

Mindy Stichweh
Eric Blocker found this photo, wonder if you have it. On back : 
Wm. & Ida Royer Family Group:
at right Ralph & Alice and two children Judy and Dick.
at left Homer & Sarah and children David in front and Beth behind him and Ann on Grandma's center back Hazel and husband Dr. Edmond Puterbaugh with youngest daughter in front of him and oldest daughter back of Homer.

I am searching for information on: Christopher C. Royer b1/7/1827 in Lancaster County Pa/ married Elizabeth Ellen Hammett b 4/12/1831/she was born in Bedford London, England/ Christopher died 7/30/1908 in Liberty, Kansas/they were married in Milwaukee Wis./they had 10 children/I have information on Elizabeth Ellen but nothing on Christopher. Please help!!!!!!!!

RE: Christopher C. Royer
I am looking for information on Christopher C. b Lancaster County Pa 1/7/1827/married Elizabeth Ellen Hammett b 4/12/1831/they were married 4/29/1849 in Milwaukee Wisc/both are buried in Kansas/ they had 10 children/children were born in Wisconsin, Illinois and Kansas Children: George W. b 2/1850 Frederick William - b 12/1851 *my family Abraham Lincoln - b 12/1855 Charlotte - b 5/1858 unknown - b 4/1860 Samuel J. - b 9/1861 Benjamin Franklin - b 7/1863 Esther Elizabeth- b 4/1865 Elizabeth Ellen - b 2/7/1869 Eva Jane - b 12/19/1875

I have information on Elizabeth Ellen Hammett but NOTHING on Christopher C. Please contact me with any information on any of the above. Thanks!!

Garry Johnson

Hi: Here is a couple of photos that perhaps I need help with.

The individual standing on the right in picture one is unknown. He may or may not be a Royer.The picture was given to me and I was told that the other individual is Elhanon Winchester Royer. When I asked how he now that, he said it looked like the large picture of him in his military uniform that ended up going to California with his widow and its wherabouts is unknown. Elhanon was my gr-grandfather.

He was born in 1861 in Fulton, Fulton Township, Rock Co., Wisconsin. He was the son of George Washington Royer Jr. and Sarah Morrell. He died on September 24, 1898 during the Spanish American War, a victim of yellow fever and Malaria. There is a burial marker in Maple Hill Cemetary, Evansville, Union Township, Rock Co., Wisconsin, but I don't know if he is actually buried there.
Any light that can be shed on Elhanon would be greatly appreciated. If the standing individual in the picture can be identified,
that would also be great.


Seeking more info on Jonathon ROYER and wife Nancy or Anna or Nancy Ann SHAFER. I have the death date for Jonathon for 1848 and he is buried in Madisonburg, Centre Co., Pa. Anna is buried in Snydertown, Centre Co., Pa. Need children of this union as well as parents for Jonathon and wife. There seems to be some discrepancy regarding parents and kids. Any help greatly appreciated!! Elaine May

Hello again! I've had a couple of e-mails from folks about Christopher C. - born 1827 - Lancaster County Pa. Here's some clues (any ring a bell?) and then I have a couple of questions for you - -spent young life in Arkansas -orphan raised by a minister -joined IOOF in Galena Il 9/1858 -had an uncle Henry MILLER/MILLES and aunt Catherine -lived in Akron Ohio - worked as a potter 1845-1845 -1852-1855 - lived in California -worked as South American fruit merchant in Wisconsin -came to Kansas in wagon train possibly made up in Peoria Ill- -wife (Elizabeth E. Hammett) had a giant in her family -name - Frederick Chadwick (from Scotland)

Questions....... 1) are there church records with members names - I think in previous note you indicated most Royers were from Church of the Brethren - and would there be records of who the leaders were? 2) how can I find information on this Church - looked on internet - didn't get very far. As always , thanks for your help Kathy

Hello, My name is ROYER David, and I live in France, at RUFFEC (Charente). I've 28 years and my family is native of Poitou. My mail is It's realy interesting that you make this site. Congratulations David

Joan Stevenson

enjoyed the pix of the Roop grandchildren on genforum. I searched to see who could find on my family tree! My line Is: Christian Roop/m Anne Shellenberger 2.Christian Roop/m.Esther Miller 3.Abraham Roop/m. Lydia Englar 4.Ezra Roop/m.Nancy Jane Baile 5.Alonza Roop/m. Effie Shelton 6.Mary K. Roop/m.William Swisher 7.Joan S. Swisher/m.Leon Stevenson etc. Interesting-since I have an old family tree with all the other collateral lines of Roops, Royers, Englar etc. 1927-1930 written Were you related to Jane Royer/m. Elhannan Roop?? Elhannan was a brother to my great grandfather Ezra R.

HI, my name is Jean Francois Royer.I would like to get in touch with you by e-mail to see if you can give me info about my part of the family.I could also give you some if you like .I don't think that there is that much about us that i can see of.
Looking forward to read you
Jean F Royer. Victoriaville Quebec


I came to the Royer genealogy Site, it is truly the best I have ever seen, you answered me on genforum, on Samuel Royer born 1843, in Union Co, Pa. but when I went to page 314, didn't find much on him no brith date which I had the year, but no death date, it says veteran in Soldiers Home, did he died there ? what date ? Where was the Soldiers Home ? I have his wife date of death 1903, it says he remarried a widow of Bellevue,Ohio, do you know who & when? If I send Samuel Royer and Anna Matilda Mook's daughter's names & the info on them will it be put in genealogy pages ? so many questions, sorry, Let me know, Thanks LaDonna

Eric Elbocher To:

I'm working on adding pages to my Freepages site. There are a few Royer pages, and two charts one of the Henry Royer, Jr. family and the other of the David Royer family. The David Royer chart has photos of all the children and nearly all the spouses. The Henry Royer, Jr chart hasn't been updated since I received photos of two more of his children and spouses. I'm thinking of breaking the chart into two charts one for each wife. Take a look and tell me what you think, make suggestions, etc. Here's the add: Click on "list of familes", then Royer pages, then Henry,Jr or David , etc.

Royers in Louisiana


My grandparents were Victorian Royer and Elia Istre Royer. Both were born in Southern Louisiana and both are buried in Southern Louisiana. Victorian Royer is buried in Big Woods Cemetary and Elia is buried in Mimosa Pines Cemetary. They were divorced and Victorian remarried. Both came from large families, I believe they both had 9 brothers and sisters. They story I have always heard is that the Royer family descended from Novia Scotia, Canada. They were prisoners in France that were deported to Canada and migrated to Louisiana in order to practice their religion, Catholicism. I have a family tree done by my cousin dating some of them back to the 1800's in France. Would like any information you may have on Victorian Royer (unsure of his parents names) b January 3, 1901 and died November! 21, 1978. Elia Istre's parents were Joseph Istre (can't remember her mother) b March 25, 1900 and died August 16, 1984. Hope to hear from you if you have any information. Thanks.


The following is information I have collected on my Great Grandfather his name was Henry Royer, Wifes name was Florence Rhodes and they lived in Shenandoah,Iowa they had five children one was Leslie and he had moved to Boise,Idaho. Second Child was Mina married Orie Yonkers and had a child named Herschel and moved to Portland, OR in 1941.Third child was George Clinton Born 1884, Married 1908 to Mabel Adol Phena and her last name was Beck and her fathers name was Charles Beck, who is my Grandfather.Fourth Child Bert is unknown to what happened to him.Fifth Child Grace she was married to Vincent last name unknown,They had two Children they were Minie Bess andKeith,they moved to Portland ,OR in 1941.I have more in formation on Goerge Clinton Family they had seven Children but only three survived to have children.I would like some help on any information you can give me.My name is David Royer my address is RT2 Box 152 Markville, MN 55072. My email address is to put this information on your guest list put it didn't work.

Jim Royer

I am trying to trace the father of William Royer, Born 8/13/1831 and died 8/21/1890. I believe William was born in or near Bellafontaine, Ohio and later moved to Patricksburg, Indiana. William was married to Elizabeth Miller from Ohio. This was his second marriage. His first marriage was to Vivian Silvius, also from Ohio. Should you have any information relating to this union please contact me. I have pictures etc. that I will be happy to share.

I have been searching for the birth place and parents of my Great Great Grandfather William Royer. He was born August 13, 1831, I believe he was born in Bellefontaine, Ohio. He died August 21, 1890 in Patricksburg, Indiana. Farmer, Hotel Keeper, Merchant. I have pictures and etc. If you should have any information I will be happy to share with you. William was married twice, 1st to Vivian Silvius, then to Wlizabeth Miller, both from Ohio.
RE: Clara Royer

I am not tied to the Royer family in any way, but I do have a question, please. My GG Uncle was married to Clara Royer. On her death certificate, her father is listed as William Royer and her mother as Harriet Ullery. She was born JAn. 16,1882 Ohio and died 1960 in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio. She was married to John Charles Curnutt. My aunt has a picture of this lady and she has a little hat on. Was she a Mennonite ar Amish? I would like information on Clara and her husband and any children. On the 1910 Montgomery County census, they had 1 child. There was also a reference to the fact that her estste all came from her family. She was buried in Fairview Cemetary in Englewood, Ohio. Can you connest with this lady? As I live in Alabama, there is very little Ohio info available here. Thanks for your time.

Randy Royer>

Hi there! My name is Randy Royer. I have followed your website on and off for the last couple of years and am very interested in getting some information to you on our side of the Royer family tree. Things have been a little crazy around here for the last two years because of a move from Florida back to Indiana and a new baby - Josie Morgan Royer...
I have quite a bit of information about the Royers in Indiana but it is all on paper and I'm not sure of the best way to input it into the computer.
Briefly - My great grandfather was Samuel Royer, his middle name escapes at the momen, but I know that he and my great grandmother Hally lived in Idaville, Indiana. Our line was originally from Pennsylvania. My father remembers the older members of the family still speaking Pennsylvania Dutch at home when he was a boy.
I know this isn't much info. but I have just found all of the papers, letters and some rough family trees and I haven't had a chance to digest it all yet. If you have any suggestions on programs that would help me organize the data it would be much appreciated and I'd love to add it to your archive.Sincerely, Douglas Randall Royer . Greenwood, Indiana

Robert D. Boehnlein

I was at my friends house tonight and she showed me a book on the Royer Family Genealogy. We live in Central PA (Lewisburg), and a lot of her family is spread out in this area. (she is a Royer also) I would guess the book was about a 200 page book. It was written in the early 1900"s. Debbie said she got it at a yardsale. What a find!!. I am fascinated with genealogy, and have been doing my own family recently. There are quite a few grave stones in this area from her family. I can take pictures and forward them in the spring when the snow clears. (yes, we have plenty of that now ). We live in Union County, PA. I looked through the information on your site, and saw a lot from Berks County, PA, but none from our area. I will try to get some info and pass on to you. It may help you fill in some gaps. Great web site, by the way. I'll keep in touch. Debbie Boehnlein

John Knarr

I have in my possession the John Royer bible that you inquired about. The children listed: Limen Royer b. aug 1 1846 Henry Royer b. june 29 1848 Elizabeth Royer b. aug 2 1850 d. sept 25 1850 Amaline Royer b. sept 11 1852 Roseanna Royer b. may 19 1880 Jacob Royer b. b jun 17 1862
The date of this German bible is 1839. Inscription: John S. Royer 1847.
I believe John's parents to be Jacob Royer & Elizabeth Stover. The Royer line then would be John Royer > Jacob > Abraham > Philip > Emig > Sebastian Does the middle initial in John S. Royer stand for "Stover"?
Now, Doug, as I understand it, your ancestor was a John Royer b. 1817 who I believe to be a different John than this bible's owner.
If my assumptions are correct, I would like to hear from the descendants of the aforementioned children to fill in some missing information I have in Royer descendancy charts. If my assumptions are faulty, please let me know so I can correct my data.

I am trying to find family history i dont have much my dad toke everything to the grave with him i was very young so i did not ask ?s his name was frank james royer dob was 8/28/1899 i was told his father was holten royer mother mae foote they did live in ohio my dads ssi # is 296-09-8366 date of death was 7-28-1979he was married to a catharin they had 6 kids together and then married my mom who is madalen hummeland there was 3 mo children i would like to find out my family history and see if i have family so i can meet them iam only 29 and would like to spend time meeting them thank you. marian royer derring

there was something found on the Internet asking about my dad and his father was holten royer who has died in Ohio and his Mom was Mae foote who is all so in Ohio i believe that they are ay uniontown cemetery on Ohio i did get that Fr my Mom my dad has 2 bothers a1 sister i will look for the address on the Internet were i found the info that i have already got the other person looking for him was Lori royer
Marian royer derring
Penolope Giacoletti

Looking for information on Bettie Royar b in MO 1857. She was adopted by the Charles J. Nordmeyer family in Chariton Co.,MO They were listed in the Co. census 1850-80 when they were on Howard Co.,MO records. Thanks, Penny


Hello, I am looking for the family of William Royer and Harriett Ullery. I have answered some queries on Gen-Forum and have recieved no answers. I am hoping you can help me. Clara Royer b. 1882 Ohio d. 6-24-1960 Dayton, Ohio married Charles {Charlie}Curnutt b. 1880 Tn. Chalres is a brother to my grandfather. All I have been able to get on this family is the 1910 census for Montgomery, County Ohio and a death certificate for Clara Curnutt. On the death certificate it has William Royer and Harriett Ullery as her parents. It does not give where they were from. There was a name for informant and it was Lester Royer. Does not give relationship to Clara. I have nothing For Clara and Charles except what I have just told you. Could you please help me with Parents, Siblings for Clara Royer, and also her family. I am in hopes this will help me find something about my family. Thanks in Advance. Janice Gooch Athens, Al


My Grandmothers name was Amelia Rosseta Royer. She married Simon J Dietel. They lived in ND and MN. Also I had cousins ? by the names of Agnes and Grace Royer who lived in MPLS MN. They used to come to the farm in Dassel, Minn when I was a child. Need Info. Thanks

Delores Burdick


3.----- ROBERT ROYER BORN 1871--DIED 1872
8.------ARTHUR W. ROYER-----BORN MAR. 1886



Hi I am from Frenchville, Clearfield County, PA. So far I have not found a link could you help. My family has lived here sin 1840's. The 1st to come is Francis March 25,1841 born in France. Married in Sept 1860 in Frenchville. and Died April 7, 1913. 7 children The family has been here since. Serdon B. 1864-1889 to Francis S.1892-1973 to Henry B. 1933 to Me MKAY All lived and died Married and Bpt at Frenchville, PA. This is a unque place 15 families all came from france; The only spoke French until my father started school 1940's. The state made all children speak english only in school. Few of the guys where interpeters in WW 1. Few speak it today. All families are intertwined to each other. Many are like us haven't moved since we got off the boat. Well hope to hear from you. Thank you for your time and effort. MKAY

Eric Blocher

Are you aware of the WPA site? This is the search screen, enter ROYER and it gives you 100 entries most of photos of a Herbert and Martha Royer, living at the Enos Royer farm. These were taken during the depression by the WPA.

Larry burkhart

about 5 or 6 years I had talked to you on the phone about the Royer line. My grandmother Ruth Royer(Beigh) is in that line. I noticed that your database does not have a great deal of info on Emma Catherine's line, here is some info I have found in my research so far. Emma Catherine Royer was born abt. Feb. 1872 and died 17 July 1947 in Watertown, Mass. When Ruth was born Emma was not married yet and the father is probably a neighbor named Emery Lelfer. Ruth was born 22 Apr. 1894 in Clear Creek Township, Huntington Co., Indiana recorded in Huntington Co. birth records Book H-7 page 14 and died 4 Jul. 1970 in Mishawaka, St. Joseph Co., Indiana and is buried in Mishawaka Historical Cemetery with her husband Lynde. Also born to Emma and Albert Beigh were Anna Faye Beigh 26 Jul. 1896, Gladys I. Beigh 16 Feb. 1907 and died 28 Sept. 1993 in St. Joseph, Michigan and is buried in Crystal Springs Cemetery. Also Galen Elmer Beigh died 30 Aug. 1950, George Kenneth Beigh Sr. born 27 Mar. 1906 and died 11 Oct. 1954, Harold Otto Beigh, Norna G. Beigh(not Norma), born Feb. 1898, Victor Beigh died 30 May 1953, and Garth Beigh who died 23 Mar. 1951. Most of the Beighs moved back to the Boston area with Emma, but Ruth stand and married my grandfather Lynde Francis Burkhart. I have more information on that kine including who they married and their families. It might be noteworthy that Anna Faye Beigh married Charles Harris and they had Charles Harris Jr. who was a gunner's mate second class and served with Kennedy on the PT 109 during world war II, and his nickname was Bucky.


I am looking for pictures and information regarding the descendents of Sebastian Royer. My grandmother started this whole inquiry and now the rest of the family and decendents of my grandfather who is Irvin Jacob Royer would like to see pictures and have other information.
Also if any one has information regardin the whereabouts of the family bible which was last found in the hands of Mr. Vic Leininger I would appreciated any information. I am only looking to view the bible with my grandmother not remove it from his trusted care.

My Irvin Royer is the son of Newton Royer. I am not sure where your Irvin Royer falls into my tree.

I just wanted to thank you again for the picture of the Fricks Works you sent me and the biographies you sent through the message boards. It took me several frustrating months but I finally was able to link with the information you sent me. I thank you with all my heart. If you ever run across any more Frick Photo's I sure would appreciate it if you sent me a copy. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Peace and Prosperity, Debra L. Frick

G Hays

I am searching for information on Holten ROYER, and Mae FOOT they were married abt. 1895, I think in Ohio, Akron area. They had at least five children: Earl Thomas b. October 30, 1897 Frank James b. August 28, 1899 Christy Grace Ethel
I also think Holten had a sister named Alice .
Earl ROYER married Iva WADE ... if anyone has a connection or any information on these people please contact me I am more than willing to share any information I have.

Vi Portelance

My line is: Hans George, Sabarstian, Emich, Christopher, Daniel, William C Royer + Sarah Shoemaker, Benjamin Schumaker + Anna Bell Simington (Symington) children listed below Looking for the decentants of: Ida J Royer born app 1867 in Penn, was married Dec 25, 188 to Ulysses G Pridoy (Pridey) from Kansas William E Royer born app. 1869 in Penn died July 23, 1955 in Rochester Minnesota
Floyd Royer born app. 1888 in Kansas, lived in Culver City Calf.
Clark S Royer lived in Valley Falls Kansas children Harold E. Royer
They grew up in Valley fFalls Kansas and lived there many years, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Janice Gooch

Hello, I had posted a query on Gen-Forum about David Royer and Barbara Hyde (Hyre }. I got a reply from Dalton Royer and he said they were on page 46 of "The Henry Royer and Sebastioan Royer Families". He said you had this book. Did they have a son by the name of William Royer b. 1824 married to Harriett Ullery? I have posted quite a few queries on Gen-Forum with no response. I did find the 1900 census for Montgomery County, Harris Twp, Ohio. The daughter of William that I am looking for is Clara b. Jan 1882, married Charles Curnutt Feb. 1903. On this census it has Carry E. b. Jan 1882. I have got a copy of her Marriage Record and Death Certificate. It has her parents as William Royer and Harriett Ullery. I feel her name was mispelled on the census. Now that I know she is there daughter can you offer any help with this family? Thanks for any help you can offer. Sincerely, Janice Gooch Athens, Al


Sorry, I don't know anything about your Royers. My GGrandfather was Henry Royer and my Grandkids are : Gooch Their Grandfather was Floyd Gooch and their fathers name is Terry We went: John Royer married to Phoebe Heckman and their son Henry Royer married to Mary Ann Quene (Cue?) and their daughter, my Grandmother Mary Ann (Mollie) Royer married to John Wesley Barklow and their son, my father, Leland Henry Barklow Thought the Gooch / Royer was interesting. Do you have any geneology re: the Goochs.

Bob Royer

Looking for John Royer from North Carolina Maybe New Bern, or from South Carolina (maybe Charleston). Any hwlp will be greatly appreciated.

This is a link that was sent to me a while back. Lots of good photos of Enos and Martha Royer farm life. Also government instances of House records. Enter the name Royer in the search
Cherie Bamrick
Elizabeth Royer Judkins 1925-2001
I'm not sure where to post this so the information is included in the Royer genealogy but Elizabeth (Betty) Royer Judkins passed away Feb 24th, 2001 She was the youngest of 6 children born to David Jasper Royer and Elizabeth Pettick...line of Sebastian Royer. Could you please see that she is remembered on your Royer website. She was very proud of being a Royer. Thank you, Cherie Judkins Bamrick (Elizabeth Royer's oldest daughter)

Mom was born January 6th, 1925 in Auberry,Calif. Died Feb 24th, 2001 (St Joseph's Hospital Stockton, Calif) Residence San Andreas, Calif. Her three children are Cherie Bamrick Green Bay, Wisconsin; Geraldine Drager..Santa Cruz, California; and Perrin Judkins..Marina, Calif. I'm sorry I do not have an obituary. I am not certain but I believe 3 of her brothers are still living. Ward, Don and Warren...I do not know where they are living. She was proceded in death by her mother, Elizabeth.. father David Jasper..sister, Audette and brother Ed. Have included a photo taken about 1949 in Vallejo Calif. From left to right Elizabeth Pettick Royer, Elizabeth(Betty)Royer Judkins, Naomi Brooks (Betty's mother-in-law) and two daughters Geraldine and Cherie Lynn.

Francine Conn Halter
Does anyone have more info on this line? Back to Metz, Germany?

Francine Conn Halter ===== Descendants of Hans Georg Royer/Rheyer 1 Hans Georg Royer/Rheyer b: Abt. 1656 +Margaretha b: Abt. 1660 .....
2 Sebastian Royer b: Abt. 1685 in Metz, Germany d: August 13, 1758 in Elizabeth Township .......... +Agnes Flockert b: December 04, 1688 in Neustadt, Germany m: February 15, 1705/06 in Bohl, Pfalz, Germany Father: Judge Johann Flockerth ............
3 Johann Emig Royer b: December 15, 1707 ............
3 Johann Georg Royer b: August 04, 1710 ............
3 Anna Margarite Royer b: June 02, 1713 ............
3 Maria Magdalena Royer b: June 02, 1713 ............ +Philip Houtz ............
3 Johann Martin Royer b: October 03, 1716 ............
3 Samuel Royer b: October 04, 1718 ............
3 Johann Heinrich Royer b: October 15, 1721 ............
3 Maria Katharina Royer b: September 20, 1725 ............ +Jacob Conrad ............
3 Catherine Royer b: Abt. 1728 in Lancaster ............ +George Christopher Royer b: Abt. 1718 in Southern Germany .................
4 Christian Royer .......................
5 Samuel Royer b: 1800 in Pennsylvania ...................... +Mary Shanabarger b: 1804 in Maryland .............................
6 Sarah Royer b: 1826 in Richland Co., OH

Can you help me with info about the Sebastian Royer line?

I am trying to tie my Magdaline Royer with other Royers. Please see below.

Descendants of Philippe Royer 1 Philippe Royer +Catherine Linck .....
2 Magdalena Madeleine Royer b: Abt. 1769 in Germany/France/Switzerland d: Aft. 1850 in New Hamburg, Scott Co., MO ...... +Ludwig/Louis Halter b: Abt. 1765 in Schirrhein, Alsace, France (originally Switzerland?) m: March 13, 1796 in Schirrhoffen, Alsace, France d: Aft. 1850 in New Hamburg, Scott Co., MO Father: Louis/Ludwig Halter Mother: Marguerite Eck


looking for a Paul Royer who was born in Sheldon Vermont possibly around 1850's married to a Sophie Martell born in Stanstead Canada.

Dean Royer

Hello fellow Royer's. I was just wondering if you had any information about the Royer's in Canada. I understand my close relatives settled in Beaumont, Alberta from Quebec around 100 years ago. Does anyone have the link from the American Royer's to those in Quebec? I am really eager to find out my roots. Thank You

Patty Hatch

I find your Royer web-site terrific. I volunteer for the Blair County Historical Society which owns Royer Mansion in Williamsburg, PA. Jim Kennedy, the site manager at Royer, and I have done a tremendous amount of research on Samuel Royer, ironmaster of Springfield Furnace. I have developed a "free" web-site for the "Friends of Royer" Committee. Would you be able to put a link to it on your web-site? If you can't, I understand. Our funds are very tight and right now we don't have money to get our own domain name. We have a lot of obits, grave sites, etc. if you get back in to the Royer genealogy again. We are also planning another Royer family reunion for sometime this summer. Would appreciate a reply. Thanks so much.

I hope some time you will be able to visit our "neck of the woods". Royer Mansion has come a long way. We have before and after photos of it and you wouldn't believe it. Our community is really getting behind our efforts. If you checked our web-site, you see we have a big Civil War Encampment scheduled for May 4-5-6. Last year we did a memorial service at the Royer United Methodist Church for Dr. Samuel Royer, Samuel's son who was in the Civil War. This year we are doing the memorial on Dr. Daniel Royer Good, his mother was Elizabeth Royer (Samuel's daughter) who married David Good. David took over the Furnace for a while for Samuel. I'll be posting pictures of this year's event when it's over. I also have a photo album I'm working on for the web-site. It will give you a sneak peak at the inside of the house. Again, I can't thank you enough. If I can help you in any way, let me know. How about I put a link back to you? I have been telling all of our committee about your site and I know most have checked it out.

denise macdonald

Hi: I'am looking for information or as to where I might be able to get information pertaining to my great grandmother Clarisse Royer her father was Narcisse Royer . Clarisse married Albert Prince where they were married is a mystery.My grandmother Eugenie Prince and brothers and sisters were all born in Manchester Mass. I'am guessing that this family emigrated from Quebec into New Hampshire. I have tried many avenues in Mass. but no luck. I might add that Narcisse Royer married Delphine Rheault. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Denise

Joan Royer

My name is Joan Royer.. I took my maiden name back after divorcing several years ago.. I was born in Wyandotte, Michigan.. My dad Leslie, the youngest of three, had two brothers, John and George. I had two brothers, Bruce and Alan My grandfather was Alonzo and grandmother Emma. I would love to hear from anyone who would like to share info... Thanks

I so enjoy going through all that you have on the Royer's.. it has kept me quit busy and is so interesting... I just would like to mention that my dad was Leslie Royer and his dad was Alonzo Royer and mother was Emma Waltz, this is how it is stated on my dad's birth certificate and on his death certificate. There is no mention of McLaughlin on these documents... I am going to keep reading and hoping for more info.. Thank you so much Joan Marilyn Royer

I am Joan Marilyn Royer, daughter of Leslie Royer and Irma Lucille Ruby Royer.. I am the grand-daughter of Alonzo Royer, and Emma Waltz Royer. I am the niece of John Royer and George Royer and cousin of Daryl and Alvin Royer, and sister of Bruce Royer and Alan Royer.. I was born in Wyandotte, Michigan and would love to find info on relatives, will share info.
Debbie Broughton

I am looking for information on Jacob Royer. He was born 1891. His mother's name was Annie Schultz. I can find Jacob and Annie on the 1900 census but there is no father listed. Jacob married Lillian May Peters in Lockhaven, PA. Any information would be appreciated.

Gladys I Royer

JOSEPH ROYER Joseph Royer was born November 24, 1783, the son of Daniel and Catharine (Kemper) Royer.1 Six months later on May 30, 1784, another son, Samuel, was born to Daniel and Catharine according to records.2 Before Joseph was a year old, his father died on October 3, 1784 at the age of 42 or 43.3

This left Catharine with two babies under one year old plus seven other children, the oldest daughter being about 21. A son, 19, and another almost 15 may have continued with the farm as the second son, David, lived and died on the homestead on Middle Creek.4

So Joseph grew up without knowing a father. His father had lived near the Middle Creek Brethren Church (German Baptist Brethren) burying ground. His Uncle Hannes also lived at Middle Creek and built a new house in 1790 which is still standing today.5 This house was used for holding church services so likely Joseph often went here and attended meeting.

Joseph was married to Maria Martin about 1805-1806. They were married before Mar 31 1806. Joseph was probably about 23 and Maria about 19 when they married. Maria was the daughter of Martin and Anna (Wenger) Martin who were Mennonites. Her father had owned a large farm and gristmill at (or on) Conestoga (River) in Earl Twp. Her father died in 1803 probably before she was married.6

Joseph was Brethren and Maria's parents were Mennonites. How did they meet? Did he meet her at the mill? Was she a hired girl in his neighborhood? Joseph is known to have belonged to the Brethren church in later years and she is buried in a Brethren cemetery so she may have also joined the Brethren church, but this is not known.

We know they were married before Mar 31 1806, as a Lancaster Co. Estate record dated Mar 31, 1806, page 71 - Guardian appointment - Maria daughter of Martin Martin now the wife of Joseph Royer chooses him as her guardian.6a

Estate record - Sep 17 1806, page 71 - Joseph Royer requests determination of the division of the land of Martin Martin, Jr. - Administrators to report to next orphans court - sheriff to summon an inquest.7

Joseph purchased the tannery of his brother-in-law, Abraham Zug, in Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co. Abraham, a tanner by trade, lived for the first few years of his marriage about a mile southeast of Mastersonville in Rapho Twp. which may be where Joseph bought. Abraham purchased a tannery in 1805 near Lexington in Warwick Twp. so he may have sold his other tannery to Joseph about this time, or this might be the tannery Joseph bought when Abraham moved to Lebanon Co.8

Joseph is listed in the 1810 census, Rapho Twp.

Joseph and Maria had their first child, Joseph, in 1806. John was born in 1807, Catharine in 1809, twins Mary and Emanuel in 1812, Isaac (Dale's ancestor) in 1814, Abraham in 1816, and Elizabeth in 1817.9

A Joseph Royer and wife were baptized in 1807. Jacob Stoll and D. Kemper were given as ministers baptizing at Conestoga in 1807. There is also a Joseph and wife (Millbach) baptized in 1808. As our Joseph is listed in the 1810 census in Rapho Twp, I believe the 1807 baptism to be our Joseph. (Millbach is in the Tulpehocken church in Richland Twp, Lebanon Co.) - Bomberger list.

Estate record - Jan 22 1819, page 340 - Petition of David Martin, eldest son of Martin Martin requests division of 83 1/4 acres of land for heirs - Widow Eve and 4 living children, David, Maria wife of Joseph Royer, Elizabeth wife of Daniel Witters and Ann who is a minor over age 14. Sheriff was to order an inquest on the division of the property.6a

Estate record - Feb 10, 1819, page 343 - Property appraised at 3,143 pounds 15 shillings - David Martin agreed to accept the property at the appraised value.6a

Abraham Zug moved to Lebanon Co. near Richland in 1813. Several Royers and other Brethren were moving into this territory. Joseph and Maria also moved up here to Sheridan on Isaac Garnett's farm sometime before 1820.10

David, the ninth child, was born January 14, 1820, and Maria died on January 14, 1820. (HISTORY OF ROYER FAMILY by J. G. Francis says she died Jan 4, 1820 and gives David's birthdate as Jan 14. Her tombstone gives Jan 14 as death date.) So Joseph was left with 9 children 14 years of age and under.11

Joseph's wife, Maria, was about 33 years old when she died. She is buried in the cemetery at Tulpehocken (Royer's) Church.12 (Her stone faces the opposite way of most of the stones in the cemetery and we had a hard time finding it, we had assumed the lettering had worn off that stone!)

Estate record - Apr 1 1820 - Deed book 19, page 377 - The heirs of Martin Martin, Jr. late of Earl Twp - David Martin of Caernarvon Township, Elizabeth wife of Daniel Witters of Warwick Township, Joseph Royer of Lebanon County husband of Mary deceased, and Eve Martin of Warwick Twp release Christian Martin and Christian Wenger.6a

Joseph Royer is listed in the 1820 census in Sheridan Twp., Lebanon Co.

Joseph then married Nannie (tombstone says Anna) Bucher and he had three children by his second wife - Benjamin b 1823- d 1824, Samuel born 1825 and Benjamin born 1827.13

Estate record - Mar 3 1826 - Record date for Deed book E5, page 455 - (Other children named); Joseph and Maria Royer; (other children named) sign a release for the transfer of Martin Martin's property to son, David. (Maria was deceased by this time but Joseph probably signed).6a

Will book - Will book P, page 422 - Eve Martin, Warwick Twp - dated Sep 29, 1829 and proved Dec 5 1829 - .........Witnesses Johannes Frey and Joseph Reyer.6a

Joseph moved back from Lebanon Co. to near Green, Lancaster Co., where he bought a farm. Joseph Royer is listed in the 1830 census, Manheim Twp, Lancaster Co, Page 418. He sold this farm in Lancaster Co. to Pastor Christian Brubaker for $75 an acre according to HISTORY OF THE ROYER FAMILY IN AMERICA.14 The deed transaction for either buying or selling this farm has not been located. A Christian Brubaker is listed on the 1764 atlas north of Neffsville on land probably now occupied by the Lancaster Airport. Christian Brubaker is listed as a minister in the Brethren church at Neffsville. "Green" has also not been identified. There appears to be no deed transaction of Joseph Royer to Christian Brubaker. There are various Joseph Royer transactions in 1842, also other transactions of Joseph Royers in other years. Have not identified our Joseph Royer records as of yet. J. G. Francis must have had access to some information we have not located.

The 1830 Lancaster Co. census lists 3 Joseph Royers: 2 in Manheim Twp, and 1 twp. not identified. By checking the two Joseph Royers in Manheim Twp, one is eliminated by the age of the children. The other Joseph Royer is probably ours.

In checking the 1830 census record of neighbors of this Joseph Royer with 1840 census for neighbors of the above Christian Brubaker, several of the same surnames and at least three same first and last names appears on the 1840 list, so it is probably safe to assume that Joseph Royer lived north of Neffsville on land now occupied by the Lancaster Airport.

According to the Royer History by J. G. Francis, in 1836 he moved to Stark Co., Ohio, buying over 300 acres there for $30 an acre.

On June 16, 1836, Joseph bought the east half of the southeast quarter of Sec. No. 15, Twp 12, range 8 from John and Susanna Hanner (Tanner)? for $78.00.15 (This should be 80 acres although acreage is not mentioned in the deed. This would be about $1 an acre.) Joseph did not live on this tract.

Also on June 6, 1836 Joseph bought the north half (which should be 320 acres although the acreage again is not mentioned) of Sec. No. 26, Twp. 12, Range No. 8 which is south of Hartville in Lake Twp, Stark Co. from Conrad and Catharine Brombach for $6300.16 This would be about $20 an acre. This today is Nimishillen Church Rd - south boundary, St. Rt. 43 - roughly west boundary, Royer St. - north boundary, and the east boundary is a short distance east of the Middlebranch road (the house is on west side of Middlebranch Rd.) Joseph Royer was not listed in the 1837 Stark Co. tax records, but he is listed in the 1838 Stark Co. tax records.

Conrad Brombach, a member of the Brethren, had bought this land from the government in 181617 and sometime before 1836 had built this house with a large central room upstairs for holding meetings. Meetings continued to be held here for 20 years after Joseph bought the property.

The Nimishillen church was organized by Bishop John Gans in 1804. From 1804 to 1825 services were held regularly at two week intervals in the homes and barns of about 25 members - David Snyder, Conrad Brumbaugh (Joseph Royer later bought Conrad Brumbaugh's home), David Ebie, William Hoover, John Sheidler, Peter Ebie, Jacob Snyder, Martin Houser, Joseph Schneider, Widow Thomas, George Swinehart, Andrew Christ, Daniel Brown, Jacob Funk, Michael Flory, Widow Leiser, John Hershey, David Bixler, John Thomas, Jacob Replogle, Jacob Bauer, John Garl, Daniel Markley, Daniel Bowser, Joseph Showalter. (Brethren Roots, Winter 1998). The Nimishillen congregation was divided in 1825 and the Canton church organized out of its territory. Services were held in homes until the Nimishillen church was built in 1856. Joseph Royer did not live here 1804-1825, but Joseph Royer later bought the home of Conrad Brumbaugh where services were held, and services were later held at this home of Joseph Royer.

John Gans, Michael Miller Sr., Ulrich Shively and Michael Dickey were ministers during the early period. Wm. Hoover, Isaac Karn, George Hoke, Joseph Showalter, Michael Miller Jr., George Shively and Elias Dickey followed in the order given.17a

In 1825 the Canton church was organized out of this territory. The organization of that church left the Nimishillen congregation with John Gans, William Hoover, Isaac Karn, and Joseph Showalter (who had been called to the ministry in 1819.)17a

The congregation continued to meet in the homes of the members until 1856 when a brick church was built. This brick church was torn down and replaced, some of the old materials being used, in 1899. The original bricks were used for the inside wall of the present church but new bricks were used for the outside walls.17a

Meetings were held in other homes in addition to than Joseph Royer's as given in the above history and as suggested by the remark made by the minister saying "Joseph would have to feed the multitude every Sunday ."

Love feasts and funeral services were held at Joseph Royers also, the cemetery being nearby.18 His inventory shows 28 tablecloths, 33 towels, 13 pie dishes, 31 spoons, 12 tea spoons, 60 plates, several coffee pots and boilers, 20 gal apple butter which may have been used to feed the people when church was held here.

John Kline attended love feast at Joseph Royers in 1854. "Thursday, June 1. lovefeast at Brother Joseph Royer's, nine miles north of Canton." (LIFE AND LABORS OF ELDER JOHN KLIINE, Funk, Benjamin.)

This large house of Joseph Royer's and his land is on the Middlebranch Rd. midway between Royer Road to the north and Nimishillen Church Rd. to the south.

Today, the bank barn is gone, and the land is in a housing development. The house standing there has been added onto and remodeled various times. The people now living there said they had been told church used to be held in this house. They had found an 1875 date on the back part of the house and thought that was when the house was built, but it is more likely that the back part which is of a different style may have been added on at that time. They have a picture of the bank barn with buggies around it, but could not locate it when we were there. They have a small old church bench on their porch that was in the house - it looked like it could have been used then except for bookracks on the backs. (More history given near end of this article.)

A descendant of Joseph's through son Abraham, Lorena Holshoy19, whose family has lived on the Isaac Royer farm since 1895 identified the home on the Middlebranch Road as the Joseph Royer homestead. Another descendant who grew up in Stark Co., Evelyn Royer Lesher, also identified it as the "Bixler" place which name is on this tract in the 1875 atlas.

Some of his children were probably married by the time he came to Ohio and all of these probably also moved to Ohio with him.

Joseph Royer is listed in the 1840 Stark Co., Lake Twp., census. Ages but not names of children are given in this census, and Catharine, Isaac, Abraham, Elizabeth, David, Benjamin, and Samuel were probably living at home. His son, Joseph, is listed as married and living near him in this census.19a John, Mary, and Emanuel were also married before 1840.

He provided a number of his children with farms.20 In 1843 Joseph began deeding land to his sons. On August 23, 1843, Abraham was deeded 20 acres from Joseph. On the same day Isaac was deeded 60.78 acres from Joseph. On June 16 1845 Isaac was deeded 75 acres from Joseph, and Isaac deeded the above 60.78 acres to brother David.21 (Since we were checking records for Isaac, these other records showed up as they were recorded the same date as Isaac's.)

On February 9, 1846 he gave the ground for the East Nimishillen Brethren cemetery.22 This is located about 1/2 mile east of Route 43 on Nimishillen Church Road on the north side of the road.

He is listed in the 1850 Stark Co. census records.

On August 28, 1855 he purchased 86 acres in ?Section 10, Twp. 1, southwest corner, Springfield Twp, Summit Co., Ohio from Almond Holcon? probably giving a note for this for $3535.13. In 1856 he was taxed in Summit Co. for $14 and 60 cents and 2 mills for 20 acres, valuation $409, and 65 acres, $1605 valuation.23

He advocated building a meetinghouse but was opposed by the elder of the congregation. His son, Samuel, acting on the suggestion of his brother, Benjamin, of Akron, Indiana, took a subscription paper around among the members, brought the matter before the church and it carried in face of the elder's opposition. Samuel was placed on the building committee. The church was to be located at the cemetery on Joseph's land on the north side of the road. There being no suitable ground on the cemetery side of the road, it was built across the road on another man's property. Joseph's descendants think he gave the ground; if so, he likely did so by supplying the money to pay for it.24

The chagrined elder declared that now Joseph would have to feed the multitude every Sunday, that having been the privilege of each brother when meetings were held at his home. But Joseph never did as he died before the church was completed. The church for a long time was known as Royer's.25

They secured the church for the Nimishillen congregation but did not live to see it completed as they died while it was in the process of erection in 1856.

A promissory note made 10 days before he died with Joseph's signature reads - "One year after date I promis to pay to Joseph? Frick the sum of fifty one dollers on it being for value received as witness my hand and seal the 7 day of Abrill 1856 $51 Joseph Royer (seal)"26

Joseph and Anna probably lived on the home farm with Samuel and his wife. Samuel was married and lived on and farmed the home farm. It is likely he may have purchased all or part of this (we did not check for this record). If Joseph sold some or all of this farm, it may be he bought land in Summit Co. in 1855 for an investment.

His inventory list included among other items - 1 horse, carriage, sleigh, 2 cows, 1 bull, 6 sheep, 3 hogs, $16 worth of corn, $24 worth of oats, miscellaneous small tools, etc. Son Samuel evidently owned the farm equipment.

Also, listed were a 10 plate stove (laundry?), 1 cooking stove, 1 sink, 1 bench, 4 tables (including kitchen, dining, living room?), 1 set chairs new, 1 set chairs old, 1 large arm chair (no rocking chairs listed unless this was one), 1 stove and pipe, 1 clock, 1 corner cupboard, 1 cupboard, 2 wood chests (for wood or chests of wood?), 4 chests, 6 beds and bedsteads, 1 cradle, 2 spinning wheels, 1 reel, 48 yds carpet.

Among other many small kitchen and household items were 1 dough trough, 5 bread baskets, 9 small crocks, 7 bread pans, 7 pewter plates, 1 large pewter dish, 2 small pewter plates, 3 small pewter plates.

Included were 4 comforters, 1 blanket, 5 coverlets, 9 feather bed slips, 6 feather bed slips, 1 bedspread, 10 pillow slips, 8 hair? slips, 3 chaff bags, 4 straw pillows, 15 sheets, 1 hair blanket, 150 yds linen, 8 yds flannel, 11 yds other cloth.

Some of the food items were 124 lb lard, 1 crock of cherries, 1 lot dried fruit, about 40# smoked pork side, 30# shoulders, 36# hams, and 12# beef.

A few of the personal items were 12 books, 8 pair spectacles, 2 wallets, 1 pocketbook, 1 lot male apparel, 1 lot female apparel.

Joseph, his wife Anna, and his son Samuel all died of typhoid fever. Anna died on April 10, son Samuel on April 13, and Joseph died on April 17, 1856, at the age of 72.27 Joseph moved to Ohio in 1836, gave ground for the cemetery in 1846, and died in 1856 during construction of the church.

Joseph and Anna (Bucher) Royer are buried in E. Nimishillen Brethren Cemetery, north side of road, in Row 18. A partial list of burials in this row are (south to north) Elizabeth Bucher d 1845 (Elizabeth Bucher was Anna Royer's mother's name so she may have come to Ohio to live with her daughter); Anna Royer d 1856 (Royer history book calls her "Nannie"; Joseph Royer d 1856; (son) Samuel Royer d 1856; (son) Isaac Royer d 1860; wife Sarah d 1894; Isaac's daughter Betsy d 1926.

Records show that 9 yards of shrouding was bought probably for his wife, $2.25, and on April 18, 1856, 6 yards of shrouding $1.50 was bought probably for Joseph. Records show 2 double coffins - $17.50 paid in full. Joseph and Anna's stones, made of Rutland marble, cost $20.00 each, to be delivered to "Royer's Graveyard"28 (E. Nimishillen Brethren cemetery - the old part on the north side of the road.)

Joseph Royer had no will according to Stark Co. court records. Daniel Hoffman and Joseph Royer were administrators of Joseph's estate. The inventory of Joseph Royer was appraised at $1671.83. George Bair was paid $7.00 for crying a 2-day sale on May 12 and 13, 1856.29

Joseph Royer's evidently gave a note for $3535.13 for the 68 acres in Summit Co. that he bought the year before. He had paid $234.60, leaving a balance due of $3300.53. After his death this was sold to Horace Kent for $3623.30.

I made a note stating Joseph's estate record lists personal effects of $3550 and $3413. Whether the first is the gross and the other the net, I do not understand my note as to what this was. The appraised value of his personal property plus balance after sale of the Summit Co. property would not add up to this amount. He may have still owned some of the home property. (I did not check this.)31

The home farm of 132 acres was farmed and at least part of it likely owned by son Samuel who was married and evidently also living here and who died at the same time as his parents of typhoid fever. There is no mention of this farm in the estate papers and did not check the court records.

By 1860 this had probably been sold to George Bixler who was an appraiser of Isaac Royer's estate, and G. Bixler is listed as owner on the 1875 Atlas.32 When Evelyn Royer Lesher was a girl living in Stark Co, "this was owned by Corvin and Esther Bixler. They had no children but raised a boy, Richard Baker, who Velma Slabaugh says is still around Stark Co."32a

"A man by the name of Wise remodeled that Bixler house that Joseph Royer lived in. He made a study of who all owned the place, Velma says, and Joseph's name was on the list. This Wise no longer lives there."

Of Joseph's 12 children, 2 died young, 1 girl never married, Joseph, Isaac, Abraham, David and Samuel died in Stark Co, John died in Summit Co, Emanuel died in Carroll Co MD, Benjamin died in Akron IN, and the only daughter who married died in Miami Co OH.

To all to whom these presents shall come greetings: Know ye that Conrad Brombach of Lake Township Stark County and the State of Ohio for the consideration of Six Thousand three hundred dollars received to his full satisfaction of Joseph Royer now of the same place do give grant bargain sell and confirm unto him the said Joseph Royer the following described tract or lot of land Situated in the County of Stark and State of Ohio and being the north half of Section number Twenty Six in Township number Twelve in Range number eight. It is the same tract of land which James Madison President of the United States of North America by Patent made under his hand and seal granted to the said Conrad Brombach and to his heirs and assigns forever who is the grantor of the above mentioned half section to wit the northeast quarter Patent is dated the 9th day of August A.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifteen and the Patent of the northwest quarter is dated the first day of July A.D. one thousand eight hundred and sixteen. The Patent of the northeast quarter is recorded in Volume 12 page 556 and the Patent of the northwest is recorded in Volume 16 page 522. To have and to hold the above granted and bargained premises with the appurtenances thereof unto him the said Joseph Royer his heirs and assigns forever to his and their own proper use and behoof and also he the said Conrad Brombach doth for himself his heirs executors and administrators covenant with the said Joseph Royer his heirs and assigns that at and until the ensealing of these presents he was well Seized? of the premises as a good and feasible estate in fee simple and have good right to bargain and sell the same in manner and form as is above written and that the same is free of all incumbrances whatsoever and furthermore he the said Conrad Brombach doth by these presents bind himself and his heirs?....... to warrant and defend the above bargained and granted premises to him the said Joseph Royer his heirs and assigns against all clauses and demands whatsoever. And I Catharine Brombach wife of the Said Conrad Brombach do hereby in consideration of the money so as aforesaid paid to my said husband ..... release and forever Quit Claim unto the said Joseph Royer his heirs and assigns all my right and title of dower in and to the above described premises. In Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals the sixth day of June Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and thirty six. Signed sealed and delivered in presence of George Brumbaugh Conrad Brombach? (Seal) John Brumbaugh her The State of Ohio Catharine X Brumbaugh (Seal) Stark County Ohio mark Before me a justice of the peace in and for the County aforesaid personally came Conrad Brombaugh and Catharine Brumbaugh his wife and severally acknowledged the above and of conveyance to be their voluntary act and deed - and the said Catharine Brumbaugh wife of the said Conrad Brumbaugh being by me examined separate and part from her said husband the contents of the above deed being by me made known to her declared upon such separate examination that she did voluntarily sign seal and acknowledge the same and that she is still satisfied therewith - In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the sixth day of June one thousand eight hundred and thirty six Recd Aug 19th and recorded Sep 9th 1836 John Brumbaugh (Seal) Dan S Raffensberger .....

Justice of the peace This indenture made this sixth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty six between John Hanner? and Joseph Royer to wit John Hanner of the County of Stark and State of Ohio party of the first part and Joseph Royer of the county of Stark and State of Ohio party of the second part Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of eight and seventy dollars lawful money of the United Sates to him in hand well and truly paid by the said party of the second part the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have granted bargained sold aliened released conveyed and confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain sell alien release convey and confirm unto the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever all that lot or parcel of land lying and being the east half southeast quarter of section number fifteen township number twelve range number eight it being the same tract of land which was granted to Meichael Spidle by Andrew Jackson President of the United States of North America under his hand and seal the first day of November 1830 and conveyed to John Hanner March the 16th AD 1833 who is the present grantor and the aforesaid patent is Recorded in the General Land Office Volume five page one hundred and thirty five and the part conveying is recorded in Stark County Ohio in Book A page 301-2 And all the estate right title interest claim and demand of them the said party of the first part of in and to the said premises and every part thereof Together with all .... singular privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging or in anywise appertaining and the rents issues and profits thereof To have and to hold the premises hereby bargained and sold or meant or intended so to be with the appurtenances to the only proper use and behoof of the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever And the said party of the first part his heirs executors administrators do promise covenant and agree to and with the party of the second part his heirs executors administrators And assigns that John Hanner the true and lawful owner of the property or premises hereby granted and have good rightfull power and lawful authority to sell and convey the same in manner and form aforesaid And further that the said party of the first part his heirs executors and administrators will warrant and forever defend the aforesaid premises with the appurtenances and every part and parcel thereof unto the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns against all .....claiming or to claim by .... under them or any of them or by from or under any of the persons or persons whomsoever and I Susanna Hanner wife of John Hammer do for the and aforesaid paid to my husband release and forever quit claim of unto the said Joseph Royer In witness whereof the said party of the first part have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and year first above written Signed sealed and delivered in presence of ... Johannes Hanner? (seal) John Brumbaugh her State of Ohio Stark County Susannah X Hanner (seall) mark Before me John Brumbaugh one of the justices of the peace within and for said county personally appeared John Hanner and Susanna his wife the above named? grantors and acknowledged the above deed of conveyance to be their voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein mentioned And the said Susanna Hanner wife of the said John Hanner being examined separate and apart from the said husband and the executors of said deed being made known and explained to her she declared that she voluntarily and of her own free will and accord without fear or coercion of her husband did and now do acknowledge the signing and sealing thereof In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this sixth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six Recd 6th and record 8th March 1837. John Brumbaugh (seal) We the undersigned appraisers of the personal estate of Joseph Royer Sr. (?) deceased having been first duly sworn have made an inventory and appraisement thereof as follows - to wit We do hereby certify that the foregoing inventory is true and correct Witness our hands this 10th day of May 1856 S. S. Geib) Appraisers Samuel Geib) his Jacob X Wertenberger) mark

We the undersigned appraisers of the personal estate of Joseph Royer Sr (?) deceased having been first duly sworn have made an inventory and appraisement thereof as follows - to wit Dollars Cents
1 hoe and 1 box with sundries $21
1 iron wedge $.12
1 lot " (stone) $.6
1 bellows and saw 10
1 square and drawingknife 25
1 handsaw 25
1 woodsaw 50
1 crosscutsaw 00
1 hog tongs 12
3 augers 25
1 hair pinchers 50
1 chisel and wrench 25
1 /2 inch auger 25
4 augers 50
1 fat press? 25
1 shaving horse 6
1 hope? and bridle 25
2 sickles 25
1 pail 6
1 tub 6
1   " 25
1   " 25
1   " 25
2 washboards 25
1 table 12
2 (barrels) and one 1/2 ... 12
1 lot lard 124 lb 11 00
1 lot stove pipe 75
1      "              6
2 wooden bowls 50
1 salt box 20
2 axes 37
1 pr tongs .... 50
1 griddle 10
1 coffee browner 25
1 small tub 12
1 crout cutter 50
1 fat stand 25
1 " " 25
1 large pan 15
1 small iron kettle 50
1 large " " 2 00
1 small coffee " 4 00
1 large "? " 8 00
1 bench 06
1 lot carpet 25 yards 3 00
1 " " 23 yards 5 00
1 log chain 1 50
1 " 1 00
1 digging iron 75
2 mattochs 75
1 spade 12
1 " 25
1 hoe 7 single tree 18
2 brushes 25
1 grindstone 12
1 scythe 15
1 ten plate stove 2 50
1 churn 2 50
1 tub 50
1 large tub 1 50
1 large meat vessel 1 50
1 small meat vessel 1 00
1 tub 12
1 crout stand and tub 75
1 swill pail 06
1 trough and ashes 25
3 bbls (barrels) 12
1 pickle stand 50
1 keg and vinegar 75
1 bbl and cider 75 1 bbl and cider 75
1 bbl and cider 50
1 funnel 25
2 bbls 50
1 " 50 1 " 50
1 keg 25
1 hhd and vinegar (hogshead)?) 2 00
1 pickle stand 50
1 jugs 37
5 large crocks 90
29 small " 1 50
2 flax breaks 1 00
1 saddle 6 00
1 lot oats (per bag 20 cts) 120 24 00
1 lot corn (per bag 31 cts) 52 16 12
16 bags 4 00
1 basket 25
1 bridle .... 50
1 collar 12
1 halter 25
1 double .... 9 00
1 jack screw 3 00
1 carriage 30 00
1 whip 12
1 sleigh 3 00
5 tables 50
1 horse 75 00
1 cow 20 00
1 " 20 00
1 bull 10 00
6 sheep 12 00
3 hogs 12 00
6 cow chains 1 50
1 stovepipe 4 00
1 coal scraper 12
1 bu basket 50
1 1/2 bu " 25
1 small " 12
1 sink 25
1 bench 6
1 table 6
1 brass kettle 1 50
1 tea " 75
1 iron pot 75
1 " 75
1 dutchoven 37
1 cookingstove & pipe 5 00
2 kettlehooks 1 00
13 bags 3 00
1 table 50
1 spring balance and hammer 12
1 lantern 25
1 pair stilyards 1 00
1 copper dipper 37
7 bread pans 1 50
13 pie dishes 25
1 handbrush? and spoons 25
1 pitcher & dish 10
1 skillet & pan 25
4 tin cups 12
1 dipper and funnel 12
1 sausage stuffer
7 measure 12
1 candle mould 12
1 coffeepot & oil can 10
3 tin dishes 25 3 " 15
1 culander & dipper 12
1 tin bucket 50 2 " 25
31 spoons 1 50 12 tea spoons 25
1 set ladles (iron) 1 00
1 " (brass) 50
1 ladles & skimmer 50
1 funnel & sw? 15
3 coffee pots 75
1 small pail 20 1 tea kettle 1 50
1 tin pail 12
1 wooden pail 18
7 pewter plates 70
1 large pewter dish 50
2 " small 50
2 " " 25
3 " " plates 75
1 funnel & cheese ring 6
4 candlesticks 25
1 lamp & snuffer 25
2 jars & bottle 12
3 boxes & .... 20
1 large dish 20
3 large plates 1 00
3 coffee mills 25
1 rolling pin dish & spoons 15
1 coffee boiler 75
1 clothes line 12
4 bottles 40
1 decanter 4 00
60 plates 4 00
7 dishes 35
1 coffeepot & 3 waiters 1 00
1 tea canister 31
3 tumblers and 1 glass 20
5 dishes 25
2 ? teas 40
4 cups & 6 saucers 15
8 saucers 15
3 pitchers 25
2 tea pot & sugar bowl 12
7 bowls 12
6 " 18
8 spectacles & cases 20
1 butter mould 6
6 butcher knives 75
1 set knifes & forks 75
1 " 75
1 " 75
1 " 50
1 " 25
1 oil cloth 1 00
1 brush 25
1 lots plates 12
2 whetstones 37
6 bottles 25
1 dish and vials 12
1 basket 25
2 hackles 50
1 compass saw 25
2 sheep shears 50
3 flat irons 1 00
1 balance & weights 25
1 slaw cutter 50
12 books 1 00
1 umbrella 12
1 looking glass 50
1 set chairs (new) 3 00
1 " (old) 1 50
1 large arm chair 2 00
1 pair tongs & poker 50
1 stove & pipe 8 00
1 table 4 50
1 clock 3 00
1 corner cupboard 6 00
1 wood chest 1 00
1 bell & straps 6
1 drawer? 3 00
1 cupboard 7 00
1 chest 2 00
1 " 1 50
1 bed & bedstead 5 00
1 " " 5 00
1 chest 1 50
1 wood chest 2 00
1 cradle 1 00
1 bed & bedstead 10 00
1 " " 10 00
1 " " 4 00
1 " " 5 00
1 chest 2 00
1 dough trough 6
1 pair choppers? 50
2 cards? 12
3 sieves 25
5 bread baskets 25
1 peck measure & basket 25
1 basket 25
1 " 12
1 basket 12
1 " 12
1 " 18
1 sausage stuffer 75
3 brooms 45
1 saddle bags 75
1 side saddle 3 00
2 large wool wheel 1 00
1 spinning wheel 12
1 " " 12
1 reel 50
3 bags & rope 25
20 gallons apple butter 5 00
1 crock & cherries 1 50
1 lot dried fruit (about 4 bu) 4 00
1 lot smoked pork sides about 40# 2 40
1 lot shoulders about 30 2 40
1 lot hams 36 lbs 3 60
l lot beef 12 lbs 1 20
4 lot comforters 8 00
1 blanket 1 00
5 coverlets 12 00
9 feather bed slips 14 50
6 " " 6 00 1 bedspread 3 00
10 pillow slips 4 00
8 1/2 Hair? " 2 00
3 chaff bags 4 50
4 straw pillows 1 00
15 sheets 7 00
1 hair blankets 4 00
28 table cloths 12 00
33 towels 4 12
2 wallets 50
1 lot aprons 1 00
1 bed curtain 1 25
1 lot? linen cloth (150 1/2 yds) 37 50
1 lot? flannel 8 yds 2 00
1 lot? cloth 11 1/2 yd 8 50
1 basket 12
1 umbrella 12
1 lot apparel (male) 10 00
1 " (female) 8 00
1 pocket book 37
1 book 12
1 lot sundries 25
2 razor strops 20
1 lot recipes? 6
1 swill pail 25
3 trusses 1 50
9 cord wood 5 00
1 water can 37
1 sledge 50
1 note against Isaac Royer with interest from 1st day of May 1854 for 404 90
1 note against David Royer with interest from 1st day of May 1854 for 408 00
1 note against David Royer with interest from 10th day of April 1850 53 00
1 account against Benjamin Royer for Cash in bank bills 51 00 Cash in gold and silver 31 60 ____________ $1671 83

Page 10 Now On the foregoing notes is indorsed as follows to wit Feb 25 1856 on note against David Royer $ 57.00 Apr 2 1855) on note against Isaac Royer 84.00 Feb 22 1856) ______ $141.00

We do hereby certify that the foregoing inventory is true and correct Witness our hands this 10th day of May 1856 S. S. Geib) Appraisers Samuel Geib) his Jacob X Wertenberger) mark

THE STATE OF OHIO, STARK COUNTY, SS Daniel Hoffman one of the administrators of Joseph Royer, deceased being sworn say that the foregoing and annexed Inventory is in all respects just and true; that it contains a correct statement of all the estate and property of said deceased, being assets, that has come to their knowledge, and particularly of all money, bank-bills, or other circulating medium belonging to said deceased; and of all just claims of the deceased against the affiant or other persons, according to the best of his knowledge and belief. Sworn to and subscribed before me on (Ju)ne 9 1856 -- J. Hazlett?, Probate Judge for said county

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Prepared by Gladys Royer, 25457 CR 32, Goshen IN 46526 January 2000 MARIA MARTIN ROYER Maria Martin, wife of Joseph Royer, has many Mennonite ancestors whose forebears came early to Pennsylvania.

Maria was born in 1787 in Lancaster Co., the only living child of Martin and Anna (Wenger) Martin, Jr. Her mother died in 1787, the same year she was born. Martin then married his first wife's sister and they had more children.

Maria's father, Martin, Jr., had a farm and a gristmill on the Conestoga, possibly near Oregon? in Earl Twp., which would not have been far from where Joseph grew up. (One article says at Conestoga, which would not be Earl Twp.) Joseph's father had died when he was less than a year old, and Maria's mother died the same year she was born so both grew up not knowing one of their natural parents.

The Mennonites came to America before the Brethren did and they settled in Lancaster Co. before the Brethren. The first permanent settlement of Mennonites in Lancaster Co. was in 1710 in what is now West Lampeter. Sebastian Royer bought land in this area in 1733. He was thought to be a Huguenot (Reformed), but recent research cannot find any connection between the Royers in France and the Rheyers in Germany. The Brethren came into the area around 1720 and a church organization was formed on Mill Creek around 1724, which was in the same area the Royers first settled in. Sebastian later moved to Brickerville, and Emig to Middle Creek. The Scotch Irish settled in Donegal Twp. to the north and northwest in 1715-1720. It is said the proprietaries sold land in the eastern parts to the non-resistant peoples and gave the Scotch-Irish and others who would defend the frontier lands to the west and northwest.

These Mennonites all had Anabaptist background in Switzerland where many Anabaptists were persecuted for their faith. In Switzerland many Anabaptists were imprisoned or martyred. After the Thirty Year War over religion ended in Germany in 1648, the land was decimated and lightly populated and Germany invited the Mennonites to come in and build up the land, paying a yearly tax for the privilege. The Anabaptists were not persecuted so much in Germany although sometimes they were arrested and fined. Maria's great-grandfather, Christian Martin, is thought to have been in prison in Switzerland, and an ancestor of her gg-grandfather Groff was possibly fined in Germany for attending an Anabaptist meeting.

Hans Groff came in 1696 to America at the age of 25-30. He is the only known ancestor of either my husband Dale or I to come before 1700 to America. He settled first at Germantown and bought land in 1714 in Lancaster Co. where he settled at Groffdale. He is Maria's great-great-grandfather and a Groff thought to be his ancestor was fined in 1661 for attending an Anabaptist meeting.

The Herrs came in 1717, or before. Immigrant Abraham was Maria's great-great grandfather. The Herrs settled at the south edge of Lancaster.

The Martins and the Wengers came on the same ship "Molly" in September, 1727.8 David Martin came in 1727 and settled at Blue Ball beside his first wife's brother. His first wife had died on the voyage to America and he remarried over here. David's father, Christian, came later in 1732. Tradition says he spent time in prison in Switzerland for his faith. This Christian was a great-great grandfather of Maria, and although oral tradition says he spent 15 years in prison (which was unusual at this time for Anabaptist prisoners), researchers say it is more likely he was in prison a short time 15 years before he came to America, then stopped to spend some time in Germany.

Christian Wenger, a great-grandfather of Maria, also came on the same ship as David Martin in 1727. Soon after his arrival in America, he married Eve Graybill who had been on the same ship in 1727, which had many Mennonites. Had Christian and Eve made plans before leaving Europe to marry when they reached America or did they have a shipboard romance? Christian and Eve settled at Groffdale beside Hans Groff.

So Maria had Groff, Herr, Martin, Wenger, and also Zimmerman backgrounds. These are common names in Lancaster Co. and most of these are common names today in Elkhart Co., Indiana where we live. The Martins and the Wengers in Elkhart Co. are relatives of Maria, and probably some of her other ancestors have relatives in Elkhart Co. Notes on Maria Martin Royer

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Prepared by Gladys Royer, 25457 CR 32, Goshen IN 46526 January 2000

Josey Stotler

On my grandfather his name is Samuel Francis Royer . I do know he die in WW2 April 13,1945 he was born Feb.3 1916 .MY mother is Judith.E. Royer Stotler she was only 23 month old when her father death. I also know he was born in sinking valley penna,and he is a great great not sure how many great grandson of Daniel Royer that built and was the owner of Royer Mansion. he married Dorothy C Young Royer. date unknown to me the had 3 daughter Donna.J. baby that die at birth and Judith. If you have any information on this it would help me to get to known a grandfather that i never had a chance to known

Robert W Royer

I am looking for John Royer, born abt 1753 in North Carolina. He fought in the Revolutionary War, in the battles of Brandywine, White Plains, and Germantown. He was discharged in New Jersey. He married Ann Taylor in Augusta Virginia in 1792. They had 3 children Charles, John, and Elizabeth. Any help would be appreciated.

Cindy Calloway

If any of you are looking up John Royer, the John Royer in my lineage was born March 17, 1799 in Northumberland ( Snyder) PA- died May 1888 in Ohio. His son, John was born March 20, 1831 in Thompson Twnship, Ohio and died Jan 18, 1909 in Sterling, KS. John Jr was number seven of twelve children. Cindy (Royer) Calloway

Robyn (Yoder) McDonald

I have seen several posts on genforum that suggest to me you have been very involved in recording the genealogy of the Royer family. I am hoping you may help me find a family.John Royer b. abt. 1760 m. to Elizabeth________. They had a daughter named Susan Royer/Rocher b. Sept. 8,1785 in Lancaster. She marries John Eberly Gsell (spelled a number of ways) in 1804 and d. Sept. 21,1832 in Franklin Co. Pa. John d. May 10,1873 also in Franklin Co.
Do you know anything about John Royer and Elizabeth, his family ,her surname and their children? If you could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate the help.

Brian Christensen

I found your web page on the Royer family interesting. I'm trying to track down my ancestor George Mattern from Huntingdon Co., PA. It is recorded that he came from "near" Hagerstown, Maryland in 1779, but I have found no evidence of his residence in Maryland. I also understand that he served in the Revolutionary War (while in Maryland) under Col. Ludwig Weltner's German Regt.

John Shank and Martin Funk were witnesses to George Mattern's will in 1812 (Huntingdon Co., PA). Were they relatives, neighbors, or friends? I believe that Martin Funk's brother-in-law may have been a soldier/friend of George Mattern back in Washington Co., MD. Martin Funk's wife was Catherine Edeneyer, from near Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD. Her brother John enlisted as "John Etnier" 16 July 1776 in 4th vacant Company in the German Regt., of Continental Forces, commanded by Lt. Col. Lewis (Ludwig) Weltner. Stationed in Quibbletown 1777 and 1779. German Regt. was in action at Trenton and Princeton under Col. Haussegger. Later took part in campaigns against the Indians. John Itnire discharged 26 Jul 1779. The Funks and were early settlers to Warrior's Mark, PA (Huntingdon Co. and just a few miles from George Mattern) I suspect the Edeneyers were likely old friends of George Mattern in Maryland. I also wonder if John Shank may also be traced back to Washington Co., MD.

Do you have record of a John Shank related to your group that moved to Huntingdon Co., PA? Could Martin Funk have also come from the Funks in Washington Co.? Can you tell me precisely the location of the Funk and Shank families in Washington Co.? I wonder if there are land records that could confirm George Mattern's residence in Maryland.
P.S. I am descendant of George Mattern's grandaughter Elizabeth, who married

Johney Royer

Hello, I have no idea where to get started, I would like to try and learn more about where my faily came from.
My grandfather, Ken royer - Lived in Polson until he died last year. He and my grandmother lived in Idaho (Twin Falls and Macky) for many years. He originally came from out in the midwest. My uncle David Royer lives in Texas. My uncle Rick lives here in Montana. Both were born in Idaho. Their sister, my mom was also born in Twin Falls, Idaho. How do I get started on this search? Thanks for any help. Johney Royer Billings, Montana.

Crissie Foltz

I have just visited your webpage on the Royer family. I am a descendant of Nancy Anne Royer, whose daughter was Mary Hollinger Forney, wife of Lewis S. Forney. Their daughter, Ann Mariah Forney, married my great grandfather, Henry Foltz. Henry Foltz begat :-) my grandfather, Jacob Forney Foltz, who had a legal change of name to Farney Foltz. Farney Foltz married Mary Gertrude Moeller, and they had my father, John Eugene Foltz, and his sister, Ruth Foltz (Cairns). My father and his sister are now deceased. I have photos of Mary Hollinger Forney, (11/5/1811 to 1/23/1873), and Henry Jacob Foltz, (4/22/1835 to 5/15/1893) who is in a Civil War Uniform. Would you like to add these to the photo collection, or do they stray too far from the Royer name? I can email them to you - just let me know in what format you best receive photos. You have a dynamic website. I'm pleased to be in this family! I have previously had contact with John Knarr, in Indiana, whose wife is also a descendant of Nancy Royer.


David Sloan To:

How can I submit my branch of the Royer family tree to your Royer web site? It's presently on "Family Tree Maker" software by Broderbund. William H. Royer of Manheim, Lancaster, Co., PA (and his daughter Maisie Royer) are the last Royers in my branch who are mentioned in "Genealogical Records of the Royer Family in America..." by Michael Zug (I own an original copy).


my maiden name is Bohrer, have gr gr gr grdfthr or uncle HENRY BOHRER b.1768, listed on 1790 US census in Lancaster Co, PA. I have an obit for his nephew Charles Rohrer. (R) cannot find Henry's family. Have you found any Rohrer-Bohrer alternate spellings? If that is a dumb question...ignore it! I'm climbing "walls" to find Henry! thanks

Garth Johnson

This is a follow up on Hadija Lorraine Royer. I was dating her until shortly before she died. Her father Frank Royer lived in Danville, CA at the time of her death. She was survived also by her half brother also by her father. (don't remember his name). Hadija was a fantastic artist who's works were desperatly sought after even before her death by those who had the opportunity to see them. Frank is/was a postal carrier and a competitive runner.

Jessi Royer
RE: Archie Royer

I do not believe that this is my Great Grandfather. I believe he was born Mar 17, 1907 and died Nov. 16,1991. He was married to a lady named Beatrice. and had alot of children. Some names are Arthur, Olive. Teresa, Mrie, Clifford, Roger. Maurice, Victor, Donald and my grandfather Walter who was killed in 1956. I beleive they was from the Manchester, New Hampshire area. I know they had a lumber mill. They are French Candian. I still haven't been able to locate any info. Maybe this will help you direct me.

RE: Charles Royer
Sharlene Smith

Sure hope you are the Rick from Seattle. Since I am new at this here is what I have. Your Grandfather was a brother to my Grandfather. I Just recently started researching my heritage. Just got a home computer to do so. I also have very little history of them. My Dad does remember Charlie (as he calls him) being killed in a snowslide. I have actually been trying to locate more on my Great Grandmothers side. Facts as I have them along with the spelling as given to me, which I question. Grate Grandfather: Isarel Royer Wife: Nancy (Fox) Royer Moved from: Terre Haute, Il to Winfield, Kansas No Dates on any. Moved from: Winfield, Kansas to Stroud, Oklahoma working with the Sac and Fox Indian Tribe around 1989 to the 1990's and Isarel died of ??about 1890 to 1897. There Children as I was told. Lewis (Lou) Born 1878 died around 10 years of age. Martin no dates Killed on Railroad Track after being thrown off train. Charlie Died in a snowslide (I was told Denver, Co) Grover Cleveland Born May 18, 1988 Died October 21, 1978 (my Grandfather) Ann died as and infant. They moved to Indian Territory after my Grandfather was born in Kansas. Isarel came first until Grover was born then Nancy Came here. My fathers name: Marcelious Royer, he has two sisters. Hortense Ninnes from Stroud and Canovah Goodrich from Alaska. Canovah has a son Brentwood living in the Seattle area. If this matches anything you have please let me know. I keep hitting dead ends and here I have conflicting information between Father and his Sisters. Thank You. Sharlene S. (Royer) Smith

Deane Dietel
Do you have any info on Amelia Rosseta Royer who married Simon Joseph Dietel late 18 or early 1900? Or Catherine Royer and her family from Minneapolis Minn. My name is Deane Dietel and I am trying to do a family history.


Great website! Did you ever find the names of the people in the picture "Royer Reunion in OHIO"? My line is John Royer, son of Joseph who moved to Stark Co., OH in 1836 - could this possibly be them?

Michael McDonald

I am hoping someone might know the connection of John Royer b. abt. 1760 m. Elizabeth ? b. abt 1760. I have no places for them. They had a daughter Susan b. Sept. 8,1785 in Lancaster PA. m. John Eberly Gsell in 1804 and died in Franklin Co. PA Sept. 21,1832. John and Susan had a son William Gsell m. Maria Burkhardt.

Wallace Dunlap
This is my information on Samuel and Juliana Lamphere's children. I am only including 4 generations so that this mail is not too large so let me know if other questions arise and I will see what I have.
Wallace Dunlap
Descendants of Samuel Rheyer
Generation No. 1

1. SAMUEL4 RHEYER (SEBASTIAN3, HANS GEORG2, WILHELM1) was born October 04, 1708 in Bohl, Germany, and died Bef. September 14, 1764 in Lancaster Co., PA. He married JULIANA LAMPHERE 1728 in Lancaster Co., PA.
Her maiden name may have been Schak
i. HENRY5 ROYER, b. 1730; d. 1731.
ii. JULIANA ROYER, b. 1733; d. 1736.
2. iii. JR. SAMUEL ROYER, b. 1738, Lancaster Co., PA; d. May 09, 1823, Franklin Co., PA.
3. iv. JOHN ROYER, b. 1743, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania; d. 1831.

                                                                               Generation No. 2

2. JR. SAMUEL5 ROYER (SAMUEL4 RHEYER, SEBASTIAN3, HANS GEORG2, WILHELM1) was born 1738 in Lancaster Co., PA, and died May 09, 1823 in Franklin Co., PA. He married (1) MARY LAMPHERE. He married (2) CATHARINE LAUBACHER 1761. She was born 1740 in Waynesboro, PA.
4. i. DANIEL6 ROYER, b. April 27, 1762, Lancaster Co., PA; d. March 26, 1838, Franklin Co., PA.
5. ii. SAMUEL ROYER, b. December 09, 1771; d. February 19, 1838.
iii. JOHN ROYER, b. November 22, 1778; d. March 05, 1850.
iv. JACOB ROYER, b. December 25, 1780; d. March 02, 1861; m. MARY KEAGY.
3. JOHN5 ROYER (SAMUEL4 RHEYER, SEBASTIAN3, HANS GEORG2, WILHELM1) was born 1743 in Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania, and died 1831. He married MARIA ELIZABETH ROHR 1773. She was born 1744, and died 1828.
Notes for JOHN ROYER:
Information on John, Maria and family came from the IGI, file F6 003 0706. The data was submited by Harold Franklin Coleman. They may have lived in Rockingham, VA.
Also from Helen Miller Robertson.
Her name may have been Royer.
Children of JOHN ROYER and MARIA ROHR are:
i. PETER6 ROYER, b. October 19, 1774, Pennsylvania; m. ELIZABETH KAYLOR, April 21, 1798, Rockinham Co., Virginia.
Notes for PETER ROYER:
From "Genealogy of the Kaylor Family," Rockingham Co. Records and LDS record F6 003 0706.
ii. PHILIP ROYER, b. October 19, 1774; d. June 25, 1830; m. KATHERINE KAYLOR, November 05, 1793; b. 1773; d. 1820.
From "Genealogy of the Kaylor Family," and LDS file F6 003 0706.
6. iii. CHRISTIAN ROYER, b. 1776; d. 1834, Logan Co., Ohio.
iv. JOHN ROYER, b. 1778.
v. HENRY ROYER, b. 1780; m. KYGER.
vii. CATHERINE ROYER, b. 1784.

                                                                            Generation No. 3

4. DANIEL6 ROYER (SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4 RHEYER, SEBASTIAN3, HANS GEORG2, WILHELM1) was born April 27, 1762 in Lancaster Co., PA, and died March 26, 1838 in Franklin Co., PA. He married CATHERINE STONER 1788, daughter of ABRAHAM STONER and MARY MILLER. She was born November 09, 1763, and died May 07, 1858.
i. DAVID7 ROYER, b. October 16, 1790; d. 1860.
ii. SAMUEL ROYER, b. July 10, 1792; d. September 03, 1856; m. (1) SARAH PROVINES; b. 1796; d. 1832; m. (2) MARTHA MCNAMERA PATTON.
iii. ELIZABETH ROYER, b. December 02, 1794; d. March 13, 1868; m. DAVID GOOD, March 23, 1826.
iv. MARY ROYER, b. July 25, 1796; d. 1819; m. GEORGE SCHMUCKER.
v. JOHN ROYER, b. July 14, 1798; d. November 21, 1885.
vi. JACOB ROYER, b. April 28, 1800; d. 1852.
vii. SUSAN ROYER, b. August 23, 1803; m. HENRY REICHARD.
viii. REBECCA ROYER, b. November 05, 1805; m. GEORGE W. SMITH.
ix. CATHERINE ROYER, b. 1807; d. 1883.
x. NANCY ROYER, b. February 14, 1812; m. PETER FAHNESTOCK.
5. SAMUEL6 ROYER (SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4 RHEYER, SEBASTIAN3, HANS GEORG2, WILHELM1) was born December 09, 1771, and died February 19, 1838. He married SUSANNAH MACK, daughter of JACOB MACK and HANNAH ENGELHART.
i. NANCY7 ROYER, b. March 30, 1800; d. March 02, 1867.
7. ii. DANIEL ROYER, b. 1802; d. 1880.
iii. ELIZABETH ROYER, b. February 12, 1807; d. October 25, 1883; m. SAMUEL NEEDY.
8. iv. SUSAN ROYER, b. 1807; d. 1875.
9. vii. SAMUEL M. ROYER, b. September 14, 1814; d. July 31, 1897.
viii. DAVID ROYER, b. August 25, 1817; d. April 06, 1823.
6. CHRISTIAN6 ROYER (JOHN5, SAMUEL4 RHEYER, SEBASTIAN3, HANS GEORG2, WILHELM1) was born 1776, and died 1834 in Logan Co., Ohio. He married MARGARET KYGER.
They moved to Bellefontaine, Logan Co., Ohio after 1832 according to Helen Miller Robertson. Their children are from the same source.
i. JOHN7 ROYER, b. December 07, 1794; d. January 24, 1887; m. ELIZABETH HARTMAN, 1817; b. 1799; d. 1855.
ii. PHILIP ROYER, b. July 06, 1797; m. NANCY KAYLOR.
iii. CHRISTIANA ROYER, b. April 15, 1801.
iv. KATHERINE ROYER, b. April 15, 1804; m. DR. GEORGE HARTMAN.
v. JOSEPH ROYER, b. January 27, 1809; m. ANGELINA DARLINGTON.
vi. ABRAHAM ROYER, b. September 14, 1811.
vii. JONATHON ROYER, b. 1813.

                                                                       Generation No. 4

7. DANIEL7 ROYER (SAMUEL6, SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4 RHEYER, SEBASTIAN3, HANS GEORG2, WILHELM1) was born 1802, and died 1880. He married ELIZA MAXWELL 1841.
i. DAVID8 ROYER, b. 1841; d. December 31, 1864.
ii. SUSAN C. ROYER, b. August 26, 1844; d. December 30, 1928; m. WILLIAM SHANK.
iii. MARY JANE ROYER, b. January 29, 1846; d. August 27, 1905; m. WILLIAM MENTZER.
iv. HANNAH MARGARET ROYER, b. November 28, 1848; d. January 17, 1885; m. BENJAMIN SHANK.
v. ANN ELBA ROYER, b. August 30, 1852; d. June 28, 1853.
vi. EMMA CHARLOTTE ROYER, b. April 02, 1856; d. July 23, 1925; m. DAVID W. ESHELMAN, March 23, 1890; b. 1857; d. 1924.
vii. SAMUEL FRANCIS ROYER, b. January 15, 1859; d. January 14, 1918; m. NANC Y CATHARINE MCGINLEY, March 23, 1880; b. April 06, 1861; d. February 20, 1930.
8. SUSAN7 ROYER (SAMUEL6, SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4 RHEYER, SEBASTIAN3, HANS GEORG2, WILHELM1) was born 1807, and died 1875. She married WILLIAM HOEFLICH. He was born 1800, and died 1885.
9. SAMUEL M.7 ROYER (SAMUEL6, SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4 RHEYER, SEBASTIAN3, HANS GEORG2, WILHELM1) was born September 14, 1814, and died July 31, 1897. He married MARY JANE HAMMAKER, daughter of PETER HAMMAKER and ELIZABETH KRAUS. She was born July 15, 1818, and died February 02, 1888.
i. DANIEL8 ROYER, b. March 31, 1840; m. ELIZABETH.
ii. ELIZABETH ROYER, b. March 31, 1840; d. April 14, 1923; m. SAMUEL NICHOLS, December 30, 1856; b. 1829; d. June 14, 1904.
iii. JACOB ROYER, b. November 20, 1842; d. January 04, 1862.
iv. NANCY ROYER, b. September 21, 1844.
v. SUSAN VIRGINIA ROYER, b. July 31, 1845; d. September 14, 1936; m. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS NICHOLS.
vi. JOHN ROYER, b. December 13, 1847; d. November 24, 1904; m. AMANDA J. WARBUTON.
vii. ANNA MARIA ROYER, b. September 26, 1850; d. December 19, 1923; m. JOHN C. MILLER.
viii. THEODORE SAMUEL ROYER, b. December 13, 1852; d. 1934; m. SUSAN M. MOSER; b. 1868; d. 1932.
ix. ALMA SOPHIA ROYER, b. April 15, 1855; d. January 21, 1943; m. THADDEUS ALLEN.
x. CATHARINE ROYER, b. February 19, 1858; m. (1) JOHN M. BUHRMAN; m. (2) LEWIS FOX.
xi. MARY JANE ROYER, b. December 04, 1861; d. May 11, 1947; m. JOHN MARSHALL MOORE; b. 1856; d. 1925.

                                                                           Greenlees, Charli

I am searching for proof of parentage of Christopher ROYER b. 1827 possibly in Lancaster Co, PA. Christopher was supposedly orphaned at about age 12. He had an aunt & uncle, Henry & Catherine MILLER who wrote him a letter in 1850 congratulating him on his marriage to Elizabeth HAMMET daughter of George & Charlotte HAMMETT. Christopher & Elizabeth were married in WI and died in KS, had several children and many descendants now living in all parts of the U.S.

Charli GREENLEES P.O.Box 35088 Tucson, AZ 85740


Looking for Alvin Royer. The information we know: was in the marines, served 2 terms in Viet Nam. Last known address was Yakima, WA in 1970s. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

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