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Tidbits 16

H.A. Kippenhan Jr.

My mother had an uncle (Aaron Leslie Clair) who was business manager of Mt. Morris College from abt. 1895 to 1904.What I'm wondering about is whether Mt. Morris (Illinois) College was a Brethern college? I realize that question may seem incredibly stupid, but A. L. Clair died in 1911 (prior to my mother's birth), and any details about that period in A.L. Clair's life are necessarily fuzzy.

Just as an aside, there is a Royer in my family tree. Myrtle Mabel Royer (daughter of Harry Meyers Royer & Addie Ida Daws). She was the wife of Edward W. Lins. She was born July 5, 1888 in Lena, IL and died Dec. 19, 1969 in Rockford, IL. Ed Lins was my mother's first cousin (son of Ferdinand Lins and Wilhemina Hintz). He was born Feb. 23, 1891 in Lena and died Aug. 23, 1993 in Freeport, IL.
Note, the date of his death is correct. He lived to the wonderful age of 102.

From Barb Abraham

Daughter of Samuel M. & Mary Jane (Hammaker) Royer: Emma Catherine "Kate" Royer b. 19 Feb 1854 d. 4 Dec 1951 in Azalea, NC m. 1st, John M. Buhrman m. 2nd, George Lewis Fox (Note: Catherine lastly used the surname LEWIS, her 2nd husband's middle name, as her married surname.)

From a Dear Friend
Babara ( Bittner) Abraham

Dear Rick Royer,

It was and is my great pleasure to be helpful by supplying data to you for your Royer Family in America website. Your diligence over the past few years cannot be surpassed. Time spent away from your wife and family, whose patience I commend, has been limitless as you have worked to post the information quickly for all to see and have benefit. As you may know, much of my data was found through looking at original records in courthouses and archives, browsing through cemeteries, reading biographical outlines in history books from various locations, reading old newspapers on microfilm, looking at many census records, sorting through files in libraries and historical societies, referring to family outlines done by other family researchers, and reviewing my own notes from time to time. Aside from the data I had on hand, more surfaced wherever I went - even when I wasn't looking for the Royer surname. It can never be perfect, but as close to perfect as it can be from the information found. It is my hope that all of your visitors who are researching their personal family lines have benefit from my efforts. Through your untiring efforts, your website has become a very useful resource for the Royer community and allied families. May many families find the comfort and stability of finding out that their buds now bloom from the branches that grew on trees whose seeds were long ago planted in very fertile soil, the location of which they can discover in the wealth of information you have taken the time and energy to make available to them on your website. Thank you for the opportunity to share.      Sincerely, ~ Barbara (Bittner) Abraham

In your Tidbits 14, Rick Broomhall displayed an interpretation of his Royer ancestry. He, like myself, is a descendant of Christian Royer and Elizabeth Levinston. -- --Perhaps you will recall that, a year or ago, several of us descendants of Christian and Elizabeth engaged in a flurry of messages concerning Christian's antecedents, but were unable to reach a logical conclusion.

Rick Broomhall shows Christian, a son of Christian and Nancy Stohler born in 1787, as the husband of Elizabeth Levinston. However, if so, he would have been but around 13 years old when married in 1799/1800 in Somerset County, PA. On the other hand, Elizabeth was born about 1780 since her gravestone in the Ragersville Cemetery, Auburn Township of Tuscarawas County, OH, shows she was 73 at death 8 September 1853.

I would very much like to learn Christian's ancestry, but it certainly appears that he couldn't be the son of Christian and Nancy.

Gene Neff

Jerry Masters

I descend from Sebastian, Emig, Christopher, John 1768-1846, Lydia 1800-1887 m John Jordan, Leah Jordan m Allen Boyer, Ezra Boyer, Boyd Boyer,Esther Boyer Masters, Jerry Masters.

I understand some new info is available on Sebastian m 2 times and Hans Georg his father m 2 times. I would appreciate the update. Gladys Royer told me of this info. We are common ancestors & have worked together many years on this family.

Kenny Royer

My name is Kenny Royer and I live in Vinton, Louisiana. Have your studies of your family led your to any relatives down here? There is a town near here called DeQuincy. It has a very high concentration of Royers in it. Vinton only has three Royers in the phone book. Also, I am of Cajun decent. The Cajun pronunciation of the name is said "Royay". Just a little info incase you did not know. I hope to hear from you soon.

Gae Dixon

I have had a wonderful time going through your Royer Digest. I can't believe all the information that you have put on the internet. It is the most informative source of family history that I have seen yet. Many thanks........I was wondering if you could email me a copy of two photos #14 and #12. I was unable to bring them up. I do have a little information on Urias Lutz's son ,Orman, my grandfather, if you are interested. Thanks again for all your work and dedication.

Item of interest


~~~Trial of Theodore Royer for Horse Stealing--His Suspicious Disappearance~~~

In the fall of 1857 and the early part of 1858 a class of men came into the Territory for the purpose of speculating, having no respect for any one; and, in order to procure stock in trade, commenced borrowing horses in the absence of the owners. One of this class, in the winter of 1858, made his headquarters on the North Pottowatomie, near the claim of Rezin Porter. His name was Theodore Royer.
He was a young man, about 25 years of age, born in Ohio. Early in the spring of 1858 he commenced to gather in his stock of horses. He went to the house of Samuel McCush, near the town of Berea, and found a horse that suited him, and in the darkness of the night he haltered and quietly rode him away. On the next morning McCush discovered that his horse had been stolen, and soon learned that Royer had been seen in possession of him. McCush then went before

D.D. Judy, a justice of the peace, and procured a warrant for the arrest of Royer. G.A. Cook, sheriff, pursued Royer to the town of Burlington, arrested and brought him back to Anderson county for trial. Royer had a preliminary examination before D.D. Judy, J.P., who held him in a recognizance to appear for trial at the next term of the court having criminal jurisdiction. Royer was committed to the jail of the county, being unable to give bail. The sheriff kept him under guard for some time at his farm; but the county commissioners ordered the sheriff to have the prisoner kept at Shannon, the county seat. So Samuel McDaniel was made deputy sheriff, and Royer was turned over to him, as his home near Shannon, where McDaniel placed Royer in irons. A certain class of men had been clamorous for the hanging of Royer; and one morning soon after the prisoner was put in McDaniel's care it was discovered that Royer was missing. He circumstances were strong that the clamorous persons were guilt of his murder. The remains of Royer were never found, but there was no doubt that he had been hung and his remains sunk in the river. The people of the county never justified this outrageous mobbing of a prisoner, and it was regarded as a high-handed outrage against the law of the land.
In the trial of Royer, before Justice Judy, quite a lively and amusing discussion occurred between D.W. Houston, who had been appointed to prosecute, and Samuel Anderson, counsel for defendant, on a motion to set aside the writ, for the reason that the warrant commanded the body of Royer to be brought before the justice, "dead or alive." Anderson, somewhat intoxicated, with the warrant in his hand, addressed the court, reading the warrant to the words, "bring him forthwith, dead or alive;" then, in a loud voice, said: "Great Jewhilikins! who ever heard of such a warrant--to bring a man dead or alive! If this man had been dead and buried three days, the officer must dig him up and bring his stinking carcass before this right honorable court, to answer the charge of horse stealing." Houston replied to the argument in an amusing style.


My gr grandfather, John ROYER, b: 1819, and his first wife, Elizabeth Tobias, moved to Saginaw Co. about 1855. There oldest son, Andrew, b: 1852 in Ohio. Second son, Alonzo, b: 1858 in Mich. Daughter, Eveline, b: 1868 in Shiawassee Co. Elizabeth died in 1869 in Shiawassee Co. John ROYER subsequently married Eunice HINKLEY and they had four children, Herbert, b: 1872, Elmer and Eleanor, b: 1876, and Anna, b: 1879 all in Shiawassee Co., New Haven Twp. I am trying to locate the descendants of Andrew, Alonzo, and Eveline. Eveline married about 1886 or 1887, probably in Saginaw Co., where the family moved after Anna was born. I do not have a married name for Eveline. If there is any record of her marriage, or other information available concerning this family, please relay it to me. I have information concerning the families of the descendants of Herbert, Elmer, and Anna that I will gladly share. Dean at Fort Myers, Fl.

From Fred

While being in doors because of the beautiful snow here in Pennsylvania,I decided to do some searching on the net. When I hit Gen Forum, I found all the pages of queries having to do with The Royer Family. It seems you are the authority on a lot of branches so I decided to see if you have anything on my branch. I descend from John Shreiner 1748 -1827 and his wife Barbara Royer 1748 -1823. We have the Shreiner line back to the 1500s thanks to David Shreiner in Georgia,but we have nothing on the Royers. There are many towns in Germany that have similar names but on one of the queries I read, it said some of the Royers had come from Swabach .During the 50s I was stationed in Schwabach ,near Nurnberg. In 1987,my wife;Lucille and our youngest son;Nicholas and I took a trip to Germany to see how things had changed since I had been there. We toured Schwabach and I renewed friendships with civilian workers I had known while stationed there.It's probably a different town. We rented a car and went to the Schreiner hometown of Gommersheim. In my halting Deutsch, I told some people that my ancestor had come from there. One lady went into her house and returned with a big smile on her face and announced that the Schreiners were home and wanted to see us. Hans Schreiner produced a large family tree and on the end of the one branch was "Hans Adam Schreiner-Nach Amerika". They are 7th and 8th cousins . They have been here and spent time with us and we've been back twice. We are planning to go back in 2001 with children,inlaws and grandchildren. It would be nice to go to the Royer hometown if it is in the same area. Sorry--------I didn't mean to give you our family history. If you know anything about my Barbara, I'd surely appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for your time.

From Gene Neff

Reference: Christian Royer, born 1787 in Schaefferstown, PA, died 1827 in Tuscarawas County, OH

A number of Royer descendants seem to believe this Christian Royer to be a son of Christian and Nancy (Stohler) Royer who had a son born in 1787. I cannot PROVE they are wrong, but I STRONGLY DISPUTE that conclusion. The Christian Royer who died in 1827 in Tuscarawas County was my great-great grandfather. If born in 1787, he would have been only 13 when he married Elizabeth Loewenstein/ Levinston/Livingston in Somerset County, PA, about 1800. She was born about 1780 (age 73 at death in 1853). As far as I can see, those of us who are descended from this Christian and Elizabeth will simply have to keep looking for Christian's antecedents.

In 1789 one Michael Royer was on a list of inhabitants of Brothers Valley Township in (then) Bedford County subject to military duty. He might have been the father of Christian who married Elizabeth. In the Somerset County Census of 1810, Christian and Elizabeth were shown as age 26-45; in the Tuscarawas County Census of 1820 they were again shown as 26-45. I believe that suggests they were born between 1775 and 1784 which is confirmed by Elizabeth's birth about 1780.

Sue Koller

Hi to all. This is my first posting to this list. I have looked through all my Royer names and have none that are directly related to my main family- Shaver-, I would like to see if there is a connection out there, and I am always glad to share information.
These are the other surnames married into my Royer families: Weaver, Kaylor, Garland, Maiden, Kyger, Hudlow, Boyers, Taylor, Rush, Stevens, Weaver, Gratten, Eustler, Moore, Coiner, Stover, Propst, and Baugher. I am mostly related through the Kyger's. If anyone out there has a Royer/Shaver connection I would love to hear about it. Thanks

Ken Fawley

Searching for information on the family of John R. Royer & Lydia Lutes of South Bend, Indiana. Known to be living there in 1927.

Faye, I was looking thru some old filed away email in file cabinet when I found this email from Chris Royer at

Hello Rick, This is an interesting web site, though I'm still trying to learn my way around. I'm fairly new at this stuff. I found this site surfing the net. I am also a Royer. I was born in Wyandotte, Mich, but have been living in Cody , Wyoming for the last 20 years. It's great fun exploring your site, I've been trying to see if I have any relation to the people who have written to you.

In have a short history of family i would like to copy off and send to you if you would have the time to look it over. The earliest, verifiable, Royer that I have information on is my grandfather, George Royer, born 4/17/03 died 11/7/62. His father was Alonzo.

There is more information on this paper and as I said I,d be glad to send it to you. Would like to hear from you. Chris, If you still have this email address I would love to have that sheet of info. Also I believe you and Faye are chasing the same line.
Take Care, Rick Royer, Royer Data Collection Center

From Jim Royer

Here's some Royer information on our family tree. Unfortunately, it only goes back to 1818.
Great-grandfather was Harmon Henry Royer, born in New York on 1/19/1818 and he died in Waterloo, IL on 10/18/1861. He was married to Amanda Church and they had several children, exact number is not know. Some of the children were: Mary A. Royer,born 12/30/1844; Martha E. Royer, born 02/1/1847; Jonathan B.Royer, born 04/21, 1849; Amanda E. Royer,born 01/31/1851; Emily L. Royer,born 08/10/1853; Harmon H. Royer,born 01/14/1855; and Louis James Royer, my grandfather, born 12/21/1857.
My grandfather, Louis James Royer, had two children, Juett Royer and my father, Chester Boone Royer. My father had four children, Mary Lou (Royer)McCracken, James Leslie Royer, Wilma Dean (Royer)Smith, and John Robert Royer.
If you have information on the Royer line in Illinois, Monroe County, please let me know.

From Gene Neff

I'm responding to your note in Rick Royer's <Tidbits 15> wherein you asked about a Catherine Royer who married Nicholas Albert. Below I will describe a Sophia Royer who married a Nicholas Albert. Since it seems likely that only one Royer would be apt to marry a Nicholas Albert, perhaps he and Sophia are the couple you know about.

I am descended from a Christian and Elizabeth (Levinston/Livingston) Royer. They were married in Somerset County, PA, about 1800 and moved to Tuscarawas County, OH, about 1813. Among their children there was a Catherine, born 22 Aug 1805, and a Sophia born about 1809. Catherine married Jacob Row 22 Jan 1826 in Bucks Township of Tuscarawas County; Sophia married a Nicholas Albert 26 Apr 1829 also in Bucks. Unfortunately Sophia is the only Christian and Elizabeth Royer child about whom I presently have only the fact of her marriage.

If any of this <rings a bell> with you, I'd very much like to hear from you since I would like to know more about Sophia (Royer) Albert, if possible
Within the past several years, descendants of five of Christian and Elizabeth's children have surfaced and passed around some data of their separate families. If you know of Sophia Albert, and could put me in touch with any of her descendnts, she would be the sixth. Unfortunately, we still have not learned anything about Christian's antecedents.
Look forward to your response.Gene Neff 371t East Lupine Phoenix, AZ 85028-2123


You requested I send the siblings of Elias Royer on January 19th, but I thought I would go back further in case you don't have this file.For some reason, I am having trouble with my Family Tree Maker program. It took me forever to figure how to outsmart it. I apologise for the tardy reply.I am attaching a privitized file for the following:
Descendants of Peter Royer


Do you have any thing in your data base for Anna Royer b. March 29, 1827 in Montgomery Co. Pa. or Benjamin Royer b. Dec. 4, 1837 in Montgoemry Co. Pa. died June 28, 1912 Father - Michael Royer Mother - Christina Long

Vi Portelance

Looking for info on the following Royers Father Benjamin S Royer - Mother Annie Simington/Symington Children Floyd, Clark, Dora, Ida and William. Also in family was my grandfather Linn Ralph and Milton L which I have info on. They moved from PA to Kansas, I have no dates. Linn Ralph moved up to Canada and Milton L was located in Washington State. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I will share my info with you.

From Barb Abraham

The Daily Record Waynesboro, Franklin Co., Pa. Saturday Evening, September 11, 1909
Happy Event for Former Residents of This Vicinity Now Living in South Dakota


The Alpena, Jerauld county, South Dakota, Journal, of September 3, contains an account of the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J. Royer, Alpena. Mr. Royer was born at Russell station, a son of Daniel Royer, who lived on the Samuel Shank farm, and spent his early years in this county. He is an uncle of Mrs. Ida Royer Oller, Miss Grace Royer, Carl L. Royer and J. Alf Shank, this place. Mrs. Royer was Miss Barbara Stover and was born near Shday Grove [Franklin Co., Pa.]. She was a sister of the late Mrs. John Adams and is a half-sister of Mrs. B. F. Barr, I. N. Price and William Price, this place.

Their Golden Wedding.

The story of the golden wedding is as follows: "In these early days of affinities and easy divorce, it is refreshing to see an occasional golden wedding anniversary and to witness a pair, whose life has been a success, walking down life's western hillside together. Last Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J. Royer, surrounded by children, grandchildren and friends, celebrated the rounding out of fifty years of married life at the home of their daughter, Mrs. A. B. Lawrence, in Alpena. "Thirteen of the children were present to help celebrate the event, Mrs. Anna Rowe, of Rockford, Ill., and Charley Royer, of Hagler, Ark., being unable to be present. There are twenty-eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Royer, eleven of whom were present. The families and a few invited guests made a party of forty-three who surrounded two big tables in the yard Wednesday and ... [unable to read next several words] ... to a feast of delicacies which Mrs. Royer and her daughters know so well how to prepare. The children presented Mr. and Mrs. Royer a purse of gold in honor of the event.

Youthful in Spirit.

"It was a most pleasant family reunion with father, mother, brothers and other relatives, and a continual round of feasting, friendship, and good cheer, enlivened by recalling pleasant memories of youthful days and none entered more heartily in the spirit of the occasion than Mr. and Mrs. Royer, who retain their youthful spirit, though advanced in years, and have the ability to enjoy the wholesome pleasures of life and keep fresh the sympathies of youth and the things of youth. They have learned that fortunate attainment -- how to grow old gracefully. This is the perpetual fountain of youth for which De Soto vainly sought -- this ability to look above the bread and butter theory of life and keep alive the roseate dreams of the future; to see glory where others have seen only chains; a crown where others have seen only a cross. It is the victorious character of such as these that can look up, though the shadows fall in lengthening folds upon the western hillside of life and see the pathway above the shadow on the mountains. Mr. and Mrs. Royer may yet look forward to twenty years of ripe old age and usefulness. "Mr. and Mrs. Royer descended from the sturdy Pennsylvania Dutch stock and are members of the German Baptist or Church of the Brethren church. "Sixteen children have been born to them, all of whom are living, except one boy who died when one year of age in Illinois. Their names and homes are as follows: Harry S., Iroquois, S. D.; Anna Rowe, Rockford, Ill.; Charley, Hagler, Ark.; Frank S., Wellsville, Kan.; Ben, Wellsville, Kan.; Martha thompson, Wolsey, S. D.; Nora Lawrence, Alpena, S. D.; Maud Bedell, Northport, Wash.; Price, Wolsey, S. D.; May Nolt, Mt. vernon, S. D.; Elmer, Northport, Wash.; Eva Doyle, Huron, S. D.; John, Alpena, S. D.; Katie Luckey, Alpena, S. D.; Clarence, Wolsey, S. D.. "A few years ago no church, school or social gathering was complete without the Royer young folks. Now they are scattered in all directions and all married except the youngest son, Clarence.

Homesteaded It.

"Mr. and Mrs. George J. Royer were born near Waynesboro, Franklin county, Pa., a few miles apart, the former on June 16, 1838 and the latter, whose maiden name was Barbara Stover, was born June 2, 1842. They were married in Waynesboro, Sept. 1, 1859, and lived there until 1876, when they moved to Illinois, remaining in that state until 1883. Being attracted by the greater opportunities of the new west they moved to Beadle county, South Dakota, in 1883, and homesteaded the Royer farm, three miles northwest of town, where for about twenty years they devoted their energies and talents to building up a home and rearing a Roosevelt family every member of which is a comfort and pride to the parents and a credit to a christian home and the community in which they were reared."


Rick -- I'll be happy to. This is the first break I've had in over a year on this line. Leslie and I are comparing our data now so we can work out the inaccuracies. From there, maybe it will lead me to a break. I'm stalled on Elmer's grandparents. I'm at work now but I'll put together what I have and send it to you within a day or so.

H.A. Kippenhan Jr.

I thought I'd pass this along to you; it's from the world of small coincidences. My mother's uncle Aaron Clair was a professor at Mt. Morris College (1893-1904). This was the time when J.G. Royer was president of the college. Aaron resigned in 1904 (poor health), and in 1907 moved to Willard, Clark Co., Wisconsin. His sister Mary (my grandmother) and her husband George Hintz and their two young sons also moved to Willard in that year.|
Aaron was killed in a sawmill accident in March, 1911. His former boss and colleague J.G. Royer traveled from Mt. Morris to Willard to conduct funeral services.
I thought you might like to know this.

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Deaths in Astoria, Fulton Co. Illinois 1886-1917

From Patti

Hi, I'm new to the list and to geaneolgy I'm trying to research my great- grandfather Martin S Royer married to Amanda Ellen Maison they lived in Penn, Union Co and BefordCo, they had a daughter Anna Elizebeth and a son John there where other children but I do not have the names ,but I think one son was James called Jim,he lived in california but was born in PA. Amanda remarried and lived in altoona to a Mr Weaver and he word for the railroad. Anna Royer the daughter was born 4/1/1888 in millmont PA.I sure hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance

From Steven

Hi Patti Iam not sure who you are looking for, Royer or Weaver? My great Grandfather William Henry Weaver married 2nd wife, Amanda E. Royer. 1st wife, my Great Grandmother, Mary Jane Benton. I have William Henry Weaver's Obit that names his stepchildren as: John H. Royer of Schenectady Joseph and Annie of Altoona Jacob of Toledo, Ohio I have nothing else on Amanda Royer. Hope this helps.

Lorraine J. Shearer

Hi: I am looking for parents of Lydia Royer born August 14, 1830 in Marlborough Twp. Montgomery County, PA. I believe her father would be one of the following men I found on an 1830 PA census living in Marlborough Twp.. They are George, Jacob, John and Michael. Lydia Royer Married Jesse Nase, not sure when only know of one child Lydianne Nase. Thanks for any information that can be given. My e-mail address is My snail mail address is Lorraine J. Shearer, 1038 Brinckman Road, Pennsburg, PA 18073. Phone # (215) 679-2000.

Suzanne Royer

I Believe you have my e-mail confused with someone else. I am French Royers from Canada, Michigan, PA and Washington. I am looking for Charles Royer bd 1860 to 1870?

From Judith Ann Sobresky

As a teenager and young adult I often thumbed through my grandmother's book, The Royer Family in America, mesmerized by the volume of names. It has been several years since I have seen the book, in fact I do not even know it's whereabouts. My grandmother is Violet Sobresky of Pottstown Pa, wife of Edmund James Sobresky, Sr (deceased), she is formerly Violet Royer. It is my understanding that she is the daughter of Myers Nathan Royer, son of Nathan G. Royer, and is named after Myers' sister Violet. She has 4 brothers Ken, Armand, Arling, and Gordon (deceased).

I am glad to see the book on the web for the enjoyment of all Royer descendants!

Jim Royer

The crest was granted to James (Jacques) son of Guillaume (William) in 1779. The English Royers originated in Mauze, near La Rochelle on the central West coast of France and came to London via Dublin in the eighteenth century. I have loads of data, discovered by the genealogist that I hired to look into things. Pretty soon now, I expect to have a family tree dating from the seventeenth century to the present time.

Dave & Cindy Chambers

Just recently located your website and am greatly excited about the information. My husband and his sisters and brother all live in Florida, and are the children of Kenneth Royer and Ruth Anna (Swank) Chambers. Kenneth is the son of Elizabeth Royer (descendant of David, Henry, Henry, Christopher Daniel, Johann George, Sebastian Mathias, Hans Georg Rheyer) and John W. Chambers. We are greatly interested in obtaining written materials on the Royer Family. Have not yet been able to read all of your info on line, so I don't know if any order forms are shown or not. Please point us in the right direction.


Looking for date of death for 2 daughters of Abraham M. Royer and Sarah Kleckner: Susan Royer b. July 21, 1854 who m. Willard T. DeHaven. They lived in Effingham, Kansas. After his death, she moved to Oskalossa, Mahaska County, Iowa and supposedly died in a nursing home there. Sarah Ellen Royer b. Dec. 14, 1860 who m. David Albright and moved to Wisconsin. They may have had a son named Perry. Appreciate any help.


Dear Rick, You are my first Email. I am currently living in Frenchville, PA and are looking for Royers. I've spent time on your site but can't find my connection. John Baptiste S. Royer b 1801 France d. 1912 m.Clementina Sergey. Please help me find my link


My name is Andrew Royer, I'm 18 and am wondering if anyone out there is related to the Royer line in Greeley , Colorado? E-mail me back please.

Meta Brewster

I first want to say Thank You for having this web page. It is a real pleasure to see where we came from.

I noticed on my search that Charles Filbert ends with no birthdate. I can supply that as well as whom he married and how many children he had or who can finish the documentation if you are interested? I am the oldest of four daughters of Charles Filbert Royer Jr. I did a cut and paste for the area I am referring to. " VII. CHARLEY WILSON ROYER, afore, m. Jan. 1, 1904, to Mary Alice Fil- bert, b. Nov., 1883; book-keeper in Dayton, O.; Presby.; 3 ch.: VIII. Chas. Filbert, b. __ __; VIII. Kathryne, b. Jan. 25, 1910; VIII. John Robert, b. Sept. 2, 1912.

Cedar & Stone
Karen D.

Hi again. You may not remember me from a few years ago. I "talke" on computer to you about Brethren and the Royers of Meadow Branch. Somewhere I still have that research on Peter Royer and the slave manumission--just cannot remember where it is now. Take care and keep up the good work---wow have you expanded since I left MD then left SC two years ago. This is only a temporary email address--you know a freebie.


HI: I enjoyed your extensive web pages. I am specifically looking for Samuel Royer (1873-1902) who married Emma Josephine Setterburg (1878-1921). They lived in Essex, Iowa. Do you have any further information? Janie

A. Garrison & T. Emmett

In my continuing search for the family of Elizabeth Ann ROYER Grindle (b. ca. 1819 Rockingham Co. VA; m. 5 Apr 1837, Logan County, OH; d. 1885, Starke Co. IN), I found a biography of John ROYER in a history of Logan County, Ohio, that was published in 1880 by O. L. Baskin & Co., Historical Publishers, 186 Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL. I'll quote it in case any ROYER researchers would find it useful.

from page 625, Harrison Township Biographical Sketches. Quote John Royer, farmer: P.O., Bellefontaine; was born in Rockingham County, Virginia, Dec 7 1794; is a son of Philip and Catherine Royer, who were also natives of Virginia. Mr. Royer spent his youth and early manhood on his father's farm, receiving an education such as the common schools of Virginia afforded at the time; he was married in 1818 to Elizabeth Hartman, whose parents were natives of the same county in Virginia. >From this marriage there were ten children, three of whom are now dead -- John Jeremiah, William, Mary, Benjamin, Lucy A., Sarah, George, and Elizabeth; one died in infancy. In 1831, Mr. Royer left Virginia and came to Preble County, Ohio, and in 1832 came from there to Logan County, Ohio, where he has since resided; he purchased 160 acres of land when he came to the county, all of which he cleared and improved; he resides on this farm at the present time; he served four months in the war of 1812 and had a son in the Mexican War, who died on his way home, after his discharge. Mr. Royer's wife died September 9, 1855. He is a member of the Lutheran Church, and aims to live consistent with the teachings of the same. Unquote
Hope this is helpful to someone. Best regards, Amy

From Karen

Everytime I try to talk to someone about this I never hear from them again. My name is Karen . I am the GGrandaughter of Henry Royer and the Grandaughter of Mary Ann (Mollie) Royer Barklow. My Grandmother was in and out of a mental institution starting before the birth of my father (started June 29,1907 from reading the diary) and after her third child. I am trying to find out what the diagnosis was but no luck as yet. My Grandfather, Elder Tommy Barklow of the Brethern Church has 28 diaries in the North Bend Oregon Musuem and my daughter and I spent several hours writting some of the info down. To my amazement there was an entry stating, "Went to the train to meet Henry Royer's body shipped from the insane asylum". It was dated 6-14-1919. I had never heard this before. Apparently it is hush hush as one man contacted me and tried to say they were probley just depressed as they didn't have good diagnosis back then. Sorry, but she lived with us off and on while I was growing up and when she wasn't with us she was with my Aunt Mabel's family and depression was not the problem. Is there any evidence that you are aware of anyone else having a problem? I am a retired RN and would like to know what the trouble was for medical history.

Thank you so much for all you are doing. I have gotten the History of the Royer Family in America and questioned some of it. I am so glad someone is looking for accurate information.


How fun! I stumbled across your site thru Rootsweb Review (Vol 3 No 10) and found a distant connection: Caroline S. Royer married to William Hoffman, my first cousin twice removed. I have a couple questions, tho. I show William as "William A." (Hoffman Family Tree, 1971, compiled by Jim and Barb Lehan) while the Royer Family in America (p. 166) shows "J.William" . I know you must be very busy, but could you possibly shed any light on this? On the same note, I show his son as William E., but he's listed on p. 166 as John William. In addition, I show a son Earl who is not listed. I tracked down and contacted his granddaughter Alta last summer regarding the Hoffman family reunion, but she was unfriendly/suspicious when I asked questions.
Anyway, it was very exciting to make a connection. Keep up the good work!

Royer Mansion site manager

hello, my name is james r kennedy, i am the site-manger of the royer mansion in villiage of royer blair county. We live and take care of the former home of samuel and sarah provines and his secong wife Martha Patton. I am trying to find any photos of information that you may help me with we know samuel had 10 children five to first wife and five to second, he is buried at the royer family cemetary about half mile form the mnasion the remains of the furnace still stand. my wife and i reside in the 1815 stone mansion, the last family lived ther ein 1965 when the widow of samuel riyers granson royer hartman died. The house was auctioned off and all frunishing sold we are trying to find copys of family records from bibles and genealogy, we know he is a decendent of sebastian royer born on july 10 ,1792 and died sep 3,1856. if you can help us in any way please let me know , this is my fathers email but i will get it if you email me. if you are ever in pennsylvania stop at the house to see it. hope to hear from you .

Randall Lavy

I copyed this thinking it would tie into my line somewhere, but I can't place John ROYER m to Bessie with these children.
Maybe this would be of value to someone else,

Canton Repository - Canton, Stark Co., OH

(3/8/00) Dorothy M. Henry, age 90, of North Canton, passed away Tuesday morning March 7, 2000, at Manor Care Nursing Home following a long illness. She was a member of Eleventh Street Church of God. Born in Middlebranch, OH, to John and Bessie Royer on April 19, 1909. Preceded in death by her parents; two husbands, J. Raymond Kettering and Clyde Henry; three brothers, Clyde, Donald, Richard; and one sister, Pauline Drayer; one son, Ralph; and one step- daughter, Mabel Capper. Survivors include one son and daughter-in-law, John W. and Doris Kettering of Hartville; one daughter, Evelyn Roth of Louisville; 14 grandchildren; 37 great-grandchildren; and 12 great-great grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted Friday at 11 a.m. in the Eleventh Street Church of God with Rev. Randy Shafer and Rev. Dr. Robert Devine officiating. Burial will be in Forest Hill Cemetery. Calling hours in the Reed Funeral Home Thursday 5-8 p.m. (Reed, 477-6721)

Dear Friends,
I just received this URL and went out and checked it out. Sure enough, there were the names and birth dates of all of my immediate family, along with their addresses and Zip codes! This is not good! There should be something one could do about the privacy issue. I personally do not want this kind of information out on the web.

I followed the instructions printed below in this letter, and removed our names and information. It takes time to do this. I just thought all of you would want to know about this web page. Our personal information should not be out there on the web!
*************Original Message**************
I have been made aware of a website that lists everyone and their birthdays.
It is
If you do not want your family members listed here are the steps to delete them.
At the main page go to the bottom of the page, click on FAQ.
On the next page go to How Can I remove and click privacy statement.
On the next page scroll down to "Opt Out Option."
Click on it.
It will take you to the page to delete yourself and family members.
You will need the persons first & last name, birth date and zip code to delete.
To remove more family, repeat the steps.

From Judy Pocock

I really appreciate all the work you have done putting the Royer Family Genealogy and Information on line. I was fortunate to have the opportunity a number of years ago to view the J.G. Francis book and get information from it, but I never thought I would have the chance to see/use it again.

I am a descendant of Leah Royer Spayd who lived in Fireside, Ohio. In looking through the pictures that you have on the new web-site, I see a number of them are from the cemetery in Fireside. I am surprised at this for two reasons. First of all this is a small, very rural area, and secondly, I never thought any of my great-grandmother's family were in the area. Leah was a Dunker before her marriage to John. H. Spayd. They left the Myerstown area about 1880. I more or less figured that she may have been shunned for marrying out of the Brethren church. My mother said she had very little contact with her family after the move to Ohio. So that makes me surprised that there are Royers there. Apparently, while these people were probably not her close relatives, still she was not in Ohio alone.

I occasionally visit this cemetery although I live 100 miles away. My great grandparents and grandparents are buried there. I read that you are wanting information from one of the tombstones there, and it would be possible for me to get it for you sometime. Is there anything in particular that you would be interested in having from the area?
Again I appreciate the excellent source you have provided. I have information about the family of Lean and J. H. Spayd that they might be willling to share.

Gene Stewart

Scotch Valley Pa. Bessie Royer b. 1 June 1896 in Williamsburg, Pa. d. 4 Jan 1982 in Hollidaysburg, Pa.......m. Frank M. Stewart in 1924...Bessie was the daughter of Frank & Jennie Royer........Can anyone add to this?

Angie Dozier

I enjoyed talking with you this evening - please add my name (on behalf of my sister) to your growing list of people who would like to acquire Geneological Records of the Royer Family in America. Your website is terrific - it's obvious a lot of hard work and dedication went into it and I applaud you (and all others involved) for it. Please let me know if a book (thru some kind of miracle) should become available. Particularly of interest would be if it were reprinted.

From Barb

When I posted my query on the Genforum, you suggested that I write to ----. Well, I did and it seems that she is not doing research on the Royer family or that she didn't have any information for me that would help. So I thought I would write to you to see if you could give me some idea's on where I can look. I have checked the Royer information on the web but still can't make a sure connection. This is what I have: My g-g-grandmother MARY LOUISE DALE b. 29-1-1838 Union Co. Pa m. Hugh Musser g-g-g-grandparents GEORGE DALE b. 20-11-1803 Centre Co. Pa CATHERINE ROYER b. 18-1-1818 Union Co./Northumberland Co. Pa Catherine died 22-4-1904 Union Co. Hartley twp. Pa. Her father was HENRY ROYER b. ? 1788? I know he was in Union Co. and married by 1810. And the only other information that I have is that his son-in-laws were George Dale (mine) Samuel Hartman Jesse Williams Also that in 1850 he had two daughters still living with him: Mary 27; and Sarah 26. That's all I have, so if you have some other ideas I would really appreciate your help!

Rachelle Royer

My name is Rachelle Royer. I've looked at your pages over the last couple of years and have found it very fascinating. I have quite a bit of geneology that has been done by a friend of my grandparents. My grandfather, Charles Emmet Royer (c. 1907) was born in Portland, OR, and his father, my great-grandfather (don't recall his name off the bat, I think it's Edward Royer) was born in Ohio, I believe somewhere called Fontainebleu or something. I have records that trace us back to Sebastian Royer. However, whenever I've looked on the Royer Web sites I don't see any indication of my great-grandfather's line. I don't have much time right now, but I want to figure out where the missing link is and hope this resource will be of help.

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