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From time to time there are queries about the value of money in various historical periods.
Property inventories after death give one kind of estimate. Here is another:

The depression years of the War of 1812 were 1813 and 1814. A ledger of the store of Mr. Daniel Royer of Huntingdon Co. PA of the time gives a sense of prices: hauling a cord of wood (8'x4'x4'), $.135 per cord; coaling wood, $.40 per cord; flour, $4.40 per bbl; fresh beef, $.036 per lb.; bacon, $.11 per lb.; butter, $.135 per lb; salt, $3.25 per bu.; wheat, $1.125 per bu.; eggs, $.375 per doz.; coffee, $.45 per lb.; whiskey, $1.00 per gal.; nails, $.15 per lb.; bar iron, $.06 per lb.; window glass 8"x10", $.14; rifle gun, $14.80; coffins, $2.00 - $6.00 each; milch cow, $12.00; and coal baskets $.53 - $.60. As there was little money, most business was transacted by means of orders for work done which could be exchanged for merchandise. A general wage (at a forge) for a 12 to 14 hour day and a six day week was $6.00. [Taken from Life at the Furnace, Forge and Forest, by W. Ray Metz.]

From Doug Royer
Many people have written me and thanked me for my involvement in the Text Project of the Royer Family in America. I am glad that I did that. I visit the site each time you put up some new information and add it to my collection. I just printed out a copy of the GIFT, KERN, and ROYER family chapter that you put up. I am trying to figure out who this Christopher is exactly. My line goes Hans George - Sebastian - Christopher - Elder John - John - Isaac - Merrel V. - Carl A. - Ford M. - me - and my son.
Now, there is a line in the text that has me wondering. This Christopher Royer that is the topic of the text, lost his wife on the boat ride over to America. He remarried a woman by the name of Catharine Royer (no relation). Catharine and Christopher had a son named Johann George. This Johann George had a son named Henry Royer that made the following statement about his grandmother Catharine Royer:
"He (Henry Royer) farther stated that three of his grandmother's (nee Royer) brothers, John, Daniel, and Joel, connected themselves with the German Baptist church at Lancaster, Pa. and afterwards removed to Buffalo Valley, now part of Union Co. Pa."
The Elder John in my line above had brothers named Daniel and Joel, and connected himself with the German Baptist church and afterwards moved to Buffalo Valley. (See Royer Family in America page 239 and 240) However, I do not see a sister to John, Joel, and Daniel by the name of Catharine.
The 3 brothers and their movement to Buffalo Valley seem to be an incredible coincidence, but I can not determine if Catharine was a sister to my Elder John. Can you give any insight to this?
From Jim Royer
Royer Family in Canada webmaster

while since we chatted... I've been collecting alot of info on LA Royer's and I'm about to do a mass mailing to all 215 that I've found to see how many I can tie into the Canadian line... Still working the connections back in France but without much luck so far...

From Harry Royer
Hi Rick: As soon as I received the pictures I took during my recent travels I will send you copies of some of them along with a copy of page 128 from the Gift Kern Royer Book that I had received from Gladys Cool Royer in the past. She went to a library and photo copied the Royer pages for me, neat lady!!! Found Kopps Church Hamlin PA. but couldn't read any of the older stones, where Sebastians daughter Cathorine and husband were buried. Found their son Christian et all & his son Ephraim et all in Lucas OH. So have some (I hope) good pics to share. So I will be getting off to you a package in a few days.

Notice in the spring of 1999, I hope to have these photos linked to the cemetery pages.


W. F. Royer of Wickersham, Wash mother was a Brueggemann from St. Clair Mo. His mother was a relation of mine.....need information on this lady....and her only information on this family connection is from a letter I have a copy of....dated 1-24-1960, written to his cousin, my mother. My mother was Claire H. Gruss from St.Clare, Mo.
Now, W.F.Royer was grandfather to Earl Cook.....I beleive....Do you have any information on this family?
Earl Cooks' grandfather was a Royer from Spokane Washington, am looking for information on the wife.
Do you have any dates of birth, marriage, or death dates?


While down in myrtle Point over the weekend I found about 30 diaries from my great-great-grandfather (he was a preacher for the Brethren Church in Myrtle Point). In those diaries he talked an awful lot of Mollie Royer (who married John Wesley Barklow) and her insanity. We had known that she had a problem, but were to find out in these diaries that her Father, Henry Royer (son of John Royer and Phoebe Heckman) died in an insane asylum. Do you know of any other of the Royer line who were insane? This was an interesting find as we were always told that she went insane after my grandfather was born. Actually, it was before her third child. Would love to know what was wrong.

From Stefanie Royer
Uhm, Hi. I'm Stefanie Royer of Fairport New York. I just typed in my last name and stumbled upon this page. My great grandfather (of the non-Royer side) is into geneology and, well, he has nothing to do with this. I was just wondering if you had any recent information about the Royer family. Like births from the early 1900's to the present time. I am interested to know if I have any connection with the people in your page. A response would be appreciated. E-mail me at Thanks. Stefanie Royer

From James Royer

Hi y'all, I am jim royer, born london uk 17sep1931 and for past 27 years living in australia. my forebears were guillaume royer (b 1690) and judith de la montagne. I have a researcher from the huguenot society tying up some (very) loose ends and when this is accomplished, I will be enabled to make representations to the heraldic king of arms such that the royer arms may be ascribed to me. they were originally awarded to jaques (james) royer at westminster, london in may 1779 and described as follows. arms: a blue shield with two gold lions facing the front and with their right paws raised. the top third of the shield is gold with a blue dove on it with its wings spread crest: on a twisted rope of blue and gold, a silver dove with gold wings spread, a gold eastern coronet round its neck and a green sprig of olive branch in its beak

From Dorothy Howes

Margaret is the dau. of John Landis Jr. b.1793. Today I went into your Royer Page and found the names of George's parents which I needed. I still need his birthdate, complete marriage date, and the area where they lived, and children, if any. You also said you wished to discuss Landis with me. I do have a bit more data on my Landis's since last March. When you get the time,

From Kathryn Parks

Searching for Royer and Walters in TN.

From Mark Royer

Here is the line of Royers leading down to me from Hans Georg and Sebastian:
Hans Georg Royer 1650 Metz, Moselle, France Maria Magdelena 1719 Bohl, Pfalz, Germany
Sebastian Royer 1676 Metz, Moselle, France Felice Nignou 1758 Brickerville, PA
Samuel Royer 1708 Bohl, Pfalz, Germany Katherine Lamphere 1764 Breherville, PA
Samuel Royer II 1738 Lancaster County, PA Katherine Lampshere 1823 Franklkin County, PA
Jacob Royer 1776 or 1779 Franklin County, PA Mary Keagy ??? ???
Jacob Royer 5-1-1812 Huntingdon County, PA Eliza Zimmerman 1-14-1873 Scott County, IA
Joseph H.Royer 8-10-1847 Blair County, PA Mary Margaret Carrigan 8+21-1905 Woodbone, IA
Clarence Royer 10-7-1888 Woodbine, IA Edna Mae Houghton 5-26-1959 Woodbine, IA
Robert D. Royer 3-31-1926 Woodbine, IA Kathleen E. Boone
Mark A. Royer 1-9-1956 Council Bluffs, IA Helen F. Abt
Any light you can bring to bear on the Samuel Royer's wife mystery would be welcome. Appears both Samuel's married women named Katherine. One was a Lamphere and the other a Lampshear. Seems odd, but the former was born in Brickerville, PA in 1710 and the latter in Waynesboro, PA in 1740. Both appear to have died in 1761. These just seem to be too many coincidences, but stranger things have happened.I hope these help you.

From Barb Bittner Abraham

The picture of Pvt. Jeremiah Royer is hanging on the wall of the Museum in Gettysburg Battlefield National Park, along with many others. I didn't pursue gaining any more knowledge about him while there.

From Eric Royer
I waded thru all the genealogy links for Royer, came upon your...

Guess what? My father's name is Richard Allen Royer! How's that for wierd, when I read your email I got confused for a second and had to make shure I was remembering my dad's middle name correctly.
Royer's Gurtar Machine Band. Eric Royer has been appearing as Royer's Guitar Machine Band, a one-man band performing authentic bluegrass and old-time country music at festivals, schools, parties, churches, in subway stations and on the street since 1994. See for more information ana list of show times or to order his CD.

From Barbara A. Snow

Husband: John W. Stephenson Birthdate: abt. 1832
Birthplace: Randolph Co., Illinois
Death date:
Place of death: Barry Co., Mo.
Father: John Stephenson Mother: Mary Nelson
Marriage date: May 19, 1853
Marriage place: Randolph Co., Illinois
Wife: Christine E. Royer
Birthdate: abt. 1834
Birthplace: Illinois
Death date:
Place of death:
Father: Mother: Mary

From Amy Hutton

Which ROYER line are you researching? Mine starts with Johannes Michel Reiher von Goshenhoppen from Wurtemburg, Palatinate. B. I think 1641, but I'd have to look it up.My line is not the one that goes back to Sebastian Royer.PLACES...Pottstown, Philadelphia, Berks, Tulpahoken.

From Paul R Clingerman

Barbara Clingerman nee Royer 2 Feb 1834 in OH, married John Clingerman born 4 Mar 1832 PA and both are buried at Bowling Green, Clay Co, IN at Mt Zion Cemetery. Barbara Ann died 24 Aug 1893 and John died 2 Jan 1897.
They had 12 children: Daniel b.October 25, 1853; Elizabeth b. 1854; Margaret b. August 15, 1857; John b. December 27, 1859; Joseph H. b. July 06, 1861; William Arthur b. September 26, 1863; Eliza Jane b. October 28, 1865; Samuel C. b. June 29, 1868; Mary E. b. September 26, 1870; Elmer b. November 16, 1872; Infant Clingerman b. October 03, 1875; Emery Newton b. April 13, 1877. 20 Jan, 1852 Barbara and John were married in Clay Co, IN.
Would you happen to have any info on Barbara's parents - John Royer and Catharine Funk? John was born in PA and Catharine was born in VA but I have absolutely no information on them.

From Timothy Royer

We have found where Emanuel was buried. They never did go to Oregon. Went to Nashville, MO.

Nancy Margraff

First, let me say that your family has put forth a fine effort in researching and compiling your family history. How nice it is on-line and can be viewed by so many of us. Having compiled an extensive record of several of my lines, I know how much time, effort and money go into such an endeavor. I am writing in regards to a line I have NOT had success with, in hopes you can shed some light or offer some suggestions on my dilemma.

Have you found your Royer name listed as Rohrer? I have had an awful time finding my Rohrer line in Pennsylvania. I find a million of them, but they are never the right ones. A very old (1815) Diffenbaugh/Deffenbach family bible has been passed on to us and and lists my g-g-g-grandmother as Barbara Rohrer, who married Jacob Diffenbaugh/Deffenbach on November 25, 1823. She died in 1842. It also lists the deaths of Martin Rohrer (d. 1830), Jacob Rohrer (d. 1835) and Onkle (Uncle) John Rohrer (d. 1815)

The other surnames listed in this bible include Mumma, Strickler, Shults, Hedfords, and Craybill/Graybill. I have found most all of these same names listed in the index of your book.

I have been frustrated with this line for 4 years! I have searched for these people in counties throughout Pennsylvania, but have never been able to discover the location where the recorded marriages, births and deaths took place. Their daughter, Elizabeth Diffenbaugh (b. 1834) died in 1927 and on her death certificate it lists Harrisburg as the place of birth for her father Jacob, but I have yet to find any document that links this family to Harrisburg!

Since I have come up empty on my Diffenbaugh line I decided to go after Rohrer, Strickler and Mumma, in hope that it leads me to my darn Diffenbaugh's. Have you had occasion to hear from anyone researching those names? They each have several mentions in your book and I had hoped you might be familiar with researchers of those lines.

Nancy Margraff

Thanks a million! I do hope I can find this elusive bunch! I have been at a standstill for so long, but knew one day I might be able to have a breakthru that would lead to further research. The shame is that I have so many names and dates, but could never find where it all took place. I've had better luck with branches I knew nothing about. Having this bible in the family you would think would make things easier, but Pennsylvania is a big state and finding them has been a headache.
I do appreciate your time and efffort. I too take time to help others in their research. Genealogy is often people helping people. I've met some of the nicest people since getting involved in this field. If you ever need help with Westmoreland Co. research I may be able to pay you back. My area of expertise is with Croatian research.

Rockingham Royers
From: George Eberhart

TO ALL OF THOSE WITH ANCESTORS FROM ROCKINGHAM CO, VA: I'm searching for the parents of John Royer that married Catherine Funk in 1827 in Rockingham Co, VA. Census info says he was born in 1806 in PA. Also married in R'ham in 1827 were Samuel Royer (son of ?) and Hariet Propst, Henry Royer (son of ?) and Barbary Royer (dau. of a John Royer). One would suspect that John (that m. Catherine Funk) might be related to one of the other three Royers. CAN ANYONE HELP? I've eliminated three possibles; Our John is not among the children of Christian and Margaret (Kyger) of R'ham. There was a John Royer, b. 30 Jun 1806 (LDS says 30 Nov 1806) to Samuel and Maria Hernly in Lebanon CO, PA (however, Rick tells me this John died in 1845; our John died in about 1868 in Indiana). There was another John born in about 1806 to another Christian Royer in Somerset CO, Pa (who later migrated to Tuscarawas Co, OH. However a ggg son of this Christian says this John was judged insane. Not our John With all of that knowledge out here about the Royers, someone out there should know about the various Royers of Rockingham.

From Gwynne Royer

Looked up royer on the internet and found your page. I love it. I have a family tree writen down somewhere and I would like to send you a copy when I find it. I know I am a decendant of Sebastian. But that is all I can recall off the top of my head. great job!

From Jennifer Robertson

Thank you for giving me that address, sending a letter to Paula as we speak. I also have found another link, through the tidbits 7, only this time it is another name. John Nick. I printed out the Tidbits 7, and found John's email address and am going to email him letting him know that we have a connection. There is still the question, Is there a connection between John Michael Royer and Sebastian Royer? Were they brothers? It doesn't sound like John Michael Royer could be his son, maybe a brother or cousin? I am so lost on that connection. Any more info, you may be able to pass along, please do. And I will do the same. Thank you for your time.

From Ralph Hare

Eve Royer married John Phreaner circa 1825 probably in Lebanon Co., PA I have some information on the Phreaners but absolutely nothing on the Royers. If you have any suggestions, I would certainly appreciate the help.

From Jennifer Robertson

My name is Jennifer Maye Robertson. I have some relatives with the lat name of Royer. My grandmother's maiden name is Royer. Her name was Wealthy Maye Royer and her parents were Claude Whitman Royer and Margaret Alice Riley. Claude's father was John William Royer. John's father was Mathias Groff Royer, his parents were George Washington Royer and Margaret Tessier Groff. That's as far as I have been able to remember without my paperwork in front of me. I also have relatives still living in Oregon, California, Minnesota and Washington State. If you are interested in possibly trying to find more of your family links, let me know,. I am using a friends computer so his email might show up as to where this came from. My email is If you just want to know if we have any links, let me know and maybe we can start researching together. Thanks for your time.

From: Kathryn 

Husband: John Royer,Birth: Circa 1759
Marriage: 16 Jun 1796 Place: Augusta Co., VA148
Wife: Ann Taylor
1. M Child: Charles Royer Birth: Circa 1793 Place: Augusta Co., VA Death: Place: Died age 71 Spouse: Darcus Daniel Marriage: 5 Feb 1815 Place: Jefferson Co., TN Spouse: Sarah Moore Marriage: 10 Aug 1833
2. M Child: John, Jr. Royer Birth: Circa 1795 Place: NC
3. F Child: Elizabeth Royer Birth: 11 May 1797 Place: Jefferson Co., TN Death: Sep 1852 Place: IL (age 55) Spouse: William Walters Marriage: 3 Dec 1814
Last Modified: 19 Feb 1998
Reference Note 148 John's age was 33.
From Barbara Bittner Abraham

In the latest copy of Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society - that is, Vol. 100, No. 3. It features several nice articles about the early Lanc. Co. transportation - roads, railroads, trolleys, etc. More proof that Bastian Royer was in Lancaster County, Pa. in 1741. In 1741, there was a petition to build a road from Lancaster to, spelled thusly in this case, Tulpyhocken (Lititz) and Bastian Royer was one of the members of a committee to view and lay it out. That was in August. When the November court convened, the committee hadn't done this, so all were removed from the Committee except Jacob Huber and others were appointed. By the February 1742 court session, the lastly appointed committee had viewed and laid out the road. Road went from Lancaster to Brickerville and beyond. Just think of all those years that Sebastian and family, and families in the area, used a path!

From Margaret K. Miller

I'm new to the list. I'm looking for information on the descendants of CHRISTIAN ROYER and MARGARET "PEGGY" KYGER. Christian settled in Logan County, Ohio and died after 1834.I have a lot of information on the descendants of his brother PETER ROYER, born October 19, 1774, and his wife ELIZABETH KAYLOR.

From William G. Roy

Here is the FGS on my wife's George William Royer. He has different dates than yours.

Husband: George William Royer Reverend ,Birth: 25 OCT 1868 Place: Cherryville, Northampton, PA Death: 2 MAR 1923 Father: Thomas Royer (1833-1910) Mother: Sarah Ann Kuntz (1837-1903)
Wife: Laura Master
1. F Child: Ethel Royer Spouse: Stuart Prutzman

From Jennifer Robertson

Here is some of the Royer family history that I said I would get to you. I probably had names and dates mixed up the last time, but I promise you that this time it is correct. I finally found the correct dates for George Washington Royer. Here's the rest.

George Washington Royer, born July 13, 1790 Royersford, Pa. married Elizabeth Groff,born April 5, 1799, Royersford, PA., in 1821 in Janesville, Wis. George is buried at Lindenwood, Hampton Cemetery, in Hampton, Iowa. He died 1871, age 76. Elizabeth died Oct 28, 1866. I know of one son, Mathias Groff Royer, and this is where I am trying to find the rest of his family, such as cousins and aunts and uncles from both sides of his family. Okay the history of Mathias Groff Royer:

Mathias Groff Royer, born August 14, 1830 in Pottstown,Pa. Married Margaret Jane Tittler, born Dec.15,1930, Janesville,Wis. She died in 1906. Mathias died 1909, age 80 years, of old age. He was buried June 10, 1909, in Lindenwood, Hampton Cemetery, Hampton, Iowa.
1. George Tyler Royer b.Sept 5, 1852 New Castle, Pa. d.April 17, 1916 Salt Lake City, Utah the oldest child. He lived in Coon Rapids, Iowa. Don't know if George married or not.
2. Alva Royer, lived at Anesvilles, Iowa. Married Lydia Benson b. 1860 in Waverly, Franklin Co., Iowa d. ?
3. Oscar Royer (O.D.), lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Married Elma Hall. Born Dec 13, 1866, died Feb. 2, 1949. Had three sons and one daughter, later he moved to California and passed away there. a. Alton b. Gaylord c. Lacey d. Elma Alton moved to California and the other boys may be living in Minneapolis, Minn.
4. Gilber Royer, wife, Eva. Had one adopted daughter, Letha, who married Harold Cleamer, of Hampton, Iowa. Gilbert was born July 5, 1857 in Hampton, Iowa and died March 11, 1927, Hampton, Iowa.
5. Frank Royer, wife, Laura Mabel Yenter Had a son and a daughter. Harold (1896-1918), Died of pneumonia at the age 20 years, 2 months, 5 days in the year 1918. Buried at the Hampton Cemetery,Hampton,Iowa.Minnie, married Harold Struck, of Hampton, Iowa. Frank Royer b. 1855, Hampton, Iowa. Married in Oct 15, 1895.

From Dalene Royer

I have searched through this web page and the different inquiries -- it is very interesting. Are you the one who has set this up? There is one lady that I found was related but her e-mail address isn't any good any more.

This is what I know about the Royers -- my father-in-law died when my husband was only 14. After we were married a couple of years I decided that I wanted to know more about the family -- we were always being asked if we were related to the Royers that lived in several small towns around Lafayette. My husband had only one living aunt who would know anything about them -- there had been a big family falling out. With his knowledge I contacted the aunt -- to say the least she was floored that anyone from that side of the family would call her. It was the best thing that I ever did -- the family got back together and she lived to be 94 years old and I got a wealth of information from her. That was 24 years ago. I also had a dear friend with the same last name -- her family had done some research and come to find out her and my husband's 3ggf were brothers.

From what I have read on the inquiries there seems to be several different branches -- I am sure that we all came through Canada sound like some settled in New York, PA and Virginia and some moved on to the west coast. Our branch of the family came from Rockingham County Virginia in the late l880'a and settled in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. My friend's family came from Ohio and then down into Indiana. My husband's grandfather was 12 when the family moved to Indiana they came in a covered wagon -- or at least the males of the family did. His Mother and sisters came by train. This story was told to me by year 94 year old aunt. I have been working on the Royer side for well over 24 years trying to piece things together.

Twenty years ago and Ellsworth Kyger since me the family tree and from all indications it has proven to be quite accurate -- I don't know where he obtained the information -- I wrote to him several times but only got one response which was a most important piece of the puzzle of our family tree. According to him this is the way our family fits in:
Sebastian De Royer b 1680 d 1759 married Felice Nignow b 1681 d 1719 children: ???
Samuel Royer Samuel Royer b 1708 d 1764 married Juliana Lamphere 1728 children: John

John Royer b 1743 d 1832 married Maria Elizabeth Rohr m1761 b1743 d 1801 children: John, Catherine, Philip, Christian, Elizabeth, Peter children: by 2nd marriage Henry Peter married 1798 Elizabeth Kaylor Children: Anna Maria, Jacob, Samuel V., Delilah, Peter R, Anna, Addison, Elizabeth, Moa, John Edes, Maria Ann

Samuel V. b Nov. 12, 1806 d1859 married Harriett Propst b1802 children: John Vincent, Virginia Catherine, Louemma Delilah, Julia G., Joseph S., Columbia Seville, Lucy Margaret, Samantha Jane, Mary catherine, Elizabeth ann, Noah Anderson, Frances Amanda

John Vincent b1851 d1936 married Mary Susan Bontz children; Franklin Benjamin, James Harvey, Noah Andrew, John Calvin, Samuel Harvey, Jacob, Daisy, Lonnie, Lucy

Samuel Harvey b April 3, 1877 d Aug. 30, 1950 married Elsie Montgomery Connaroe d 1946 children: Ethel, Louella, and Samuel Ned

Samuel Ned b Nov 23, 1917 d July 24, l965 Married Harriett Florance Mollenkopf b May 8, 1917 children: Samuel Dennis and Larry Dean

Larry Dean b Feb. 26 1951 married Dalene b April 14 l951 children: Michael Andrew, and Mark Samuel

As far as burials -- as far back as John Vincent Royer and forward are all buried here in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. I have other dates for the above listed children from the chart that Mr. Kyger sent to me twenty years ago. I have been working on this off and on for several years -- would eventually like to get into some kind of book form. Don't how much more information you would like to have. A gentleman from my friends side of the family went back and visited and did a lot of research on his side that came through Ohio. He is a professor from Indiana University. If I can be of any further help, Please let me know.

 From Jennifer Robertson
I was here a few weeks ago, giving a brief introduction to my family history, and I found the rest of my info, with names and dates. I hope someone out there in Royerland has some more information that we can share. This is the information that I have so far, that my 3rd cousin, Delbert Royer sent to me when he went to Utah, to the Morman's and did research. To start: John Michael Royer I, born 1660, I think in Germany , but not sure, married Anna Catherine Royer (Reier), brn 1664, not sure of location. Known son, John Michael Royer II, born 1686, Schwabbach, W. Germany. Married Anna Marie Seeland, in 1709 in Germany. Anna was born 1690 in Nuemberg, Germany to Dietrick Seeland (b. c.1660 in Nuemberg, Germany, married Amelia______abt 1680, born abt1660.) John Michael II, died January 3, 1772 in Upper Salford Tp,P.PA, and Anna Marie Seeland died about 1742 in Upper Salford Tp,P.PA. Born to them was a known son, Johann Carl Royer, born December 15, 1711 in Schwabbach, W. Germany, married in Sellersville, PA to Elizabeth Marie______born about 1715. Johann died in 1780 in Sellersville, PA. and Elizabeth died in 1785, same town. They had a son, Michael Royer born 1744 in Sellersville, PA., married Rosina Seybert, born 1745 in Pottstown, Montgomery Co.,PA. They married in the year 1764 in Sellersville,PA. Michael died 1830, Rosina died 1824, both in Sellersville, PA. Their son was Benjamin John Royer, botn 1769 in Sellersville, PA. married Anna Maria(Mary) Wagonseller, born May 20, 1770 in Pottstown, Montgomery Co.,Pa. They married about 1791 in Sellersville, PA. Both died in Royersford, Chester County, PA. Benjamin died in 1823, and Anna died 1845. Their son, George Washington Royer, born July 13, 1790 in Royersford, Pa., married Elizabeth Groff, born April 5, 1799 in Royersford, PA., married in the town of Mercer, Mercer County, PA. Both died in Hampton, Franklin Co., Iowa. George died Sept 1871 at the age of 76 years, 2m. Buried Lindenwood, Hampton Cemetery, Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa. Elizabeth died Oct 28 1866, Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa. They had a son Mathias Groff Royer, born August 14, 1830 in Pottstown, Pa. married Margaret Jane Tittsler, born December 15, 1830 in Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin. Marriage date is August 15, 1851 in Janesville, Rock County, Wisconsin. Both died in Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa. Mathias Groff Royer died March 1, 1910 and Margaret died 1906. They had 10 Children. A. George Tyler Royer, born September 5, 1852 in New Castle, Erie County, PA., married Mary Elizabeth Leyland on Nov 17, 1900 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. George Tyler died April 17, 1916, in Salt Lake City, Utah. No more information is known. I would love to know more about this line of the Royers. B. John William Royer, born March 21, 1854 at New Castle, PA. married Ella Sophie Styverson born December 19, 1854 in Erie County,PA. This is the line that I am from. This is what I have about John William Royer from his obituary from the Rushmore, Minnesota Morning Newspaper dated Thursday Morning, Oct. 5, 1930: John William Royer, son of Mathias and Margaret Royer was born at New Castle, PA. March 21, 1854. At the age of five years he and his parents moved to Wisconsin. At sixteen years of age they moved to Hampton, Iowa, where they resided one year, then moving to the farm in Franklin Co,. near Geneva, Iowa. On March 6, 1880 he married Ella Sophie Styverson. They resided on a farm in Franklin Co., Iowa, for twenty years. On March 4thm 1901 they moved to a farm northwest of Rushmore, where they lived for twenty years. March 9, 1921, they moved to Rushmore, where they have made their home since. Mr. and Mrs. Royer celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last spring. Mr. Royer died Sunday evening October 5, of an attack of the heart. Mr. Royer leaves to mourn his death, his widow, six children; Lee, Maye, and Walter at home. Bert on a farm near Rushmore, Claude (my gggrandfather) at Lacome, Oregon, and Mrs. Herbert Tschirgi at New Plymouth, Idaho, also two brothers and one sister besides numerous friends in Rushmore, and vicinity. There are sixteen grand children. C. Franklin Fayette Royer born 1855 in Hampton, Franklin Co, Iowa. Married Laura Mabel Yenter on Oct. 15, 1895. he died in 1923. They had 2 children: Harold, who died at the age of 20, of pnemonia in 1918. Minnie, who married Harold Struck of Hampton, Iowa. No more info on Franklin's descedants. D. Gilbert W. Royer, born July 5, 1857 in Hampton, Iowa, died March 11, 1927 in Hampton,Iowa. married Eva______, and adopted one daughter, Letha, who married Harold Cleamer of Hampton, Iowa. No more info available. E. Albert B. Royer, born 1859, Geneva, Iowa. married first wife, Fannie Hayes, daughter of Henry and Mary Hayes (1862-1895). They had one son, Willie,(1881-1882). Albert married 2nd wife Edith ______, and had a son, Charles. No more info available. F. Alva Royer, botn 1860, Waverly, Iowa. married Lydia Benson. One known address in 1968 was Anesville, Iowa. No more info available. G. Oscar (O.D.) Royer, born Dec 13, 1866 in Waverly, Iowa, died Feb 2, 1949, passed away in California. married Elma Hall. They had 3 sons and one daughter, Alton, Gaylord, Lacey, and Elma. No more information available. H. Minnie Belle Royer born Aug 14, 1869 in Hampton, Iowa. Married William L. Rodgers on May 27, 1890. Minnie died June 5, 1930. William Rodgers was from Missouri Valley, Iowa and later lived in Council Bluffs, Iowa. They had 2 children, Frank, Cecil. Frank had a son, Frank Jr., and Cecil had a son, Edwin Sterling. No more info avail. I. Arthur L. Royer, born 1874, married Maye Harmond, at Geneva, Iowa, born in Hampton, Iowa. Later lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. No more info available/ J. Harvey Royer, born May 12, 1875, died 1878. Buried Hampton, Iowa. I am really looking for information on John William Royer's brothers and thier families. I know the direct line from me to John William Royer, but want to find out the other links, and whether or not Mathias Groff Royer had any brothers and sisters and go on from there.
From Jennifer Robertson

Well, I guess we have somewhat determined that we have a connection. The question is, where is the connection? The information that I have about John Michael Royer II, is from my 3rd cousin, Delbert Royer, who lives in South Carolina. He went to Utah a few years ago and discovered that link, but the problem I am finding, is how am I related to Sebastian Royer? Is John Michael Royer II , a brother, or an uncle or what? The year that Sebastian emigrated to America was before John Michael Royer. The information that I have says that John Michael Royer brought his two sons, Johann Carl Royer(a known direct line for me), and Johann Martin Royer, Johann Carl's brother. I am so lost after that. Any ideas of how I might be able to find the link between John Michael Royer who came to Philadelphia, Pa. in 1732, and Sebastian Royer, who came about 10 years earlier?

From, Alan Moffet

Thanks for your response at the Royer Family Geneolgy forum about Henry B. Royer and his wife Matilda. I would be very interested in a scanned photograph of their headstones. The information you saw is all that I have and that information comes from undocumented sources. I'm trying to use that source to find other sources to confirm the information and to expand on it. However, I'm a little frustrated right now - you know how that is... I did spend some time at your site, though - it's a great site. I was not able to find anything in the few hours I spent. I will return and continue to look a little more. And, of course, I will be happy to add to your information as I can. I sincerely appreciate your help. I'm repeating the information I posted here ( I am a descendant of Amelia ROYER):
John ROYER, Resided Sumneyton, PA m. Barbara ?
Children Henry B. ROYER b. 10Feb1833 d. 20Oct1865, Resided Sumneyton, PA
      m. Matilda R. NUNNEMACHER b. 21Aug1844
Children Milton ROYER b. 6Sep1861 m. Kate Schwenk b. 10Dec1860
Children Norman J.S. Royer b.20Apr1887, d.Aug1969, Resided Tylersport, PA m. Ellen THOMAS
Lottie May Royer b.28Nov1895, d.Mar1982, Resided Trumbauersville, PA m. Elmer D. HINKLE b.13Aug1896
Milton N. Royer b.2Nov1904(1901), d.Aug1985
William ROYER b.11Dec1863, Resided Sumneyton, PA m. Hannah NEFF
*Amelia ROYER b.27Oct1864 d.27Dec1939 Souderton, PA, Resided Sumneyton, PA; Upper Salford, PA m.Henry MYER *m.Henry Harrison NICE Ellen ROYER b. 20Feb1866, Resided Sumneyton, PA m.George SCHATZ

From Alan Moffet
Thank you very much for the photo. I'm sure that this will help me. I am finally learning somewhat more about this family. Apparently, they were members of a Schwenkfelder church in PA.

From Donna Whitmoyer Hill

Hi, Do you have a Paul Royer listed in your tree? I may have a Whitmeyer relative buried in the old Paul Royer Farm in Shaefferstown Pennsylvania. I also Had an Aunt Lizzie Keller who married a Paul Royer.

From Alice Halderman

This family ended up in OHIO. I am submitting this query for a friend as she has no computer...she is searching for Christopher Royer m. Margaret (H)(K)olben and lived in PA. Any info at all would be very much appreciated.

From Nikki Bayard(Royer) and Joe Royer

My name is Nikki. I've been trying to do some research on my family tree. I do not know anybody past my Grandmother and Grandfather. My Grandfather's name is Howard Joseph Royer Sr. Born on February 20, 1930 in Plymouth,PA. My Grandmother's name is Olga Everett Fischer Royer. Born on August 7, 1933 in Hazelton,PA. I recently talked to my father and got some more information that I never knew. My Grandfather was adopted by his mother's (Hannah Mae Atwell Royer) second husband. His father's real name is Joseph Howard Compton. His adoptive father's name is Elmer Royer. That is all I know of my family tree. If you have anymore information could you please contact me ASAP. I would really like to know more about my family history and my brother would too.
From Amy Hutton

My grandmother was Amy Gertrude Royer of Philadelphia. Our Royers don't go back to Sebastian, but to a Johannes Michel Reiher (von Goshenhoppen.) I assume it is a related family as they were also ironworkers...mostly in the biz of making locomotives. Family came from Pottstown, PA to Philadelphia. I am SURE there must be mistakes here, but this is what I THINK happened.To simplify things I have put the whole thing on a web page.
Click here to go to Amy's Royer webpage

From Amy Hutton

My concern is my ancestor Jonas Royer. I KNOW he is the father of Edward H. Royer, as Edward's death certificate says so. I am having trouble with the connection further back. Jonas was in the civil war and Catherine (I THINK it says Burger, but it might be Bucher) is listed as his wife. Something happened to Jonas in the war and he became an invalid. The children were farmed out.Edward is living in the home of William and Ellen Royer in 1880 at age 10 in Pottstown, Montgomery, PA. It says that Edward is Wm's nephew. (I never trust the census!) Trying to make the connection go further back is complicated. I THINK William and Jonas were brothers, and their father, Hiram, but I'm not sure.

From Linda Rathbun

Years ago I corresponded with some Royers in Ohio. According to them Johann Henry Royer a.k.a Johann Heindich Rheyer came over from Germany. His son was Samuel Royer, his son Christopher Royer, his son was John and his son was Maniam, who had a daughter named Lottie Elizabeth. Johann through John Royer lived in PA, Maniam was born in OH.
Does anyone know anthing about this side of the Royer line.

It's so nice of you to have a page on the net for all of us to see, but like human nature, the wish for more is always appreciate. I really don't want to task anyone as I too realize the expense of things and the time consummed. When I saw your page, I just thought I could share some of what I have and receive some information too. I would gladly share, when you are ready--right now it sounds as if you have too much on your plate.
If it isn't asking too much, could you give me an e-mail address for another Royer on Johann Henry's line (Johann Henry--Samuel--Christopher--John--Maniam), please? Possibly one from Seneca Co., OH. I will understand if it takes you awhile or even if it is impossible for you to do. Thank you anyways for putting on such a nice site and for taking the time to resond.

My Maniam I am 99.9% sure spelled his name this way as he didn't die until 15 Aug 1926 and therefore my Mom remembers him. My Maniam was definitely married to an Anna Maria Neikirk and I don't think anyone else. Our branch went to Seneca Co., OH. My Maniam, according to some distant OH "Cousins" was the 11th child of John Royer Sr.

I know for sure the chart from myself through Maniam because, as I said my Mom knew Maniam. I received the information from Maniam back to Hans Georg Rheyer from France, from a distant cousin named Diane Smith Battershell in Hutchinson, KS. back in 1983. According to her: John Royer, Sr. had 12 children: Issac, Hannah, Sarah, Samuel, Catherine "Kate", Elizabeth "Betsy", John Jr., Neriah or Neri, Lydia, Margaret, Maniam, and Jared. Isaac was born in Union Co., PA, Samuel was born in Wayne Co., Ohio and from John, Jr. on down it looks as though the rest were born in Thompson Twp., Seneca Co., Ohio.

According to Diane, John, Sr.'s father was Christopher and mother Margaret Robelin/Kobelin. Their children were: our John, Sr. (who married Molly "Polly" Romig), Jacob, Samuel, Jonathan, Reuben, Amos, Catherine, Lydia, and Elizabeth.

Diane states that in the book, "History of Gift, Kern and Royer Families" by Aaron Kern Gift--1909 PA, p. 163, "Judge (J.C.) Royer's (of Tiffin, OH--Seneca Co.) gr. grnadfather was also a Christopher Royer, who was b. Oct. 25, 1768 (?). He was married to Margaret Robelin/or Kobelin, who was b. in 1776 and died Oct. 16, 1854. Christopher resided in York Co., Pa, from whence he and his family emigrated in 1826 to Stark Co., Ohio. He died on May 3, 1845, aged 76 years, 6 mos., and 8 days. This family was blessed with six sons and 3 daughters. The second son, John, was the grandfather of Judge J. C. Royer of Tiffin, Ohio. the writer was not able to trace any ancestors of the above Christopher Royer, however, there is no doubt that these various branches of the Royer Family were closely connected in Germany. They emigrated to America during a long period of years, but tangled threads of genealogy can hardly be fully unraveled, at this late date." (No wonder you are kept so busy!!!!)

If you decide that you want more information on this line, i.e., dates, places, please let me know and I will be happy to share what I have. As I said in the last e-mail, I was basically hoping to link up with another or other Royer descendants from the Seneca Co. area.
Thanks again, Rick for your assistance. Linda Rathbun

From Dalton Royer
a Royer guru in his own right

Rick, thanks for the kind words but I think that you are the one doing the great work. Please just don't stop.
Had to put this up as it is a nice atta boy!! Thanks Dalton.

Break Time
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From Harold Royer

Just stumbled across your page - My name is Harold E. Royer at 1605-F So. Main St. North Canton, OH 44709. My family is in the book by J. G. Francis (The Royer Family in America) My father, mother and sister are in that book. I was born in 1920, and since the book was published in 1918 my name is not in it. I also have a brother, Glenn who was born in 1921. I have a copy of the book and had it rebound a couple of years ago. If you know where extra copies are available, please advise. I recall reading in U.S.News and World Report several years ago about the mayor of Seattle, Charles Royer. Is he a relative of yours?
Sorry Nope, not that I know of.

From Harold Royer

Thank you for your prompt reply to my message. Following is probably the info you want. Generation in America is shown by roman numerals.
VIII Ruth A. Tambling nee Royer b.12/13/1913 Harold E. Royer b.07/21/1920 Glenn J. Royer b.10/29/1921 above are children of
VII Ervin (Irvin in book) Royer b.03/16/1879 m. Alice Mohler b.03/09/1884 Ervin son of
VI Jesse W. Royer b.04/22/1847 m. Catherine Humbert b.01/13/1853 4 children Jesse son of
V Abraham Royer b.03/17/1816 m. Rebecca Ulrich b.08/10/1819 7 children Abraham son of
IV Joseph Royer b.11/24/1783 m. lst wife Maria Martin b.1787 m. 2nd wife Nannie Bucher b.1787 9 children 1st wife 3 children 2nd wife In 1836 moved from Lancaster Co., PA to Stark Co., OH Joseph son of
III Daniel Royer b.1741 m. Catherine Kemper b.12/30/1745 9 children Daniel and wife baptised in Old Order Brethern (Dunkers) Daniel son of
II Emig Royer b.12/18/1707 Oldest son of I Sebastian Royer - Emigrated to Lancaster Co. with father and 3 brothers from Germany in 1718 m Catharine b. 1713 Emig's wife was Brethern and he joined the church after marriage. 7 children Emig son of I Sebastian Royer b. about 1676 near Metz, France First wife died in Germany. After arriving in America he married Agnes and they had three daughters. She was a member of the Reformed Church and he an elder in the Lutheran Church.

The book I have, The History of the Royer Family in America by J.G. Francis was published in 1918. It only traces two of Sebastians sons - Emig and George, although one page of the book shows names of most of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations. Apparently from the II generation to the VIth they belonged to the Old Order Brethern Church. My parents did not join the church when they married (the usual time to do so). They belonged to the Reformed Church as did I, which merged with Evamgelical Church then later merged and become the United Church of Christ.

Several years ago when I got my book rebound, they quoted me $100.00 to make a duplicate book. If you want, I can go to Akron in the next week or so and find out todays price.


I was wondering if we are of any relation to the Royer's mention here. My Grandmother's name is Roberta Lewis (nee Royer) and her father's name was Claude Isaac and he was married to a Francis Olga (Born in Cornwall, Eng.). They are from Plymouth and my great-grandfather was a mechanic (owned and operated a garage at Bull Run) and he only had one leg. I mention the leg because it is talked about a lot in that area (lost it in a railroad accident). He is buried in Shawnee Cemetery in Plymouth, Pa.
What is left of the Royer's (my family) are scattered throughout Penna. Wilkes-Barre, Wyoming, & Delaware County. My grandmother currently lives in California.
If any could please let me know if we are of any relation I would be appreciative. When I found your site on the computer my 89 year old Grandmother was very excited.

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