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Division II.




II. GEORGE ROYER, p. 11, was without doubt the second of

Sebastian's sons, for his name comes second in the family signa-

tures, the oldest son II. Emig coming first. George came with his

father to America. It that coming was in 1718, as claimed, he was

at that time likely about nine years of age, Emig at that time being

eleven, having been born in 1707. George was likely born about

1709. Emig is said to have been 14 yrs. when his father came to

America; if so, he came in 1721, and George was likely 12 yrs. at

the time. Tradition speaks of a son John. It is not unlikely that

the full name was John George, his sister Catharine having a son

of that name, likely named after his uncle; and John George was a

common combination among the early Germans. George's wife's

name was Elizabeth, her maiden family name has not been learned.

He ans his wife were baptized in the Brethren Conestoga church of

Lancaster Co. about 1735, likely at the same time that his

brother Emig was baptized. See Brumbaugh's History of the

Brethren, pp. 299 and 308. In 1759 he owned 200 acres of land in

Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co. Whether like his brother Samuel

he inherited a part of his father's land we are unable to state for a

certainty; Warwick was, however, the township in which his father

lived. Tradition has it that Sebastian's son "John" was unfortu-

nate, moved west of the Susquehanna River, and has numerous

descendants in Cumberland, Franklin, Huntingdon and adjoining

counties. Christian Royer, p. 505, who, we have every reason to

believe, was a son of this George, moved to Franklin Co., and has

there and in adjoining counties numerous descendants. But many

of the Royers in this section are descendants of Sebastian's son

Samuel. That George was the son that moved west of the Susque-

hanna River, is greatly strengthened, if not absolutely established,

by a record in the court house at Chambersburg, Franklin Co.

There we learn that a George Royer, Apr. 22, 1772, bought of one

Francis Oury, a tract of land in Antrim Twp., later Washington,

now Quincy, then Cumberland Co., now Franklin, obtained by

Oury by a proprietary warrant, dated June 10, 1762. George Royer

kept this land but a few months, selling it to one Jacob Frederick,

July 22, 1772, for [pounds]500. Samuel Royer, son of II. Samuel, who had

moved to Antrim Twp. by 1769, witnessed the deed. There is no

mention of George's wife in the deed; she had likely died. II.

George may have been the pioneer Royer to this rich Conocochea-

gue region, at least he bought land here two years before any land

had been bought by III. Samuel Royer, of which any record is kept

in the courthouse. His going west might explain why there is no

record of his will in the Lancaster Co. records. He likely lies bur-

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