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HM King Seif ul-Islam Muhammed al-Badr bin Ahmad Hamid Al Deen

BORN : 1926
DIED : 6 AUG 1996, London,Middlesex,UK
BURIED : Brookwood Cemetary,Woking,Surrey,UK

FATHER : HM King Seif ul-Islam Ahmad bin Yahya Hamid Al Deen [1895 - 18 SEP 1962]

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. HRH Princess Amat al Ghani bint Muhammed al-Badr Hamid Al Deen [1949 - ]
  2. HRH Princess Ghofran bint Muhammed al-Badr Hamid Al Deen
  3. HM King Seif ul-Islam Aggile bin Muhammed al-Badr Hamid Al Deen [1974 - ]
  4. HRH Prince Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Badr Hamid Al Deen

69th Imam of Yemen 1962/1962 and 3rd King of Yemen 1962/1996
He did not abdicate and did not renounce his claims and titles; married three times, and had issue, two sons and two daughters.


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