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Omukama Kasunga Nyaika Kyebambe I

DIED : 1872

FATHER : Omukama Kaboyo Kasunsunkwanzi Olimi I [ - 186X]

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. Omukama Rububi Kyebambe III
  2. Omukama Mukabirere Olimi II
  3. Omubiito Mukarusa Kyebambe II
  4. Princess Akiiki Mukakyabara Maliza Bagaaya Rwigirwa

3rd Omukama of Toro 186x/1870
5th Omukama of Toro 1871/1872
He was overthrown by his brother with the help of an army given to him by the Kabaka of Buganda, and fled to nearby Mboga, in Congo, he recaptured his throne after the mercernary troops returned home.


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