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Queen Mother Best Kemigisa

BORN : CA 1967

PARTNER : Omukama Patrick David Matthew Kaboyo Olimi III [9 SEP 1945 - 26 AUG 1995]
Union: 1986

  1. Princess Ruth Nsemere Komuntare [1989 - ]
  2. Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV [16 APR 1992 - ]
  3. Princess Celia Kamukyeka [1993 - 1997]

Born of the reigning Ababiito clan of Toro, in a traditional pastoral village in Toro in the late sixties, daughter of Prince Mujungu of Butuku Toro, educated at Mpanga School in Toro, she champions social causes in Toro such as, women's small sca le enterprises, orphans and children's concerns


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