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Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya

BORN : 1943
Source : African Biographical Dictionary African Biographical Dictionary ; Norbert C. Brockman ; 1994 ABC-CLIO Inc.,California,USA

FATHER : Omukama George David Matthew Kamurasi Rukidi III [6 MAR 1904 - 21 DEC 1965]
MOTHER : Queen Mother Kezia Byanjeru Abwooli [1906 - MAY 1998]

PARTNER : Prince Wilberforce Nyabongo [1956 - 1986/1987]
Union: 25 APR 1981, St Margaret's Church,Westminster,UK

Babiito Royal Clan Head, educated at a girls' boarding school in Uganda, at a boarding school in England, and Cambridge University, earning a degree in Law, admitted to the English bar in 1965, and became a practicing barrister at law, model fo r the magazines "Vogue" and "Harpers", actress.


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