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HRH Shaikh Zaid ibn Sultan al-Nahayan

BORN : 1918
DIED : 2 NOV 2004
BURIED : 3 NOV 2004

FATHER : Shaikh Sultan ibn Zaid al-Nahayan [1881 - 4 AUG 1926]
MOTHER : Shaikha Salama bint Bhuti al-Maktum [ - OCT 1970]

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. HRH Shaikh Khalifah ibn Zaid al-Nahayan [1947 - ]
  2. Shaikh Sultan ibn Zaid al-Nahayan [1953 - ]
  3. Shaikha fnu bint Zaid al-Nahayan
  4. HH Shaikh Mansour ibn Zaid al-Nahayan [20 NOV 1970 - ]

15th Emir of Abu Dhabi 1966/2004
He succeeded on 6th August 1966, President of the United Arab Emirates 1971/2004, appointed to the post of Ruler's Representative in Abu Dhabi's Eastern Region, based in the oasis of Al Ain in 1946, built institutions such as hospitals, schools an d universities and made it possible for UAE citizens to enjoy free access to them, tolerant towards other people and their faiths, he allowed the building of religious buildings such as churches and temples, an advocate of women's rights and th e education and participation of women in the work force, within traditional parameters, author of "Falconry: Our Arab Heritage" (publ. 1977).


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