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Henry Miller

PARTNER : Anne Ruby Blake [ - 1930]

  1. Setaita Wea Miller

If you look at the Descendants of this Adi Elenoa Mila, it is obvious that they have some European because they are all very fair, so this points to the possibility that it may have been Elenoa Miller d/0 Henry Miller and Anne Ruby Blake. If thi s Elenoa is a sister to Setaita Vea Miller who married Rev Vili Fonolahi, then this explains why one of Setaita's children was called Ratu Jone Rabici. This name is found only in Taveuni and in Rewa amongst the chiefs. One would ask, why did the y give him this name especially as Rev Vili Fonolahi was Tongan and Setaita his wife was a Miller (Tongan/European). I know that Anne Ruby Blake had a sister called Elenor Blake and they all accompanied Pricess Salote Pilolevu when she was exile d from Tonga. Just a thought in case it will ring a bell with someone.


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