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Hon. Hahano-ki-Mala'e Kula'a Sione Ngu Namoa The Noble Vaha'i

BORN : 1 MAY 1936
DIED : 22 MAY 2005

FATHER : Hon. Vilisoni Tu'ihalangingie Namoa The Noble Vaha'i [ca 1903 - 11 NOV 1985]
MOTHER : Hon. Vika Mafile'o Tupou [APR 1917 - ca 1991]

PARTNER : HRH Princess 'Elisiva Fusipala Tauki'onetuku Tuku'aho [12 JUN 1949 - ]
Union: 13 MAR 1968

  1. Hon. Nikotimasi Fatafehi Laufilitonga Katau Namoa The Noble Vaha'i
  2. Hon. Siosifa 'Alematea Namoa Vaha'i
  3. Hon. 'Elisiva Tauki'onetuku Namoa Vaha'i
  4. Hon. Sinaitakala 'Ofeina Leanahola Namoa Vaha'i

Vaha'i [11.11.1985] - [22.5.2005]
Educated at Nasaleti Primary School, Kolovai, at Tupou College, and at Newington College, N.S.W., Australia; he worked as a Temporary Draughtsman under the Government Cadastral Survey Project 1957/1962; then under the same post at the Lands Depart ment 1963/1964; he was appointed by Cabinet to the post of Clerk Class III on 10th February 1964; he was promoted to Second Class Clerk at the Ministry of Education in November 1969 and later transferred to the Customs Department in 1971;he was promoted to Clerk Class I at the Justice Department on 4th March 1974 and later transferred to the Prime Minister's Office in 1977; he was promoted to Accounts Clerk at the Inland Revenue Department on 10th September 1979 and again promoted to Chief Clerk at the Health Department in 1981; he was further promoted to Accounting Officer at the Ministry of Education on 23rd October 1985; he was appointed by HM King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV to the hereditary Noble title of Vaha'i on 25th January 1986, with effect from 11th November 1985, the date of his fathers death; in 1987, he was elected by the Tongatapu Nobles as one of their three representatives to the Legislative Assembly for the 1987/1989 and the 2002/2004 sessions, he was elected as the No. 1 Tongatapu Nobles' representative to the Legislative Assembly for the 2005/2007 session in March 2005; he was awarded a medal in honour of the Silver Jubilee of the Coronation of HM King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV on 29th May 1996


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