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Hon. Malakai Fakatoufifita The Noble Tu'ilakepa

FATHER : 'Isi Fifita
MOTHER : Tu'imala Fakatoufifita

PARTNER : Hon. Lavinia Tu'ulala'aniua Kalaniuvalu-Fotofili

15th Tu'i Lakepa 1977/-
Educated at Liahona High School, Tonga and in the U.S.A.; worked as a civil servant with the Ministry of Lands, Survey and Natural Resources before entering politics; Member of Legislative Assembly, 1993/1995 and again 2005/-; Chairman of the Comm ittee of the Whole House 2005/2007; Member of the Standing Committee on Legislation 2005/-; Member of Special Parliamentary Select Committee on Political Reform 2007; appointed Speaker of the House in 2008; Chairman of the Legislative Assembl y of Tonga Retirement Fund Board 2008; Member of the CPA Executive Committee 2006/2008; Member of PPAPD/FPOCC Executive Committee 2008; Nobles Number 1 Representative of the Vava'u Group 2008/-; appointed Speaker of Parliament on 2nd May 2008.


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