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Hon. Fohe Samiuela Kavapalu The Noble Fohe

BORN : 10 OCT 1931, 'Eueiki,Tonga
DIED : 16 APR 2009, Puke,Tonga
BURIED : 22 APR 2009

PARTNER : Hon. 'Ana Toa Holani

  1. Hon. Lupe Hoamofaleono Kavapulu

xth Fohe [17.6.1976] - [16.4.2009]
Educated at the Government Primary School of Fasi mo e Afi and St Andrews High School; he entered parliament in 1984 after being elected for 'Eua; he was re-elected in 1990, this time for Tongatapu, a seat he held up to his death; he also serve d as a Noble's Representative for 22 years, making him the longest serving Noble's Representative to date.


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