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Hon. Mosese Taulupe Aleamotu'a

BORN : 1966
DIED : 19 AUG 2007, Kolomotu'a,Tonga

FATHER : Hon. Paula Longolongo'atumai 'Atunaisa Aleamotu'a The Noble Fielakepa [16 OCT 1937 - 19 APR 1997]
MOTHER : Hon. Lilian Mele Tuna Kaimanu Tonga

PARTNER : Mele Simiki

Educated at Tonga High School, Nuku'alofa, and at Wesley College, New Zealand.; studied telecommunications engineering in Fiji, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States; he worked at the Tonga Broadcasting Commission during the 1990' s as Television Tonga's Production Manager and the Controller of Television; became the Broadcast Controller for Tonfon Television in 2002.


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