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HSH Prince Bhisadej Rajani

BORN : 20 JAN 1920

FATHER : HH Prince Rajani Chamcharas
MOTHER : HSH Princess (Mom Chao) Pornpimolpan Vorawan

PARTNER : Mom Rajawongse Dajriraj Vorawan

Educated at Debsirin School and at Dulwich College in England where he played rugby, tennis and squash, he joined the British Army in 1943 as the soldier and British spy, he took part in the Free Thai underground resistance movement against the Ja panese, after the war, he retujrned to Thailand and worked as the officer in the Border Patrol Police along the northern Thai border; he took charge, as President, of the King's Royal Project Foundation centred at Fang District in 1969 in orde r to encourage the hill tribes to renounce opium-growing, he has also served as president of the Thai-United Nations Hill-Tribe Economic Development Project, and of the Highland Agricultural Research Committee; author of Cheewit Chun Chun , published in 2002.


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