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HSH Prince (Mom Chao) Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubhand

BORN : 15 JUL 1914, Grand Palace,Bangkok,Siam
DIED : 23 DEC 1985, London,Middlesex,UK

FATHER : Field Marshall HRH Prince Bhanurangsi Savangwongse [11 JAN 1859 - 13 JUN 1928]
MOTHER : Mom Lek Yongchaiyudh [ - 1918]

PARTNER 1 : Mom Cyril Heycock
Union: 12 JAN 1938
Divorced: 1949

PARTNER 2 : Mom Chelita
Union: 18 DEC 1951

  1. Mom Rajawongse Biradej Bhanubhand [ - AGED 17]

Elevated to the rank and style of His Highness (Pra Worawongse Ther Pra Ong Chao) Prince Birabongse Bhanutej. educated in Thailand till 1927 when he was sent for further education at Eton in the U.K. then at the Byam Shaw Art School; he took up race car driving, and had his first race in 1935, at Brooklands, driving for HRH Prince Chula Chakrabongse's team; he was the first Thai to make his name in race car driving for his country; he first won on 11th April 1936 at the Monac o Grand Prix; he retired from racing in 1954.


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