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HRH Prince Damrong Rajanubhab

BORN : 21 JUN 1862, Bangkok,Siam
DIED : 1 DEC 1943, Bangkok,Thailand

FATHER : HM King Mongkut (Rama IV) [18 OCT 1804 - 1 OCT 1868]

PARTNER : Untraced

  1. HSH Princess Brahma Braobarna Diskul [9 DEC 1888 - 4 SEP 1924]
  2. HSH Prince Pisit Dispongs Diskul [1905 - ]
  3. HSH Prince Ajavadis Diskul [23 MAR 1913 - 4 DEC 1975]
  4. HSH Prince Biriyadis Diskul [28 MAY 1921 - ]
  5. HSH Prince Subhadradis Diskul [23 NOV 1923 - 6 NOV 2003]

He was born as Phra Ong Chao Disuankumaan (HRH Prince Disuankumaan), the fifty seventh child of his father, and his wife, Chao Ghom Manda Choom. He was educated in Thai and Pali by private tutors and in English at the Royal School; he was given po sts in the royal administration at an early age, becoming the commander of the Royal Pages' Bodyguard Regiment in 1880, after several years working in building army schools as well as modernizing the army in general he became the deputy commander- in-chief of the army in 1887, he was appointed Minister of Education the same year, then Minister of the North in 1892 (it was changed to the Ministry of the Interior in 1894), as minister, he completely overhauled the provincial administration , and also introduced the formal education of administrative staff, he resigned from his post at the ministry in 1915 and later proposed to the King the founding of the Royal Institute to look after the National Library and the museums, becomin g its first President; he was granted the title and rank of Somdej Phrachao Boromawongse Ther Kromaphraya Damrong Rajanubhab by King Prajadhipok in recognition to his works; he is credited as the father of Thai history, the education system , the health system (the Ministry of Health was originally a department of the Ministry of the Interior) and the provincial administration, on the centenary of his birth in 1962, he became the first Thai to be included in the UNESCO list of the wo rld's most distinguished persons; he was author of many books in Thai, including two English translations, viz. Our Wars with the Burmese: Thai-Burmese Conflict 1539-1767 and Journey through Burma in 1936: A View of the Culture, Histor y and Institutions.


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