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Mom Rajawongse Muanchit Pravitra

BORN : 22 MAR 1946

FATHER : HSH Prince (Mom Chao) Chitra Pridi Pravitra [25 FEB 1908 - 24 MAY 1954]
MOTHER : Mom Luang Muanchandra Darakara [10 DEC 1910 - 22 SEP 1986]

She was elevated to the title of Thanpuying Muanchit Bhirom Bhakdi.
She became a manager of a self-owned business, namely, a fresh food and vegetable market on the land of the old Pravitra Palace, turning it into a highly successful business venture; she was able to make numerous sponsorships and donations, mainl y for rural schools; as a devout Buddhist, she made many contributions to the building of Buddhist Temples around Thailand.


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