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Chao Chom Manda Riam

BORN : 1770
DIED : 1837, Bangkok,Siam

PARTNER : HM King Buddha Loetla Nabhalai (Rama II) [26 FEB 1767 - 21 JUL 1824]

  1. HM King Nang Klao (Rama III) [31 MAR 1788 - 2 APR 1851]

She was raised to the rank and style of Krom Somdet Phra Sri Sulalai, when her son succeeded to the throne in 1824. She was the daughter of Phraya Nonthaburi Sri Maha Utthayan (Boonchan), and his wife, Pheng, her family being Sunni Musli m from the Southern part of the Kingdom.


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