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Kreuakaew Abhayavongsa

BORN : 15 APR 1905
DIED : 10 OCT 1985

PARTNER : HM King Maha Vajiravudh (Rama VI) [1 JAN 1881 - 26 NOV 1925]
Union: 10 AUG 1924

  1. HRH Princess Bejaratana Rajasuda [24 NOV 1925 - ]

Her grand aunt, Khun Chom Iem Busba, was the wife of HM King Norodom I of Cambodia. She was the daughter of Phraya Abhaiyabhupesa [Lueam Abhaiwongse], and his wife, Lek Bunnag, she was elevated to the rank of minor consort in April 1924, rename d Suvadhana, and was later married the same year and raised to the rank of Royal High Consort Suvadhana, when she was pregnant she was further elevated to the rank and style of HRH Princess Suvadhana, Princess Consort on 11th October 1925 and furt her elevated to the rank and style of HRH Princess Suvadhana, Royal Consort of HM King Vajiravudh on 16th November 1925, she and her daughter emigrated to the U.K. in 1938, and during WWII the Princess volunteered for the British Red Cross, donati ng winter clothes and equipment to British soldiers, she later received a letter of recommendation from the organization, they returned to Thailand permanently in 1957, and built the Ruenruedi Villa Palace, in her later years she carried out man y royal duties and became patron of many charitable organizations.


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