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Ari'i rahi Tahitoe

BORN : 1808, Raiatea,Tahiti

FATHER : Ari'i Hihipa
MOTHER : Ari'i Teopua

PARTNER : Ari'i Tahitoe vahine
Union: 1810

  1. Ari'i rahi (HM Queen) Rereao Tehauroari'i vahine [1830 - 18 MAR 1884]

Ari'i rahi of Raiatea and Taha'a 1871/1881
He was chosen as the successor to Tamataoa V and was crowned at the temple of Uturoa in August 1872, he was responsible for the establishment of a French protectorate over Ra'iatea in 1881, which caused an uprising of the majority of his subject s resulting in his deposition.


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