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HH Mehtab Zamani Begum Roshanara Noor Bano Begum Saheba

BORN : 11 NOV 1939, Loharu,Bhiwani Distt.,Haryana,India

FATHER : Capt. HH Nawab Mirza Aminuddin Ahmed Khan Bahadur [23 MAR 1911 - JUN 1983]
MOTHER : HH Shaukat Jehan Begum

PARTNER : HH Nawab Syed Zulfiquar Ali Khan Bahadur [11 MAR 1933 - 5 APR 1992]
Union: 2 JUN 1956

  1. Nawabzadi Syeda Saman Ali Khan (Kaneez e-Rabab) [17 NOV 1957 - ]
  2. Nawabzadi Syeda Saba Ali Khan (Kaneez e-Sherbano) [2 FEB 1959 - ]
  3. HH Nawab Syed Mohammad Kazim Ali Khan (Navaid Mian) [16 OCT 1960 - ]

Educated at M.G.D. Girls Public School, Jaipur (Rajasthan), member of the 11th Lok Sabha 1996, Member of the Consultative Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs. Patron of the Naine Dev Foundation (Music) and Rampur Gharana (Music). Interested in doi ng research on historical, cultural, Persian and Arabic books and documents. Leisure interests include reading, music, painting and gardening, tennis and swimming. Member of the Central Wakf Council, Ministry of Welfare, 1993; the National Integra tion Council, Uttar Pradesh, 1993; the Maulana Azad Foundation, 1995-96; the Court of the Aligarh Muslim University 1996; the Informal Consultation Committee for Railway Zone (U.P) 1996-97; the Nainital Telephone Advisory Committee 1996-97; and th e Rampur Raza Library Board 1997. Chairperson of the State Social Welfare Advisory Board 1993 and the U.P. Mahila Samaj Kalyan Board 1994-95; Convenor, U.P. Members of Parliamentary Group of India Congress 1996.


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