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His Excellency Nawabzada Yakub Khan

BORN : 1920

FATHER : Nawab Sir Abdus Samad Khan [27 SEP 1874 - 27 JAN 1943]
MOTHER : Sahibzadi Aliya Sultan Begum [1888 - FEB 1967]

Foreign Minister of Pakistan, he initially joined the Indian Army and after independence, he migrated to Pakistan and continued to serve with the Pakistan Army with the rank of Lieutenant General, he served in East Pakistan as the Chief of Genera l Staff, Commander Eastern Command, and for a brief period of one week he also served as the Governor of East Pakistan; he retired from the Army in 1972, and was appointed as the Ambassador of Pakistan in U.S.A., U.S.S.R. and France; Foreign Minis ter from 1982; United Nations Secretary GeneralĘs Special Representative for the Western Sahara 1992/1997; founding chairman of Aga Khan University Board of Trustees.


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