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Nawabzada Mirza Aimaduddin Ahmed Khan Bahadur

BORN : 29 JUN 1944, Loharu,Bhiwani Distt.,Haryana,India

FATHER : Capt. HH Nawab Mirza Aminuddin Ahmed Khan Bahadur [23 MAR 1911 - JUN 1983]
MOTHER : HH Shaukat Jehan Begum

PARTNER : Nawabzadi Fauzia Begum
Union: 10 OCT 1979

  1. Sahibzadi Fareha Ahmed Khan [17 AUG 1983 - ]

Educated at St. Xavier School, Jaipur; Mayo College, Ajmer and Hindu College, Delhi University. President, Indo-Kuwait Devania (Rajasthan Chapter); Vice-President, Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee; Chairman of the Minority Board, Rajasthan (w ith the rank of Minister of State) 1989/90 and of the Minority Commission, Rajasthan, (with the rank of Minister of State), 1993; Former Organising Secretary, Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Seva Dal; Founder Member, Foundation for Amity and Nationa l Solidarity, New Delhi; was Member of the following committees, Central Waqf Council, Government of India, New Delhi, Rajasthan P&T Advisory Committee, Jaipur Telephone Advisory Committee, Maulana Azad Centenary Celebration Committee, Rajastha n and Legislative Assembly, Rajasthan, 1993/98; Life Member of the India Islamic Centre, New Delhi, Indian Heritage Society, New Delhi, All India Muslim Educational Society, Chennai, Hindostani Manch, Jaipur and Indo-German Society, Jaipur; Membe r of the Executive Committee, Ghalib Institute, New Delhi, All India Congress Committee, Rajasthan Pradesh Election Committee and Committee on Agriculture; elected to the Rajya Sabha in July,1998. Clubs : Ashok Club, Jaipur. Enjoys reading.


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