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Kudsia Begum Saheba

BORN : 2 APR 1909
DIED : 1 AUG 2001

FATHER : Nawab Sir Zulfiqar Ali Khan [1875 - 26 MAY 1933]

PARTNER : Nawab Syed Aizaz Rasul

M.L.A. (Uttar Pradesh) 1937/1952 and 1969/1990; Member, Constituent Assembly 1946/1950; Member of Parliament 1950/1952; Member of the Rajya Sabha 1952/1956 and 1962/1968; Minister, Social Welfare and Minorities 1969/1971. She had been the presiden t/office bearer of almost all women's voluntary organizations like All India Women's Conference, Council of Child Welfare, Council of Moral and Social Hygiene and Council of University Women etc. In the field of education she contributed her ful l might to spread it particularly among girls. She was the president of Karamat Husain Muslim Girls Degree College Lucknow, I.R. College, Sandila and Aizaz Rasool Degree College, Sandila. President of the All India Women's Hockey Association fo r twenty years. She was also the chairperson of UP Minorities Commission 1979/1989, she was laid to rest with full state honours at her ancestral graveyard in Sandila, near Lucknow.


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