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Nawabzada Shaharyar Muhammed Khan

BORN : 1934

FATHER : Nawab Sarwar Ali Khan [1 DEC 1901 - 1986]
MOTHER : Nawab Gauhar-e-Taj Abida Sultan Begum Sahiba [28 AUG 1913 - 11 MAY 2002]

Educated at Cambridge University and Fletcher University where he was a student in the department of Law and Diplomacy. In 1957, he began his career as a Minister of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan and has had a diplomatic career ever since, being pos ted in: London (1960/1962 and 1971/1975); Tunisia (1963/19 66); Geneva (1970/1971), he was named Pakistani Ambassador in Jordan (1977/1982); and High Commissioner of Pakistan to the United Kingdom (1987/1990), he has performed many functions: Dire ctor (1969/1970); Director General (1975/1977); and Assistant to the Secretary General (1982/1987) before occupying the post of Secretary General between 1990 and 1994. He also presided over the Foreign Affairs Minister's Reform Commission whic h was put into place in July of 1997. After his retirement, Shaharyar Khan was named Special Representative to the Secretary General of the UN for Rwanda (1994/1996), and then President of the Pakistani Refugee Committee (1997/1998). He has manage d the Pakistani national cricket team since the tournament that took place in India at the beginning of 1999. He is also the author of "Begums of Bhopal", a look at the female rulers of this muslim state.


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