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Nawab Muhammed Iftikhar Ali Khan

BORN : 17 MAR 1910, Delhi,India
DIED : 5 JAN 1952, New Delhi,India

FATHER : Nawab Muhammed Ibrahim Ali Khan [ - 30 NOV 1917]
MOTHER : Sahibzadi Shaher Bano Begum

PARTNER : HH Nawab Begum Mehr-e-Taj Sajjida Sultaan [4 AUG 1915 - ]
Union: 1938

  1. Nawab Mansur Ali Khan [5 JAN 1941 - ]

8th Nawab of Pataudi 1917/1952
He succeeded to the gaddi on 30th November 1917, Investiture was 10th December 1931, educated at Aitchison Chiefs' College, Lahore and Balliol College, Oxford winning "blues" for both cricket and hockey, a right hand batsman and Test cricke ter with the unique distinction of playing in Tests for both England (debut in 1932) and India (debut in 1946), he eventually retired due to ill health with a Test high score of 102 and First Class high score of 238 not out; he was also a fine hoc key and billiards player and an accomplished speaker; after independence, he was employed in the Indian Foreign Office till 1952.


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