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HH Prince Sayyid Muhammed bin Abbas al-SAID

FATHER : HH Prince Sayyid Abbas ibn Faisal al-SAID [13 NOV 1913 - ]
MOTHER : Sayyida Nura bint Muhammed al-Said

PARTNER : Sayyida Wilyam bint Saud al-Said

  1. HH Prince Sayyid Mahmud bin Muhammed al-SAID
  2. HH Prince Sayyid Nadir bin Muhammed al-SAID
  3. HH Prince Sayyid Motasen bin Muhammed al-SAID [1977 - ]
  4. HH Princess Sayyida Sabah bint Muhammed al-Said
  5. HH Princess Sayyida Raima bint Muhammed al-Said
  6. HH Princess Sayyida Hodham bint Muhammed al-Said


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