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Supradipta Manyabara Cdg.Gen. HH Shri Tin Maharaja Ranadip Singh Bahadur Rana

BORN : 1825
DIED : 22 DEC 1885

FATHER : Shri Bal Narsingh Kunwar Rana

Maharaja of Lamjung abd Kaski and Prime Minister of Nepal 1877/1885
G.C.S.I., Commander-in-Chief 1863/1877, succeeded his brother as Prime Minister. Shortly after his accession to power, a plot was formed against him, in which the Crown Prince of Nepal, Yuvaraj Trailokya Bir Bikram Shah tried unsuccessfully to reg ain royal power with the help of some nobles and courtiers. In 1882, Maharajkumar Narendra Bikram, brother of the deceased Crown Prince Trailokya, hatched a plot against Prime Minister Ranadip, in collusion with Jagat Jung and other nobles, but th e plot was discovered and nearly forty of the conspirators were seized and executed, while others escaped into exile. Jagat Jung and a number of his brothers were excluded from the roll of succession. He was, however, murdered in 1885 by Maharajku mar Khadga Shumsher, and was succeeded by his nephew, Jagat Jung, who, with his son and other nobles were also put to death. He died sp on 22nd December 1885, having adopted a son as his successor.


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