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HH Maharaja Dhiraj Rana Bahadur Shah

BORN : 27 JUN 1775
DIED : 25 APR 1806

FATHER : HH Maharaja Dhiraj Pratap Singh (Pratapsimha Shah) [1751 - 17 NOV 1777]
MOTHER : HH Maharani Rajendra Lakshmi Devi [1751 - 13 JUL 1785]

PARTNER 1 : Rani Raj Rajeswari Vidya Lakshmi (Rajeshwari Devi) [ - 4 MAY 1806]
Union: 1789

PARTNER 2 : Bhogya Rani Subarna Prabha
Union: 1791

  1. Maharajkumar Ranendra Bikram Shah

PARTNER 3 : Rani Kantavati Mati [ - 31 NOV 1799]
Union: JAN 1797

  1. HH Maharaja Dhiraj Girvanyuddha Bikram Shah Dev [27 OCT 1797 - 22 NOV 1816]

3rd Maharaja of Nepal 1777/1798
He was crowned on 1st December 1777, and assumed power in April 1794, Regent of Nepal 1804/1806, his youth had been spent in pampered luxury amid deadly intrigue and had made him incapable of running either his own life or the country. He becam e infatuated with a Maithili Brahman widow, Kantavati, and cleared the way to the throne for their son. He was forced to turn his throne over to his son on 13th February 1798, and retired to Banaras as an ascete taking the name Parama Nirgunanan d Swami. He returned to Nepal in 1804, becoming mukhtiyar, and ordering the execution of Damodar Pande. He later quarreled in open court with his half-brother, Sher Bahadur, whereupon the latter drew his sword and killed him before being cut dow n by a nearby courtier; he was granted the title of Wang by the Chinese Emperor in 1790.


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