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Tengku Hajji Mohammed Said bin al-Marhum Sultan Muhammed Muazzam Shah

DIED : Aft 1863

FATHER : HH Sultan Muhammed III Muazzam Shah bin al-Marhum Sultan Abdulrahman Mu'adzam Shah [1803 - 22 JUL 1841]
MOTHER : Che Buro binti Suli Watang Ibrahim

PARTNER 1 : Tengku Dalam binti Tengku Jaafar

  1. Tengku Putera Mohammed bin Tengku Mohammed Said
  2. Tengku Puteri binti Tengku Muhammed Said
  3. Tengku Long binti Tengku Muhammed Said
  4. Tengku Yahya bin Tengku Mohammed Said

PARTNER 2 : Untraced

  1. Tengku Osman bin Tengku Haji Mohammed Said
  2. Tengku Meriam binti Tengku Haji Mohammed Said
  3. Tengku Selamah binti Tengku Haji Mohammed Said
  4. Tengku Jara Hamir binti Tengku Haji Mohammed Said
  5. Tengku Ainon Selat binti Tengku Haji Mohammed Said


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