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Major HIH Prince Higashikuni Morihiro

BORN : 6 MAY 1916, Tokyo,Japan
DIED : 1 FEB 1969, Tokyo,Japan

FATHER : General HIH Prince Higashikuni Naruhiko [3 DEC 1887 - 20 JAN 1990]
MOTHER : HIH Princess Toshiko (Yasu-no-Miya) [11 MAY 1896 - 5 MAR 1978]

PARTNER 1 : HIH Princess Teru-no-Miya Shigeko [9 DEC 1925 - 23 JUL 1961]
Union: 10 OCT 1943, Imperial Palace,Tokyo,Japan

  1. HIH Prince Higashikuni Nobuhiko [10 MAR 1945 - ]
  2. HIH Princess Higashikuni Fumiko [23 DEC 1946 - ]
  3. Higashikuni Hidehiko [30 JUN 1949 - ]
  4. Higashikuni Naohiko [1953 - ]
  5. Higashikuni Yuko [1954 - ]

PARTNER 2 : Terao Yoshiko
Union: 1964

  1. Higashikuni Atsuhiko
  2. Higashikuni Morihiko

He was educated at the Gakushuin PeersĘ School and the Central Military Preparatory School, and graduated from the 49th class of Imperial Japanese Army Academy in June 1937, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant of field artillery in Augus t 1937, he was promoted to Lieutenant in the IJA First Artillery Regiment in March 1938, and was stationed in Manchukuo; he commanded the First Battery, 1st Heavy Field Artillery Regiment of the Kwantung Army in 1939; he was promoted to Captai n of the artillery in March 1941. He undertook further study at the Army War College from December 1942 to December 1943, and on graduation was promoted to Major and placed on the reserve list. He also served for a session in the House of Peers . After the end of the war, he renounced his Imperial title and became a commoner on 14th October 1947, and adopted the surname of Higashikuni. After several unsuccessful business ventures, he became the chief of the research division of th e Hokkaido Mining and Steamship Company. He was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun with Paulownia Flowers, and the Order of the Golden Kite, 4th Class.


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