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Marquess Kwacho Hironobu

BORN : 22 MAY 1905
DIED : 23 OCT 1970

FATHER : Fleet Admiral HIH Prince Fushimi Hiroyasu [16 OCT 1875 - 16 AUG 1946]
MOTHER : HIH Princess Tokugawa Tsuneko [23 SEP 1882 - 18 AUG 1939]

PARTNER : HIH Princess Kanin Hanako [30 JUN 1909 - 2003]
Union: 1926
Divorced: 1951

  1. Kwacho Hiromichi
  2. Kwacho Hirotaka

1st Marquess Kwacho [cr. xx.12.1926]
He was a career officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy, he graduated from the 53rd class of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy, afterwards he served on the cruiser Iwate, and as a sub-Lieutenant on the battleship Yamashiro; in 1932 , he was assigned to the cruiser Atago, afterwards he served as chief torpedo officer on the destroyers Akebono and Sazanami, rising to the rank of Commander; in 1939, he was appointed superintendent of the Naval War College , and remained in that post through World War II, retiring in November 1945.


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