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HIH Prince Katsura Yoshihito

BORN : 11 FEB 1948, Tokyo,Japan
DIED : 8 JUN 2014, Tokyo,Japan
BURIED : 17 JUN 2014, Toshimagaoka Imperial Cemetery,Bunkyo,Tokyo,Japan

FATHER : HIH Prince Mikasa (Takahito) [2 DEC 1915 - ]
MOTHER : HIH Princess Takagi Yuriko [4 JUN 1923 - ]

1st Prince Katsura-no-Miya [cr. 11.2.1986]
He was educated in the Department of Political Studies, Faculty of Law of Gakushuin University (1971) and at the Graduate School of the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia 1971/1973; afterwards he worked as an administrator at th e Japan Broadcasting Corporation from 1974 to 1985; he took an active role in public service, and appeared regularly at award ceremonies, diplomatic events, and as President of various charity organizations, despite health problems which eventuall y culminated in a fatal heart attack; he was awarded the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Chrysanthemum (Japan) and Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Italy, 9th March 1982); he also held the following honourary posi tions:- President of the Japan Australia New Zealand Society,Inc., President of the Agricultural Society of Japan, President of the Japan Forestry Association, President of the Japan Art Crafts Association, President of the Japanese Urushi Craf ṭArt Association.


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