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Princess Matsudaira Setsuko

BORN : 9 SEP 1909, Walton-on-Thames,UK
DIED : 25 AUG 1995, Tokyo,Japan

FATHER : His Excellency Viscount Matsudaira Yasuhito [APR 1875 - 15 NOV 1949]
MOTHER : Lady Nabeshima Nobuko [ - 1969]

PARTNER : HIH Prince Chichibu (Yasuhito) [25 JUN 1902 - 4 JAN 1953]
Union: 28 SEP 1928, Imperial Palace,Tokyo,Japan

She and her husband were sent on a tour of Europe taking several months. They represented Japan at the May 1937 coronation of Britain's King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in Westminster Abbey and subsequently visited Sweden and the Netherland s as the guests of King Gustav V and Queen Wilhelmina. She was the author of Princess Chichibu, The Silver Drum; Global Oriental; (1996).


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