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Captain HIH Prince Takamatsu (Nobuhito)

BORN : 1 MAR 1905, Akasaka Palace,Tokyo,Japan
DIED : 3 FEB 1987, Tokyo,Japan
BURIED : Toshimagaoka Imperial Cemetery,Bunkyo,Tokyo,Japan

FATHER : HIM Emperor Taisho (Haru-no-Miya Yoshihito) [31 AUG 1879 - 25 DEC 1926]
MOTHER : HIM Empress Dowager Teimei (née Kujo Sadako) [25 JUN 1884 - 17 MAY 1951]

PARTNER : Princess Tokugawa Kikuko [26 DEC 1911 - 18 DEC 2004]
Union: 4 FEB 1930, Imperial Palace,Tokyo,Japan

1st Prince Takamatsu-no-Miya [cr. 14.7.1913]
in 1913,he became heir to the Princes Takamatsu-no-miya (formerly Arisugawa-no-miya), he pursued a career in the Japanese Imperial Navy, rising to the rank of captain after the war, he became patron or honorary president of various organizations in the fields of international cultural exchange, the arts, sports, and medicine he is mainly remembered for his philanthropic activities as a member of the Japanese imperial family his childhood appellation was Teru no miya (Prince Teru) educated at the boy's elementary and secondary departments of the Peers' School (Gakushuin) When Prince Arisugawa Takehito (11 February 1862 - 10 July 1913), the tenth head of the collateral imperial house of Arisugawa-no-miya, died without a male heir, Emperor Taisho- placed Prince Nobuhito in the house. The name of the house reverte d to the original Takamatsu no miya. he attended the Imperial Naval Academy from 1922 to 1925. He received a commission as a sub-lieutenant (second class) in December 1925 and took up duties aboard the battleship Fuso. He was promoted to sub-lieutenant (first class) the following yea r after completed the course of study at the Torpedo School. The prince studied at the Naval Aviation School at Kasumigauara in 1927 and the Naval Gunnery School at Yokosuka in 1930 - 1931. In 1930, he was promoted to lieutenant (first class) an d attached to Naval General Staff in Tokyo. He became a squadron commander of warship Takao, two years later and subsequently was reassigned to the Fuso. Prince Takamatsu graduated from the Naval Staff College in 1936, after having been promote d to lieutenant commander. He was promoted to the rank of commander in September 1940 and finally to captain in 1942. From 1936 to 1945, he held various staff positions in the Naval General Staff Office in Tokyo. he expressed grave reservations about the decision to wage war on the U.S. in autumn 1941 After the battle of Saipan in July 1944, Prince Takamatsu joined his uncles Prince Higashikuni, Prince Asaka, former prime minister Konoe Fumimaro, and other aristocrats, in seeking the ouster of the prime minister, Tojo Hideki. After the war Prince Takamatsu became the honorary president of various charitable, cultural and athletic organizations including the Japan Fine Arts Society, the Denmark-Japan Society, the France-Japan Society, the Tofu Society for the Welfar e of Leprosy Patients, the Sericulture Association, the Japan Basketball Association, and the Saise Welfare Society. He also served as a patron of the Japan Red Cross Society.


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