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HIH Prince Chichibu (Yasuhito)

BORN : 25 JUN 1902, Aoyama Palace,Tokyo,Japan
DIED : 4 JAN 1953, Kugenuma Villa,Fujisawa,Kanagawa,Japan
BURIED : Toshimagaoka Imperial Cemetery,Bunkyo,Tokyo,Japan

FATHER : HIM Emperor Taisho (Haru-no-Miya Yoshihito) [31 AUG 1879 - 25 DEC 1926]
MOTHER : HIM Empress Dowager Teimei (née Kujo Sadako) [25 JUN 1884 - 17 MAY 1951]

PARTNER : Princess Matsudaira Setsuko [9 SEP 1909 - 25 AUG 1995]
Union: 28 SEP 1928, Imperial Palace,Tokyo,Japan

1st and last Prince Chichibu-no-miya [cr. 26.5.1922] [ext. 24.1.1953]
heir presumptive to the Chrysanthemum throne [25.12.1926] - [23.12.1933]
He was educated in the elementary and secondary departments of the Gakushuin Peers' School, at the Central Military Preparatory School in 1917, at the Imperial Japanese Army Academy in 1922 and at Magdalen College, Oxford University in 1925; he re ceived his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the infantry in October 1922 and was assigned to the First Imperial Guard Division, then promoted to First Lieutenant in 1925 and Captain in 1930 after graduation from the Army War College, the n to Major and was assigned to command the Thirty First Infantry Division stationed at Hirosaki, Aomori in August 1935; he was subsequently appointed Battalion Commander of Thirty-First Infantry Regiment in August 1937; promoted to Lieutenant Colo nel in 1938; and finally to Colonel in August 1939; he retired from active duty after being diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis in June 1940, spent most of World War II convalescing as Major General at his villa in Gotemba, Shizuoka prefecture , and never really recovered from his illness; after the end of the war, he was honorary head of many athletic organizations, and was nicknamed the "Sporting Prince" due to his efforts to promote skiing, rugby and other sports; also honorary Presi dent of both the Japan-British Society and the Swedish Society of Japan; he was granted the title of Chichibu no miya on 26th May 1922 by the Emperor, with the authorization to start a new branch of the imperial family and while studyin g in Great Britain, he was awarded the Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order by HM King George V.


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