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HIH Prince Yamashina Akira

BORN : 22 OCT 1816, Kyoto,Japan
DIED : 29 OCT 1891, Tokyo,Japan

FATHER : HIH Prince Fushimi Kuniye [24 OCT 1802 - 5 AUG 1872]
MOTHER : Lady Fujiki Toshiko

PARTNER : HIH Princess Katsura no miya Sumiko Naishinno [1838 - 1881]
Union: 1869

  1. HIH Prince Yamashina Kikumaro [3 JUL 1873 - 2 MAY 1908]

1st Prince Yamashina-no-Miya [cr.1864]
He was expected to pursue a career as a Buddhist priest, the traditional career path for non-heir sons, however he was adopted by Emperor Ko-kaku in 1818 as a potential heir to the Imperial throne. He entered the priesthood under the title Saih an Hoshinno and later became Prince-Abbot of Kajuji in Yamashina, outside of Kyoto. In 1842, he was stripped him of his post and confined to the temple of Toji, but in 1864, the bakufu reinstated him. However, Emperor Komei, returned hi m to secular status, adopted him and granted him the title Prince Yamashina-no-miya in 1864.


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