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HIH Prince Nashimoto Moriosa

BORN : 16 DEC 1819, Kyoto,Japan
DIED : SEP 1881

FATHER : HIH Prince Fushimi Sadayoshi [1775 - 1841]

1st Prince Nashimoto-no-miya [cr.1870]
He was born the tenth son, and was adopted by Emperor Kokaku, but later became a Buddhist priest at the Emman-in Temple. After the Meiji Restoration, in 1868, Emperor Meiji recalled him (along with all other Imperial princes in Buddhist temples ) to secular status, and he resumed the name Moriosa-o, two years later, he was granted the title of Nashimoto-no-miya and permission to form a new princely house. He adopted Prince Yamashina Kikumaro, the eldest son of Prince Yamashina Akira , as his heir, but the Prince remained in the Yamashina-no-miya family, and the Nashimoto-no-miya title passed to Prince Morimasa, the fourth son of Prince Kuni Asahiko instead.


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