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HIH Princess Tokugawa Sachiko

BORN : 26 AUG 1916, Tokyo,Japan

PARTNER : Major HIH Prince Kitashirakawa Nagahisa [10 FEB 1910 - 14 SEP 1940]
Union: 25 APR 1935, Imperial Palace,Tokyo,Japan

  1. HIH Prince Kitashirakawa Michihisa [5 FEB 1937 - ]
  2. HIH Princess Kitashirakawa Hatsuko [13 NOV 1939 - ]

She was the second daughter of Baron Tokugawa Yoshinori (Yoshikuni?). After the war and the abolishment of Imperial titles, she became a professor at Ochanomizu University, and in 1969 entered the service of the Imperial Household Agency, wher e she served for many years as the chief of the ladies-in-waiting to Empress Kojun.


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