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Lt.-Col. HIH Prince (to 1947) Takeda Tsuneyoshi

BORN : 4 MAR 1909, Tokyo,Japan
DIED : 12 MAY 1992, Tokyo,Japan

FATHER : HIH Prince Takeda Tsunehisa [22 SEP 1882 - 23 APR 1919]
MOTHER : HIH Princess Masako (Tsune-no-Miya) [30 SEP 1888 - 8 MAR 1940]

PARTNER : Princess Sanjo Mitsuko [6 NOV 1915 - ]
Union: 12 MAY 1934, Tokyo,Japan

  1. HIH Prince (to 1947) Takeda Tsunetada [1940 - ]
  2. HIH Princess Takeda Motoko [1942 - ]
  3. HIH Princess Takeda Noriko [1943 - ]
  4. HIH Prince Takeda Tsunekazu [1944 - ]
  5. HIH Prince Takeda Tsuneharu [1945 - ]

2nd Prince Takeda-no-Miya [23.4.1919] - [14.10.1947]
2nd Head of the Imperial House of Takeda [14.10.1947] - [12.5.1992]
He renounced the Imperial title and became a commoner on 14th October 1947, and adopted the surname of Takeda. He was educated at the Gakushuin, and served for a session in the House of Peers, he graduated from the 32nd class of the Imperial Japanese Army Academy in July 1930, receiving a commission as a sub-Lieutenant in the Cavalry, and from the 50th cla ss of the Army War College in 1938; he rose rapidly through the ranks, being promoted to Lieutenant in August 1930, Captain in August 1936, Major in 1940 and Lieutenant Colonel in August 1943; briefly served as the emperor's personal liaison to th e Saigon headquarters of Field Marshal Terauchi Hisaichi, commander of the IJA Southern Army and afterwards was assigned to the Kwangtung Army headquarters; after the war, he retired to his estate in Chiba Prefecture to raise racehorses, and in 19 47, he entered the business world but the company he set up soon went bankrupt; he then turned his attention to promoting and developing amateur and professional sports; he was a participant in equestrian events at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berl in; President, Japan Skating Association, 1948; Member, north Tokyo Rotary Club; President, Japanese Olympic Committee, 1962; Member, International Olympic Committee, 1967/1981, during which he was director of its executive board for five years.


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