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Lt.-Gen. HIH Prince Kitashirakawa Yoshihisa

BORN : 1 JAN 1847, Kyoto,Japan
DIED : 5 NOV 1895, Tainan,Taiwan,China

FATHER : HIH Prince Fushimi Kuniye [24 OCT 1802 - 5 AUG 1872]
MOTHER : Lady Horiuchi Nobuko

PARTNER 1 : Princess Shimazu Tomiko [8 AUG 1862 - 20 MAR 1936]
Union: 10 JUL 1886, Tokyo,Japan

  1. HIH Princess Kitashirakawa Takeko

PARTNER 2 : Lady Saruhashi Kou

  1. HIH Prince Takeda Tsunehisa [22 SEP 1882 - 23 APR 1919]

PARTNER 3 : Untraced

  1. Count Futara Yoshiyaki [26 OCT 1886 - 18 APR 1909]
  2. HIH Prince Kitashirakawa Naruhisa [18 APR 1887 - 2 APR 1923]
  3. Marquess Komatsu Teruhisa [2 AUG 1888 - ]
  4. Count Ueno Masao

2nd Prince Kitashirakawa-no-miya 1872/1895
He entered the Buddhist priesthood under the title Rinnoji-no-miya, and later served as abbot of Kan'ei-ji in Edo. During the unrest of the Boshin War, he fled north with partisans of the Tokugawa bakufu following the Satsuma-Cho-shu takeove r of the city, and was made the nominal head of the "Northern Alliance". This short-lived alliance consisted almost all of the domains of northern Japan under the leadership of Date Yoshikuni of Sendai. Following the Meiji Restoration, in 1873, th e Emperor recalled all imperial princes currently serving as Buddhist priests back to secular status. He became a professional soldier, and was sent to Germany for military training, on his return, he was commissioned as a major general in the Imp erial Japanese Army, he was promoted to Lieutenant General, and given command of the IJA 4th Division in 1893; he took part in the First Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, and participated in the invasion of Taiwan, where he died of malaria. He had additionally, a further three daughters by Imperial concubines, one of whom married in 1904, Count Kanroji.


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