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HIH Prince Kitashirakawa Kasunari

BORN : 22 JUL 1850
DIED : 10 FEB 1872

FATHER : HIH Prince Fushimi Kuniye [24 OCT 1802 - 5 AUG 1872]
MOTHER : Lady Itami Yoshiko

1st Kitashirakawa-no-miya [cr.1872]
Thirteenth son, he entered the Buddhist priesthood under the title of Shogoin-no-miya in 1866, but following the Meiji Restoration in 1868, he was asked to return to secular status by the Emperor, and authorized him to start a new princely house , Kitashirakawa-no-miya, which was named after the village where he lived. He died very shortly afterwards and was succeeded in the title by an older step-brother.


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