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HIH Princess Kanin Shigeko

BORN : 29 MAY 1897
DIED : 1991

FATHER : Field Marshal HIH Prince Kanin Kotohito O.M. [10 NOV 1865 - 21 MAY 1945]
MOTHER : Princess Sanjo Chieko [25 MAY 1872 - 19 MAR 1947]

Married 1914, Nagamichi, 2nd Marquess Kuroda, Imperial Master of Ceremonies, eldest son of Naganari, last Daimyo of Owari Kuroda, 1st Marquis Kuroda, Vice President of the House of Peers and a Lord-in-Waiting, by his wife, Kiyo, Marchioness Kurod a, elder daughter of Shigehisa, Prince Shimazu.


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